"I'm hungry."

"Eat those cookies I just bought you."

Natalie twisted back to reach the back seat of the car. She spotted the grocery bag and pulled it onto her jeans-clad legs. Natalie grumbled to herself while digging through her purchases. Oranges, no... crackers, no... Oreos, wait, what? Natalie looked at Henry with a look of utter disbelief.

"You boughtOreos?"

Henry's twisted into a look of sheer confusion, while his girlfriend stared at him disapprovingly, "What? They're delicious. The slogan is like, 'Mr. Christie, you make good cookies!'"

Natalie sighed, "If you think chemicals and excessive sugar make good cookies."

After about ten minutes and going through the contents of the parcel about five times, Natalie Goodman finally decided to eat an orange. She looked outside the window and saw nothing but blurry trees, bushes and the occasional rock.

"Two questions, how far are we from this cottage of yours? And, are you sure that going..." Natalie glanced down at the dashboard, "One forty is even legal?"

"One, we're almost there and it's not my cottage, it's my dad's. And no, it's not legal." Henry responded swiftly, chuckling to himself.

Natalie shook her head and looked at the dark-haired boy. He simply smiled.

After numerous other conversations, in which Natalie was concerned about something and Henry laughed at her, they arrived at the cottage. It was a small house, painted blue with a yellow door. The colours were chipped and faded, and ivy was growing up the back. No had been here for years, it was easy to see that. The dirt pathway leading the front door was incredibly steep. Natalie was afraid she might fall down; she felt like she was standing by the edge of a cliff. The cottage was placed humbly in a large forest, with no other residences around for miles. There was a clear, blue lake behind the forest, and cottage, with a dock bobbing merrily up and down. There were flowers growing everywhere; for a place no had visited in years, it sure looked beautiful.

Natalie and Henry took their bags and trudged down the hill. Once they reached the door, Henry pushed on it, popping it open.

"That's kind of unsafe and – what the fuck is that?." Natalie had stepped into a room full of cute, old, dusty furniture and a large bat flying around.

Henry sighed, "He's BACK? Let me get the net..."