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Safe Harbor.

Fourth and final Part.

~one year later~

Itachi stood at the bow of a ship heading for Ame, studying the horizon and think of all that had been accomplished this past year. Working together Itachi, Sasuke, and Naruto had managed to get the nobles' filthy deeds exposed and get the guilty ones deposed and replaced with decent men who'd earned a right to a title. When his parents had attempted to reinstate him as crown prince he'd requested instead that Sasuke be named as the heir, he'd more than earned it and what was more, he wanted it more than Itachi ever had. In six months time Sasuke and Naruto would finally take the plunge and tie the knot, and it was about fucking time if you asked Itachi.

"Mr. Tachi?" A tug on his pant leg brought a smile to his lips and he turned to look at the delicate little girl that had crept up beside him. With her mother's features and eyes and hair a bright orange that he assumed she'd gotten from her father, Minako was a shy little thing that had been found in a slave camp halfway round the world. When he'd seen a child being whipped, he'd torn through that camp like an avenging angel and slaughtered the slavers with nary a second thought. The children had been so frightened that they'd be brought to an even worse place they'd trembled and cringed but it hadn't taken long for Itachi, combined with Tsunade, Sakura, and Shizune's mothering, full bellies, clean clothes and bodies, to set them at ease. He'd personally found each child a home that he knew would treasure them and kept Minako with him for the moment they were sailing towards.

He knelt down to the little girl's level and smiled. "What is it little one?"

She scuffed the toe of one little mary jane against the deck. "Are you sure my mommy will want me?"

He ran his hand over her orange curls. "Minako the second she sees you, your mother is going to wrap you up in her arms and she may never let you go. She loves you more than anything and has missed you terribly since you were stolen from her. You know she didn't give you up right?"

She nodded, though her eyes were skeptical. He just sighed and gave her a hug, picking her up when she clung. He didn't try to convince her that she was being silly, a child living for eight years without any stability and beaten down whenever she showed any spirit couldn't help but fear the unknown. He knew though, that Konan would be overjoyed to see her daughter and Minako would get her happy ending. He just wished he could say the same for himself because in Ame, before he returned Minako to her mother, he'd have to deal with Pein and he was still hurt and angry over how the man had left him.

'You'd better be ready you bastard because I intend to make you pay for every crack you put in my heart.'

Pein thought he knew every scratch and burn mark in the work bar counter. He had certainly spent enough time staring at it. The last year had been hell. He thought about Itachi every day and it still killed him that he didn't know if the man was alive or not. At first he had handled it by hitting every slaver on the seas hard and fast but the slave runs had practically stopped now. It seemed as if something was finally being done about the corruption in the empire. That made Pein happy, it really did but he had no clue what to do now. He was a pirate, he didn't know anything else.

The Akatsuki had been in port for over a month now and it was driving Pein crazy, not having water surrounding him. If this continued he would have to let most of his crew go, he wouldn't have any way of paying them or offering them profit.

Drowning his worries and his pain the redhead ordered another drink.

Itachi strode into the tavern confidently, the embers of his anger glowing hot enough to block out the hurt of seeing Pein again. He looked around for a familiar flash of red and saw the bastard sitting at the bar and empty glass next to him. The Uchiha walked over to a table and jumped on top of it, silencing protests with a glare. He pulled out his revolver and took aim just as Pein was bringing a full glass to his lips. He pulled the trigger and the glass shattered in the redhead's hand as the report of the gun faded.

"What the fuck?" Pein stumbled backwards off his stool, cursing as he brushed glass splinters and spilled booze off of him. He reached for his blade, getting ready for a fight even before looking up at the table. When he finally did he dropped the blade as quickly as he had picked it up and just stared at a very much alive Itachi Uchiha.

A very pissed Itachi Uchiha. Those midnight eyes glittering with silver sparks of temper glared at him like he was something you'd scrape off your boot from over top of a smoking revolver. The prince lifted his chin and shouted, "Pein of Akatsuki! You and I have some unfinished business. Meet me on the beach in an hour, if you don't show up I'm coming after you and I'll just put a bullet in your brain next time, the hell with unfinished business. Bring your sword you bastard." With that bold challenge he leaped off the table gracefully and stalked out, holstering the gun on the way. He had a little girl to return to her mother and a beach to set up for a duel.

