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This is going to be a collection of four love triangles from the Next Generation, each centering around one of the four unrelated boys, all for the 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 challenge on HPFC, written in descending order starting from 100 :) Admittedly, I haven't officially posted about this, but only because I can't find the thread anymore.

From Prompts, oh, Prompts: independence, camouflage, mint, glorious


The story starts simply – two girls, one boy, three hearts out of control.

He's not at all one of those glorious types, who can charm any girl with a casual grin and a flash of grey eyes. He's quiet, haunted, camouflaged in the jungle of Hogwarts. And they both shine, brighter than stars, and it doesn't make any sense why these two girls would both want him.

To top it off, they're cousins, the same blood in their veins, the same sparkle in their smile, and none of them ever wanted this.

(But the heart wants what the heart wants.)


From the moment he met her, she's been all stars, stars, stars, Dominique has, her whole being lit up with silver constellations and golden stardust and the joy of weaving stories from the velvety heavens.

He stargazes with her, sometimes; it's the only time he sees her genuinely smile, and she looks gorgeous bathed with starlight and flickering with moonlight – looks like a fairy, or an angel, or a goddess, perhaps. She'll point out constellations, let him look through her telescope, and these are the best nights of his life.


Lily's less starlit, really, more about glitter than shimmer, more a firecracker bursting in the sky than a star glowing softly at night.

When she's lit up, she's got her curls loose like fire and her eyes sparkling mint and hazel and a script in her hand, shining brighter than ever under the steady spotlights of the stage. Here, she's a star, adored by all, catching bouquets with a glittering smile on her face just for him.

Here, she shines.


He's nothing special in comparison, just a boy with a caustic wit and an easy grin, just a boy who can draw two pretty girls like a flame draws moths, just a boy who can't understand how real love feels.

How can he, when he sees it in two different pairs of eyes?

Blue eyes, green eyes, grey eyes – it's all the same, in the end, isn't it?

Isn't it?


She finds him by the old cedar tree, looking up into the leafy branches and thinking. About what, even he's not entirely sure.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Dominique offers, kneeling by him with a smile, her fingers gentle in his blond hair.

"I love you," he says suddenly, grey eyes locking on her blue gaze.

Dominique sighs. "No, you don't."


He hadn't been lying then, but it's hard to remember Dominique's pretty smile when Lily's lips are sweet on his mouth, filling him with the taste of cherries and independence.

"Do you love me?" she whispers breathlessly, tangling her hands in his hair.

Her fingers aren't gentle.

Scorpius pulls back.


"I don't love her," he says that next starry night, his words light against her cheek. "I promise."

"You kissed her," Dominique observes, blue eyes on the skies.

"I don't love her," he insists.

She hesitates, touches his hand, believes.


Lily's crusading for Teddy's attention when he sees her next.

Scorpius offers a smile, an apology dying on his lips at her words.

"Save it," she says, stalking past him.


Dominique talks to her, smooths things over, and maybe Lily's not entirely happy yet.

It'll all work out, he hopes.


Years later, he's absolutely positive he made the right choice.

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