Game of Death

Disclaimer: All characters belong to MTV.

Author's Note: I'm not sure if this will be more than a one shot, so tell me what you think.

Summary: Derek and Lara Hale come home from school to find their home gone. Derek vows revenge.

Time: Before Episode 1

POV: Derek

Genre: Drama and Angst

Rating: PG

Date Finished: July 26, 2011

I come home from school. Laura is behind me.

"Derek!" she screams in pure terror.

I turn to her wondering what on earth she's shrieking about. She is standing there mouth wide open and pointing to the right where our home stood. I don't look at it.

"What?" I snap.

"Ou-our home," she whispers.

I look at our home or rather where it once stood. There is nothing more than a burnt structure. Nothing else.

Where's our family?

Where's our parents?

I stand there stunned. Beside me, Laura is crying. At least she can cry. I can't. I want to break down, but I can't. I wish I could.

I look at the house. It hits me hard in the gut. There's no possible way that anyone survived that.

No way at all.

Who did this? No, I don't believe that this is an accident. Someone knows who we are. Someone is after us. Who?

I have a theory.

The Hunters.

They want us dead.

Lara stops crying and looks up at me. "Hunters?"

I nod. "I think so."

"Are they still here?"

I breath in the air around us. "I don't think so."

Lara nods and looks back at the house. "Why? Why would anyone want to do this?"

I look at my feet. "Because they're evil."

She swallows. "Do you think anyone got out alive?" I can tell that she's afraid to ask.

I take a deep breath. "To be honest, I don't know. However, I don't think that the odds are in our favour."

Laura nods. "Where do we go now?"

I look around. "We live in the forest until something better comes along."

"And when will that be?"

"Hard to say."

It didn't matter to anyone what had happened to us. I knew that it didn't It was all a game to them, a game of death.

Well, I could play too.