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Pairings: Harry/Draco, implied Ginny/Luna, bg Ron/Hermione

Warnings: Violence, Sexual Scenes, implied mpreg, implied femmeslash, EWE.

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Part 1

Draco winced as the loud crack of Potter's apparition echoed through the empty space of the abandoned warehouse. If Hobbs (the criminal they were stalking) managed to escape, it would be down to the moron's complete lack of stealth.

Shooting Potter an icy glare, Draco headed for the lone door at the back of the building, his wand in hand, cursing his luck yet again at having been assigned a bumbling Gryffindor idiot as an Auror partner. Although, he had to admit, there were some benefits.

Potter brushed past him, casting him a small smile over his shoulder as he drew his wand to check for any wards or spells that may have been placed on the door. Draco could practically taste the metallic tang of Potter's magic humming in the air around him. He licked his lips as though to savour the taste.

Not only was Potter a powerful wizard (both magically and politically), but he was also remarkably handsome. Auror training had helped tone his once scrawny body into a more svelte elegance, although he was still incredibly skinny. His hair was still the equivalent of a rat's nest, but Draco had seen Potter with his hair perfectly straightened and flattened. (Supposedly someone, who had been offended by the sight of the tangled mop coming into the office every bloody morning, had slipped some hair-straightening potion in his tea). The wild look suited him far better.

But his best feature, in Draco's opinion, was his eyes. They were a beautiful and rare shade of green, constantly shining with different emotions, from fiery determination to ice-cool anger. Even now, they were bright and clear with an odd excitement as he dispersed the spells on the door.

Honestly, it would be strange if Draco wasn't attracted to him. His gaze drifted down to admire Potter's arse, though the view was unfortunately hindered by the loose folds of his crimson Auror robes.

Potter glanced over his shoulder, giving a knowing smile when he saw Draco was watching him. "Enjoying the view?" he asked, his tone quietly mocking.

Draco rose a fine brow, eyeing Potter's muggle attire beneath his open robes with an obviously disparaging look. "Hardly."

Potter snorted and shook his head, pushing through the door now it was clear of any obstacles. Draco felt his lips quirk in amusement, quickly schooling his features into a serious expression before he followed Potter into the room.

It appeared to be a makeshift potions lab of sorts. Draco grimaced in disgust at the state of it. Beakers, pots and various loose ingredients cluttered the wall-lining counters. A dirty cauldron sat in the sink, several dirty tools poking out over the rim. A person stupid enough to leave their surfaces filthy with former work, and their raw ingredients out in the open were they would spoil, had no business mixing potions.

Potter rolled his eyes when Draco mentioned as such, poking at a wrinkled troll liver with his wand. Draco didn't bother warning him not to touch anything, knowing that the idiot wouldn't listen to him anyway. If he managed to get infected with some horrible disease by touching raw or spoiled ingredients, it would be his own fault and serve to teach him a lesson.

The central island counter was covered by numerous thick potions books. Curious, Draco peered at an open one with yellowing pages, frowning when the words scrambled and changed themselves under his gaze. Clearly the owner had cast a spell to make it illegible for anyone but themselves.

The only thing he could make out was a scrawled note at the end of the page. It read; '4th, Boil and Brew.' Draco assumed it was a recipe note of some sort.

Potter's eyes went everywhere, his nose wrinkling at the slight smell of mould. "No one's here."

"Thank you, Potter, for stating the obvious," Draco replied, blandly. "Without you, I would have never figured that out."

"Sod off, Malfoy," Potter said in a dull tone, clearly bored now the promise of danger had passed.

Draco smirked at him before he focused on examining a group of vials that had been set apart from the rest on the far counter. They were all full of a strange multi-coloured viscous material. He picked up one, swirling it gently to see if he recognised any of the ingredients. It had partially clotted at the bottom, signalling use of dragon's blood. But other than that, Draco was at a loss.

