Chapter 11: The Beatles

They stayed with Maryann for a few more days, until Phineas was convinced that Jeff was well enough to comfortably travel through the cosmos and had his normal energy back. Finally, it was time to go, so they said their good-byes and walked around the corner to a more secluded spot where Bogg pushed the button.

They landed in a room, behind some boxes, and though they couldn't see anyone, they knew this was a crowded and familiar place. The general din that they immediately heard conveyed both messages loud and clear.

"Right on target," Jeff said as he looked around.

"Hey Jack, there's a kid back here," a woman's voice spoke.

"Hey," Jeff shouted as a heavyset man with a cigar clamped between his teeth grabbed his forearm roughly and pulled him forward.

Quick as a flash, Bogg grabbed the man's wrist.

"Huh?" Jack grunted as he released his grip on Jeffrey, "let go of me."

"That's my kid, hands off," Bogg said in a fierce voice, refusing to release the man's wrist, though he was trying to break away.

"He shouldn't be here," was the gruff reply as Bogg released his grasp.

"Come on Jeff," Bogg said, motioning Jeffrey to move ahead of him toward the door.

As Jeff moved through the crowded room, he felt that familiar swelling up in his chest. Bogg had said he was his kid... HIS kid. That sounded even better than partner. He'd never called Jeff that before.

"Idiot," Jack whispered under his breath as he rubbed his wrist and turned away from them.

As they reached the corridor, Jeff hurried toward the sign that was posted at the end.

"There it is," he said excitedly, pointing to a sign with large blue lettering 'February 9, 1964: Tonight's featured act- The Beatles'. Can we listen Bogg, please?" Jeff asked.

Phineas lifted the omni off his belt, opened it, then turned it so Jeff could see the green light. "Sure," he said as they heard Ed Sullivan's voice speaking to the audience. They walked together, away from the backstage area, and found a spot where they could see the stage.


"Wow, they should've had us listen to this in Voyager school. I would've remembered this!" Bogg said after the performance. "Maybe we should go see Elvis too, what do you think?" he asked and finally looked over at Jeff, who was smiling at him ear to ear. "What?"

"You said I was your kid."

"Well you are," Phineas told him without missing a beat, "I thought we settled that," and he was rewarded with the tightest hug Jeffrey could manage.

The End

A/N #1 I tried to use dialog more to tell the story. It get's tricky when there are more than 2 people in the conversation.

A/N #2 Re: Chapter 5
Ignaz Semmelweis watched the doctors and midwives and realized that the doctors did autopsies between examining women in labor. The midwives didn't do the autopsies. Since that was the only difference in the care, he had the doctors stop the practice and immediately their death rates dropped to 2% also. But he took it one step further, hypothesizing that something might have been carried on the hands of the doctors. Once he instructed the caregivers to wash with a chlorinated lime solution (basically bleach) before examining a patient, the infection, called puerperal fever all but disappeared. His important role in developing The Germ Theory wasn't recognized until many years after his death.
Ironically, he himself died of a blood infection at the age of 47.