Okay everyone! well, before we start, this is what's up...I was reading this dare show story and it was fantastic! So I decided to do my own...except in a crossover! And since I have nothing good, you guys can submit dares! The dare must be put in a review. No private messages please! The dare must include the following: Your dare, and the people/person that has to do it. Keep the dare at rated T...or over if you'd like...you can dare anyone on the show, even me! :) okay, enough of my mindless blabbering and let's get on with this thing! :) and just so you know, Ashley is the host, A.K.A. me. Okay, I should really shut up now xD

Ashley: Welcome to the Invader Zim and Powerpuff Girls dare show! I'm your host for today's episode. Great dares, weirdness, what can happen? stay tuned for it all! the Invader Zim crew is here and so are the Powerpuff Girls! Prepare for insanity and (stupid) variety. Go submit reviews with a dare suggestion. Have fun! :)