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AN- A fluffy little drabble written on my sweetie-pie Trulywicked's page. It's a tiny snippet of pure fluff set in the same universe as Grovel and Gratulations. It's late being posted here but I hope you can scrunch up some Holiday spirit and read it anyway.

Please enjoy.

Tree-trimming and Fairy-kisses.

"Does the tree look wonky to you?" Draco slowly walked around their green tree, where it stood in the main sitting room of 12 Grimmauld Place, looking at the decorations critically, straightening a piece of tinsel.

Harry was sure to hide his smile behind the roll of sparkly wrapping paper in his hand. "It's perfect love, absolutely perfect. Not at all wonky." Draco had worked on their tree for hours, hanging every ornament carefully, studying every branch from all angles before deciding.

"Really? Isn't there more tinsel on the left side then on the right? Down here?" Draco pointed to the bottom of the tree.

"No dear, it's all symmetrical and very pretty. Isn't that true ladies?" Harry turned his head and asked the tiny fairies lighting up the Christmas tree. They all nodded vigorously; blowing kisses and giggling at the tall blond standing close to the tree they were perched on. It seemed Draco's charms weren't lost in tiny little fairies either. Harry was glad he could call the gorgeous man his own.

"Oh very well, I suppose it's as good as it's going to get." Draco heaved a sigh and walked across the floor to flop down on the couch next to Harry who was spelling the last of their gifts closed. He looked at the twinkling light the fairies gave out.

"Why are you so determined to have the perfect tree anyway love?" Harry tied the last ribbon with flourish and levitated the wrapped presents to lie neatly under the Christmas spruce.

Draco looked at him as if he was daft. "It's our first Christmas where we will play the host. Our home will be invaded by Weasleys, Malfoys and Merlin help me, Longbottoms and Lovegoods. I want to make a good impression. You've seen the celebrations both at the Burrow and at the Manor. I want ours to be just as good, I don't want to put you in a bad light Harry." Not to mention that deep down Draco was still a little of a show off, not that he would mention that out loud to his Harry.

"Are you crazy?" Harry looked at him with wide eyes and scooted closer. "Don't you know that any Christmas spent with you will be perfect no matter how the tree looks or the how the food tastes? You are the best gift I've ever been given and I'll will treasure you always. If anyone has something bad to say about your tree tomorrow then I'll hex them so their nose grows out of their arse."

"You are a romantic fool Potter, an utter and complete fool." Draco's words were dry but the smile on his lips countered them.

"It may be so but I'm your fool Malfoy." Harry leaned in and kissed Draco, raking his fingers through silver blond hair.

"You better be after all the time I put in chasing you." Draco whispered against Harry's lips before flicking his tongue out to taste him. He looked over Harry's shoulder at the glittering tree and stiffened slightly.

"Um Harry…The fairies are watching…"

"Let them watch." Harry tipped Draco down on his back on the couch and set out to prove just how perfect he thought his lover to be.