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Irish Mist liquor splashes in her glass, the liquid glimmering under the club lights, and she breathes a sigh. Nobody's noticed the lonely girl in the booth in the corner except her waiter; nobody's noticed (if anyone could) the way her blue eyes drift to a different place than this nightclub with it's loud music and louder customers.

She's not sure why she comes here, but she does often. Only when she's got the energy for being jealous – jealous of her twin sister.

No, it's not the kindest emotion to feel.

Lucy drinks, broken, and wishes she could hold him.


Molly's her mother's darling; Lucy her father's. Molly's curls are deep red; Lucy's light blonde. Molly's eyes are ocean blue; Lucy's sky. Molly gardens; Lucy paints.

Differences, yes – but superficial, all of them.

Around her sister, Lucy dusts her eyes with silver shimmer, paints her lips red and rosy, and tries to compete with a girl who can grow beauty from soil.

She draws attention with her cheerful grin, her ability to make friends easily. She smiles prettily, dons frilly dresses, and adults coo over her – "Isn't she just precious?"


Molly, though, stains her dresses with dirt and water, digs her hands into soil, and never smiles for her parents' friends. She wears her hair loose, never dolls up, and is deemed a "nightmare" by adults behind her back.

She's imperfect, and slowly, Lucy begins to think that's enough.

(And yet, Lorcan goes out of his way to make time for her, seeks her out in her garden and marvels at her bright flowers, picks her dandelions from his house...)


She kisses Lorcan as often as she can, as publicly as possible, to assure herself of his love when he wraps his arms around her. He's almost warm, sometimes, almost happy, other times.

Sometimes, she believes him when he whispers lies against her cheek.

"You love me, right?" she demands, unable to bear the alternative when it all gets too much. "Right, Lorcan?"

"Right," he sighs, relenting. "Of course."


Too often, she finds him in Molly's garden, talking happily to her sister, looking at her as if she lights up his world.

Maybe she does. Lucy hates being jealous, but what else can she do?

When she kisses him in front of Molly, she searches for hurt. Molly's naturally guarded, but she knows her sister.

She finds the hurt.


Alcohol doesn't fix everything.

The look in her twin's blue eyes when Lucy drags Lorcan into a long kiss burns on the inside of her eyelids.

So does the way Lorcan smiles when he sees Molly, the way she smiles when he grins at her.

Maybe she should let go.


How long can hurt last?

Images of the way he hugs Molly versus the way he kisses Lucy dance in front of her. Irish Mist isn't helping, not that she'd really expected it to.

Lorcan finds her before she withers.


"This isn't working," Lucy chokes out even as he wraps his arms around her.

"I know," he murmurs, pressing a kiss to her temple. "I'm sorry."

Suddenly, she's not broken.


Lucy has to persuade Molly; she refuses to date her sister's ex.

Soon enough, they're happy. Maybe she is, too.


In the end, if you love someone, let them go.

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