He set the vial down and opened his mouth to speak, when he heard a small scuff from the opposite side of the room. He met Potter's gaze before they spun as one, firing a disarming spell and stunner. There was a blur of movement and their spells sailed past the target, crashing through the delicate glass potions equipment before smashing into the far wall, leaving two ugly scorch marks.

"Disillusionment charm," Potter murmured, remarking on Hobbs' invisibility. Draco nodded, keeping on his guard as he scanned the room for any signs of movement.


Draco whirled to the left to avoid the curse, shooting a body-bind jinx roughly in Hobbs' direction as he spun. The stream of magic flew past him, exploding the group of vials behind him upon contact. He erected a shield charm to block the glass shards flying towards him, but the potion flew straight through it, splattering over his face and robes.

He had a moment's reprieve before Draco collapsed to his knees, screaming in shear agony as the potion began to burn. It felt like his very skin was melting from his bones whilst dozens of sharp tiny knives drove themselves deep into his body. Vision blurring, he fell flat to the floor, dimly aware through the haze of pain that Potter was beside him, yelling his name. Draco gratefully succumbed to the enveloping darkness as he lost consciousness, the sound of his own shrill screams still ringing in his ears.

Harry cursed under his breath when Hobbs took the moment of confusion to escape through apparition, fighting the urge to chase after him. His main concern for the moment was Malfoy, who appeared to be barely breathing.

Not wasting another second, Harry gathered Malfoy close in his arms, apparating them straight to Luna Lovegood's cottage. He knew from experience not to bother with St Mungo's, where the scars from the war were still fresh in the majority of the Healer's minds. As a former Death Eater, Malfoy wouldn't receive the care and attention he needed.

Luna, fortunately, was supremely talented in the art of healing, and was one of the few people who held no ill-will towards Malfoy.

Though Luna tended to move around a lot, travelling the world in search of new and exciting species of magical creatures yet undiscovered, she'd recently settled down in the centre of an uncharted, forest-covered island. Harry suspected the fact that Ginny had recently moved in there with her may have had something to do with it.

They landed at the bottom of a winding garden path, leading through a wild garden up to the front door of a squat thatched cottage that looked as though it had been picked up by a giant and roughly plonked back down again.

Malfoy let out a low groan of pain as Harry hefted him up, struggling to carry him up the path. He didn't want to risk using a levitation charm in case the magic reacted strangely with the potion; he'd already taken a large chance by apparating Malfoy here in the first place.

Harry found himself debating his choice, however; the bloke wasn't exactly a light weight. Malfoy probably spent his days off work lazing about the manor, being waited on hand and foot by mistreated house-elves, eating far too many rich meals. Harry knew for a fact that the prat had a bit of a sweet tooth, too. He was constantly eating snacks in the office during his breaks.

"Harry?" Ginny came bustling out of the cottage. She was garbed in her Harpies quidditch gear, covered head to toe in mud. Clearly, she'd just returned home from practice. "Merlin, what's happened to Malfoy?"

"Some weird potion exploded over him, and he collapsed," Harry explained, struggling to carry Malfoy without tripping over any of the overgrown wild plants that sat beside the front path. A rather difficult feat, considering a few were physically reaching out with leafy vines and attempting to snare him by the ankles.

Ginny smacked them away and took hold of Malfoy's legs. Together they manoeuvred him into the cottage, laying him down on the squidgy beige sofa in the petite front room.

"Where's Luna?" Harry asked as Ginny popped a cushion under Malfoy's head, careful not to touch any of the potion that still smeared his skin, arranging him to lie in a more comfortable position. Since the two had agreed to put their past animosity behind them, Ginny had taken an almost motherly attitude towards Malfoy, much to his annoyance.

"I'll go and fetch her." Ginny said, quickly heading for the archway that led to the back of the house. "She said she was going to be by the south bay today. Something about a new humblebinger bird colony forming, or something."

Harry watched her go, returning his attention to Malfoy when he let out a tiny whimper.

"Malfoy?" Harry called gently.

