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Feh! It's Probably Me…

Inuyasha Songfic to Sting's "It's Probably Me."

If the night turned cold

And the stars looked down

And you hug yourself on cold cold ground

You wake the morning in a stranger's coat

No one would you see

You ask yourself, who'd watch for me

My only friend, who could it be

It's hard to say it

I hate to say it,

But it's probably me.

Inuyasha looked up into the starry sky from his perching in the gold leaves. A chill wind ruffled his snowy hair. Fall had come quickly, more quickly than he could ever remember. There would be frost crystallizing the ground by the morning. The frost would be cold, but not as cold as Kikyo's eyes had been. He sighed. Her voice, colder than a hundred winter snows, echoed in his mind. She hated him so much…he could actually feel the hate keeping her body of bone and mud together.

And his urgent need to see Kikyo had made Kagome ready to flee to her world again. She didn't know he was watching her as she slept alone on the ground below. He felt terrible…but not guilty. That was until he had watched her cry herself to sleep. How she had howled, thinking she was alone in the clearing. He had watched as Kagome learned that real, honest crying wasn't pretty or cleansing. It was only primal and raw. In the dying light of the autumn day, the light making leaves burn like precious gems, she had final let the flood break through her careful defenses. The sun had reflected off her tears that cut down her dirty cheeks, the snot running from her nose and the spit that flew as she screamed to god over and over.

In the moment when sleep finally claimed its screaming, whimpering charge, Inuyasha made a decision. He couldn't let Kagome turn out like Kikyo…it would be better for Kagome to go back to her world. Even though she was the only one who could sense the shards, it would be better to let her be happy. He sighed and shifted back on his leafy branch, fighting his own tears. It was his duty to Kikyo to protect her. If he kept that promise, he couldn't protect Kagome.

Below him, Kagome shuddered. Her bag of supplies had been left behind in the wake of needing to get away. Inuyasha shook his head, how could he have forgotten her bag? Now she was lying on the hard ground without her blankets or fluffy zippered bag. He shrugged off his coat. He owed her this much…his mother had made the hakata for him. It looked nice on her, Kagome should have it. It made her eyes glow. Soundlessly, he slipped from the tree to the ground below.

Kagome whimpered, tears still leaking out of her eyes as he crept closer. As gently as his shaking hand could, he wrapped the cloak around her shoulders and tucked it behind her knees. It should keep her warm…he could leave now that she was safe. Hesitating he looked down at the sleeping girl. She had done so much for him. Now it was time for him to do something for her by leaving her be. He started with heavy feet towards the edge of the forest. The well was close, she'd be fine. Unless…he turned back around. Something might attack her. He'd stay until just before she woke up. That way he'd be able to watch her one last time…

Kagome woke when the first light of dawn touched her eyes. To her surprise, she found Inuyasha's jacket around her. Standing on unsteady legs, a spark of hope kindled in her heart she called out. It started as a whisper, but grew each time into a screaming plea. "Inuyasha…" She felt the tears start again, when would they ever stop?! "Inuyasha, please!" She clutched the cloth to her. "Come out, please Inuyasha!" It smelled like him…he had to be close. But what if he had only left his hakata to remember him by? Sobbing Kagome fell to the ground again. "Please! I'm begging you! Come out, come back to me!"

Inuyasha dug his claws into the flesh of his hands to resist the urge to go to her. But he was unable to leave her side in the night. This was the way it had to be. There was no other way for Kagome to be happy. He had ruined one woman's life already; he'd be damned to destroy someone as special as Kagome. And if she was ever to be happy, he had to leave her be. If anyone were to destroy her, it'd probably be me…he thought to himself as he turned his head away.

Kagome finally gave up, carefully folding the cloth in her arms. Sniffling, she started again to the well. For the last time.

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