Malfoy's face puckered, turning his head with a groan as he slowly regained consciousness. His hair fell over his face from the movement, and Harry softly brushed it back, absently noting it was as silky as it looked.

Malfoy opened his eyes, taking a moment to focus before glaring at Harry. "Stop touching my hair, Potter," he hissed, indignant.

Harry withdrew his hand, rolling his eyes. "If you're snapping at me, you're going to be fine," he murmured, helping Malfoy where he was struggling to sit up by himself.

Groaning, Malfoy swayed in his seat, dropping his head into his hands.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked, concerned.

"Peachy," Malfoy replied, dryly. "I really should get covered with mysterious potions that could possibly kill me more often. They do leave one feeling rather refreshed."

"Prat." Harry muttered, getting to his feet. At least the potion didn't appear to have affected Malfoy's personality in any way.

"I don't feel so good," Malfoy mumbled, slumping back against the arm of the sofa.

Harry wordlessly conjured a glass of water. Malfoy gulped it down gratefully, practically draining it in one swallow.

"Feel better?" Harry asked, vanishing the empty glass with a wave of his wand.

Malfoy grunted, brushing a hand over his forehead. "I feel strange," he grumbled, tilting his head back and closing his eyes.

Harry eyed him sprawled out on the sofa. His skin looked a shade paler than normal, his long hair shimmering an almost golden colour in contrast. His eyelashes stood out from where they dusted his cheeks, stark against the white of his skin. Harry had to admit that, even though he was an absolute prat, Malfoy was also very beautiful.

Malfoy opened his eyes, a primitive part of his brain sensing Harry watching him, and met his gaze. Harry paused at the silver hue to his once-dark grey eyes, with thin pointy pupils, like a cat's. With a controlled slowness, Malfoy swung his legs around, placing them methodically on the floor without breaking eye contact.

Something in the air between them had shifted. Harry swallowed, feeling his pulse quickening and his heart pounding. Malfoy's lips parted and he reached out with a provocative slowness to caress his cheek. Harry couldn't help but shiver at the contact.

"Harry..." Malfoy whispered, his hushed voice like wind over water. Harry's eyes half-closed of their own accord at the sound.

He felt a rush of desire surge through him as Malfoy gave him a slow languid smile, revealing a slip of pearly white teeth.

"Harry..." he whispered again, his voice like silk.

Malfoy leant slowly towards him, unblinking. Harry found he couldn't tear his gaze away from the silver of those eyes. He was inches away. Harry could feel the warmth of his breath sweep over his lips.


Harry jumped, the trance broken as ropes wound around Malfoy's body and the back of the sofa, effectively restraining him. Malfoy hissed and spat, struggling against his bindings.

"Honestly, I leave you two alone for five minutes..." Ginny sighed, twirling her wand between her fingers. Luna trailed into the room behind her, looking dreamy and distant as usual.

"Harry, it's nice to see you," she said, waving her hand in a large arc before herself as a greeting.

"Er, hi Luna," Harry greeted, awkwardly mimicking the action. "How's the, um, humblebingers?"

"Thriving," Luna replied, sounding proud.

"I'd say so," Ginny added, brushing a bunch of small red feathers from her shoulders. "They swooped down and tried to carry me off!"

"They thought you were one of them, because of your similar red plumage," Luna explained.

"It's called hair!"

"It's a great honour that they tried to initiate you into their newly-formed colony." Luna continued, unhindered. "It's just a shame that it involved dropping you from that cliff."

"Yeah, thanks for the help with that," Ginny replied, sarcastically.

Luna smiled. "No problem." Ginny rolled her eyes.

"Luna?" Harry called to get her attention. "Malfoy got hit with a strange potion, do you think you could help?"

Luna smiled at him. "Of course, Harry."

She drifted over to Malfoy, who gave her a reproachful look. His head swayed slightly from side to side, like a snake ready to strike.

"Hello, Draconis," she greeted, using what she believed to be Malfoy's full name, despite his protests otherwise. Luna simply shrugged; saying the full name suited him better anyway.

"Touch me and I'll bite off your fingers, one by one," Malfoy hissed as Luna knelt before him, drawing out her wand.

She gave him a dreamy smile, seemingly unaffected by his threats. She murmured a spell under her breath, causing her wand tip to glow a faint blue. She gently tapped Malfoy on the nose, ignoring the way he growled and snapped at her. The blue light left her wand, sweeping over Malfoy's body until it covered him like a glowing aura. After a moment, the light pulsed and changed to a silver colour, the same shade as his eyes, before it faded.

Luna hummed softly, tilting her head to one side. She placed the tip of her wand against his temple. "Profundus dormite."

Malfoy had a second to look affronted, before his eyes drooped shut and his head lolled onto his chest, falling into a deep enchanted sleep. Smiling, Luna tucked her wand away before she turned to an expectant Harry and Ginny.

"Well?" Ginny prompted after a moment of silence.

Luna looked at Harry. "Would you like some tea?"

"Er, no thanks, Luna," Harry replied awkwardly to the unexpected question.

"Oh." Luna pondered for a moment. "Something stronger, perhaps? I think we have some firewhisky left in the cupboard." She glanced at Ginny in question, who was shaking her head in dismay.

"What about Malfoy?" Harry asked, hoping to get Luna back on track.

Luna blinked at him. "He's asleep right now, so I don't think he'd like any firewhisky."

"He meant, what is wrong with Malfoy?" Ginny explained, her voice strained with patience. "What did the potion do to him?"

"Oh, I see." Luna smiled. "I can't say for certain, but I think it's drawn out the ancient properties of his magic."

"What do you mean?" Harry asked, confused.

"Wizards were first created when humans mated with various magical creatures, creating human-creature hybrids. That's how beings like the Snorflak and the Tritingler were made," Luna explained, placing her words slowly and precisely. "Through the generations, the creature aspect of wizards was slowly bred out, until all that was left was humans with unique magical abilities."

"That was the beginning of the 'pure-bloods'," Ginny added. She'd moved over to Malfoy where she was arranging him to lay on the sofa, draping a patchwork blanket over him.

Luna nodded. "I think the potion has touched the core of Malfoy's magic and brought it to life. He'll revert back into whatever hybrid creature gave him his magic." She gave Harry a rare, solemn look. "Draconis has already changed a lot. He may not act like the same person you once knew."

Harry glanced at Malfoy's sleeping form. Ever since they'd been assigned as Auror partners, Malfoy had been a rude, annoying, arrogant prat.

He had a tendency to plan the fun out of every case they got. Though most of the time his plans had kept Harry from rushing into traps and dangerous situations where he could have easily lost his life.

Malfoy was constantly sarcastic, insulting Harry's clothes, hair, or friends, depending on his mood. He always managed to provoke him, even around the time of year when the wizarding world would mourn those whom had died in the war and Harry fell into a quiet state of depression. That's when Malfoy would try especially hard with his jibes, getting a rise from Harry every time.

He looked down his nose at everything and everyone he thought beneath him, as though Malfoy were afraid they'd see him as weak and easy prey if he didn't.

The thought of him acting differently, becoming someone else, made Harry's stomach curl unpleasantly.

"Is there any way to reverse this?" he asked, hopeful.

Luna smiled. "Maybe. But we'd have to find out what creature Draconis is turning into before we do anything else."

Harry pulled a face at the thought of doing research. That was more Hermione's forte. He was tempted to owl her for help; he knew she'd be more than willing. But she and Ron were on their honeymoon in Egypt, and he didn't want to interfere. He was sure Ron wouldn't appreciate it if he did, either.

"You're more than welcome to stay with us while you research, Harry," Ginny offered. "We can help, and Luna has a huge collection of books on rare and mythical creatures."

"Supposedly mythical," Luna corrected softly, earning yet another eye roll from Ginny.

Harry sighed, resigning himself to long hours with his nose stuck in thick, dusty, heavy tomes. He didn't understand how Hermione could enjoy it so much. "Great, thanks."

"Not that either," Harry muttered under his breath, turning a brittle yellow page with a sigh.

He'd been researching for a couple of hours now, and still he remained at a loss as to what ancient creature Malfoy was turning into. Luna wasn't much help either. She kept getting distracted by certain passages, musing out loud whether she'd be able to track any of these creatures down. She'd wandered off a few minutes ago, humming to herself, leaving Harry to his dreary research.

A soft sound called his attention upwards. He stiffened, seeing Malfoy leaning casually against the door frame, watching him with an amused expression. His hair had grown even longer, Harry noticed, falling in a golden wave to his mid-back.

"You know, when Weasley told me you were researching, I refused to believe it. Yet here you are." Malfoy glanced out the narrow study window. "Will I see some flying pigs, too?"

"I don't think so. They're native to Africa," Luna informed him absently, doodling on a map as she drifted past him in the hallway.

Harry snorted in amusement at the wry look Malfoy gave her, relaxing slightly since he appeared to be acting normal. He pushed out the seat opposite with his foot, and Malfoy sat down. "I take it Ginny explained what happened?" he asked.

Malfoy's expression darkened and he lowered his gaze to the floor. "Yes, she did."

They fell into an awkward silence for a moment before Malfoy dragged one of the many books Harry had gathered on the table towards himself. "Have you had any luck?" he asked.

Harry gave a weary sigh. "None. I've gone through dozens of Luna's books and none of them even slightly resemble any of the characteristics you've shown so far."

"Well, at least we can narrow it down a bit. It's definitely none of the things mentioned in these books," Malfoy said, plucking a few books off the table and dumping them on the floor beside his chair.

"What? How do you know? You didn't even look in them!" Harry protested.

Malfoy fixed him with a patient look. "Are you usually this dense, or are you making a special effort today?" he asked, ignoring Harry's scowl. "What characteristics have I shown so far?"

Harry paused in thought. "Your eyes have gone weird, for one."

"My eyes have altered slightly in appearance," Malfoy corrected, clearly annoyed. "What else?"

"Your hair's got freakishly long."

"It's not freakish at all!" Malfoy snapped, affronted. "It has grown to a perfectly acceptable length!"

"Maybe for a woman," Harry murmured, amused by the way Malfoy bristled like a cat at his comment.

"Also," Malfoy stressed, continuing the conversation. "I appear to have a greater need for water, and consuming it affects my behaviour."

Harry warmed slightly in memory of exactly how it affected him. He coughed to hide his embarrassment. "So, we're looking for a water-based creature, with strange eyes and girlish hair?"

Malfoy simply glared at him before he picked up the nearest book and began to flip through it. Harry returned to his own book with renewed enthusiasm, a small smile on his face.

"Maybe you're an Aloja," Harry suggested a couple of hours later, ignoring the bland look Malfoy gave him.

Night had just fallen, and the two still sat in the study, researching by candlelight. Having lost his enthusiasm once more, Harry was finding amusement in comparing Malfoy to interesting creatures he came across whilst reading.

"The Aloja live mainly in small lakes and ponds, and are said to have high self-esteem and are very proud of their oneiric beauty," Harry read aloud. "Aloja are nocturnal, have shimmering red or golden hair, emerald or deep blue eyes, wear fine rich clothes and enjoy gazing at their reflections to admire their own beauty."

Malfoy sat forward and snatched the book from Harry's hand. His mouth thinned in annoyance as he skimmed over the passage, and Harry's lips twitched as he tried not to smile.

"Aloja, otherwise known as water-women, are said to be shorter than the average human, and are said to symbolise fertility and the life-giving virtues of water," he recited, fixing Harry with a glare.

Harry laughed. "Well, there are certain similarities, you have to admit."

Malfoy rolled his eyes. "You're a moron, Potter," he huffed.

Harry grinned, picking up another book. He silently flicked through a couple of pages before he spoke. "I'm a bit relieved, you know."

Malfoy glanced up at him with a smirk. "You're relieved that you're a moron?"

"No, you prat," he said, kicking Malfoy under the table. "Luna told me that you might change into someone different. You'd become someone I didn't know." He gave Malfoy a small smile. "I'm relieved you're still acting like the same bastard I've learnt to tolerate."

Malfoy eyed him for a moment before he hummed a note of acknowledgement. He snapped the book in his hand shut and set it on the table between them, leaning back in his chair with unblinking eyes, and stared at Harry.

Harry shifted in his seat, uncomfortable with the weight of his gaze. "What is it?"

"Aren't you afraid to be alone with me?" Malfoy asked. "You don't know what kind of creature it is I'm turning into, or what I'm capable of. I've even managed to mesmerise you once already. Who's to say I won't get the urge to do so again?"

Harry frowned. "That may be true, but I can't very well go around avoiding you for however long it takes to find a way to reverse the effects of the potion. Especially since we still have to work together to try and capture Hobbs."

"Besides," he added with a mutter. "You wouldn't have been able to mesmerise me if I hadn't been willing."

Malfoy blinked at him in surprise before he shook his head with a small smile of disbelief. "You really are an idiot, Potter. You still think we'll be able to find a cure?"

"I don't think we should give up until we've searched through all the possibilities," Harry said, squinting to make out the small print at the end of a passage.

"Listen to me, Potter," Malfoy snapped. "Even if we do manage to discover whatever hell of a creature it is I'm turning into, it will be near to impossible to reverse the effects without being able to analyse the original potion. I'm never going to be the same wizard I once was."

"But you'll still be the same person, right?"

Malfoy paused and stared at him in confusion. "What?"

Harry eyed him. "I'll admit, you do look a little different, but your personality hasn't changed that much at all. As long as you're still the same person and it doesn't harm you in any way, then the other changes you go through don't really matter to me."

Malfoy's gaze dropped to the floor. "They will matter to my parents. They do matter to me."

Harry leant forward, reaching across the table to put a comforting hand on Malfoy's arm. "I know they do. I know being a pure-blood is important to you. That's why I'm determined to find a cure, though it seems unlikely," he said, attempting to be reassuring. "Besides, Hermione is the best researcher I know. Even if I can't, she'll be bound to find something. Don't give up hope so easily, Malfoy."

Malfoy eyed the fingers on his arm. Harry hesitated a bare second before he began to pull them away. Malfoy's hand shot out with an unreal speed, catching his wrist before he could completely withdraw his hand. Harry froze, meeting the silver of Malfoy's gaze, very aware of the warmth of the pale fingers wrapped around his bare wrist.

Slowly, Malfoy lifted Harry's hand to his lips, tongue darting out to graze his fingertips. Harry's breath caught, a familiar pulse of desire reverberating through his body. Tugging gently on his wrist, Malfoy led Harry to stand with him, pulling him close and guiding his hand to rest on his waist.

Closing his eyes, Malfoy took a deep breath, inhaling Harry's scent, before opening them again. They practically gleamed silver in the dim candlelight, any trace of human in them gone. Harry shivered.

Leaning closer, Malfoy's lips brushed his jaw. "I won't force you, Harry," he whispered, his breath ghosting over the shell of Harry's ear. "But if you don't push me away now, I won't be able to stop."

Breath shallow, Harry stepped closer until their chests were touching. "I don't want you to stop."

Malfoy's grip on him tightened, and he exhaled a soft moan. He shifted and Harry stumbled until his back hit the wall. Malfoy stared at him for a moment, eyes soft with emotion, before he swept forwards, claiming Harry's lips with his own.

Malfoy kissed him hard, nipping at his mouth, tracing his tongue over his lips. Harry gasped and shivered, gripping Malfoy tightly and pulling him closer as he opened his mouth, granting him entry. Their tongues curled around each other, battling for dominance.

Slipping a hand under his robes, Malfoy slid them off his shoulders, leaving them to tumble to an untidy pile on the floor. He pressed closer, the bulge of his erection brushing teasingly against Harry's for a moment, before he ground against him with a growl.

Harry broke the kiss, tilting his head back as he drew in a sharp intake of breath. Malfoy growled again and attacked the exposed length of his neck, making him groan in pleasure. Harry's shirt quickly followed his robes to the floor, joined shortly after by his jeans whilst he made quick work of Malfoy's own clothes.

Malfoy's mouth worried his neck as his hand made a delicious trail down Harry's back, slipping under the waistband of his boxers, dragging them off, before returning to cup his arse. Harry was throbbing with desire and want, barely able to breathe through the fog of his lust.

"Malfoy..." he gasped out. "Please... I need... I need you..."

He could feel Malfoy's lips curl against his neck in a smile. Malfoy kissed him again, sliding his hand around to grasp Harry's erection. Harry's breath caught, and he heard himself make a keening noise as Malfoy began to stroke him.

Harry sent his hand searching. A smile crossed his face when he heard Malfoy pant as he grasped his hard length, feeling the tight smooth skin between his fingers as he began to stroke. Malfoy's head dropped to rest on his shoulder, his warm pants of breath ghosting over Harry's collarbone.

Malfoy's free hand drifted back around to the small of his back, gliding down to his buttocks, his fingers stroking tantalisingly over his entrance. Harry arched into him, hinting his need, quickening his strokes on Malfoy's erection.

He slipped a finger inside and Harry grunted at the uncomfortable feeling of intrusion. After a minute, he added a second finger, quickly followed by a third, scissoring and stretching until Harry was sobbing for more.

Using the wall for support, Malfoy lifted him up, guiding Harry's legs to wind around his waist. A jolt struck through him as Malfoy nipped at his neck, his erection pressed teasingly against his entrance. Harry pressed down, eager to feel Malfoy inside him, but he shifted his weight, holding Harry still by his hold on his hips.

Malfoy smiled as Harry gazed at him in question, leaning forward so his lips brushed his cheek. "Say my name, Harry," he breathed.

Harry panted. "Ma- Malfoy..."

Malfoy's grip on him tightened, but he remained still. Knowing what he wanted, Harry swallowed hard, ignoring the feeling he was giving up something important when he leant forward, licking the lobe of Malfoy's ear and said in a heavy moan, "Draco."

Growling, Draco roughly thrust into him. Harry cried out, searing pain mixing with the pleasure in an incomprehensible mix. He clutched onto Draco's shoulders, fingers digging into the pale skin as his thrusts ripped loud groans from his throat.

Their lips met again as they moved together, the hunger for each other building, greedy for more. Harry could feel his need swelling, willing it closer, moving faster. Draco panted against his lips, grunting with every thrust.

The tight heat uncoiled from the pit of Harry's stomach, ecstasy burning fiery tracks through his body as he climaxed, Draco following a few short thrusts behind. Together they shuddered through the wave of euphoria, sliding slowly to the floor as the feelings gradually ebbed.

Harry chuckled as Draco collapsed on top of him with a grunt, allowing his fingers to play with a curling strand of hair that draped over his chest. They lay like that for a moment, peacefully lethargic. Harry noted the candle had long since burnt out, with only the moonlight streaming through the narrow window to lift the darkness of the room.

Draco shifted, easing himself off Harry to lay by his side. His eyes were soft as he reached out, brushing the hair back from Harry's face, leaning forward to place a gentle kiss on the skin just below his ear.

Harry covered his hand with his own, turning his head to kiss his palm. Draco smiled at the action; a rare true smile that made Harry's breath catch and his pulse flutter.

Draco leant in, placing a chaste kiss on Harry's lips. "Mine," he whispered.