In all the dreams and fantasies Pein had this was not how he had imagined seeing his rabbit again. Itachi was beyond pissed and it made Pein's hackles rise. He did make a horrible mistake with Itachi he knew that but he came back, didn't that count for anything?

Ignoring the curious stares of the others in the tavern Pein picked up his blade and sat back down. He didn't want to go, no fucking noble would come and give him orders...No matter that they were the love of his life. Pein didn't like to be told what to do. Oh who was he kidding? When there was about ten minutes left Pein walked out and hurried to the beach, he needed to see Itachi again.

Itachi was sitting on a huge chunk of coral rock sharpening his sword when he heard the crunch of footsteps that shouldn't be so achingly familiar after a year. He looked up, pausing mid stroke with the whetstone as Pein came into view. The bastard still looked too fucking good for Itachi's peace of mind. A bit different, thinner, with dark circles under the eyes, and his hair was wilder than a hurricane but he still looked damn good and that fact didn't do anything to soothe Itachi's temper. He raised a brow and smirked. "Ah so the coward appears after all."

Pein furrowed his brows and slowed down his pace as he walked towards Itachi. He was starting to get pissed himself at Itachi's attitude and he bared his teeth in a mocking grin. "How could I decline such a charming invite from his highness?" Despite his anger he couldn't help but letting his eyes travel over Itachi, noticing that the other was only more beautiful now and thanking every fate out there that his rabbit was still alive.

"Oh you could have technically and run like the gutless bastard you are but I'd have hunted you down and cut you open from asshole to appetite." Itachi finished the stroke with the whetstone and proceeded to inspect his blade's edge for any dullness or nicks he might have missed.

"Lovely imagery there." Pein pulled off his worn, leather coat and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt. It seemed as if a fight was unavoidable. "I shouldn't expect more from a twofaced liar such as yourself though." He pulled out his own blade and checked the balance. It wasn't freshly sharpened but Pein hadn't used it since it had been with Sasori last so it should be in tip top shape, he trusted his blacksmith.

A low venomous hiss was all the warning Pein received before Itachi leaped off the rock at him with the grace of a hunting panther. Their blades clanged together and Itachi glared at him, snarling. "An exiled price on a ship full of people who hate nobility in all forms. Would you reveal yourself to them? Oh wait, I forgot, you're a bigoted pussy who runs when things don't go your way." He lifted a foot to kick Pein back and used a maneuver with his blade to slice into the redhead's sleeve.

Pein hissed at the shallow cut and parried, rolling and coming up slightly behind Itachi, striking him with the flat of his sword. "Fuck you asshole. You weren't invited on my ship or in my heart so you can play the blame game all you want but you're not exactly shining with innocence yourself."

Itachi swung his own blade behind him managed to sever a few strands of red hair, turning with the stroke so that he was standing across for Pein, glaring into the eyes that had haunted his dreams and nightmares for the last year. "Fuck you; you bastard! I needed safety and I thought I'd find it on Akatsuki. I couldn't risk the others by staying, they had no way to defend themselves from an attack should my presence be known. What better place to stay safe and give the corrupt nobles the finger than on Akatsuki? All I asked for was a safe place to wait things out and the chance to screw the bastards who arranged my exile and shoved me in that hold. I didn't ask for you to get under my skin, I didn't ask for you to like me, and I damn sure didn't ask you to kiss me!"

He charged again and their blades locked. "And then, when I'm outed through no choice of my own by someone trying to help me what does the man who made me fall in love with him do? He leaves! He blames me for something I have no choice over, lumps me in with the same bastards who threw me in a slaver's cargo hold, and runs away like a spineless, stupid, coward!" He shoved Pein's sword out of the way and used his left hand to punch the redhead in the face. "You left! Even after hearing the courier warn me about the danger you left me there! To be ambushed by Orochimaru and his toadies!"

"I'm sorry." Pein went down to his knees not even trying to fight anymore. Itachi was right in all that he said and no matter how much he wanted it Pein didn't have any defense. If Itachi decided to kill him here it was what he deserved. "I acted rashly and stupidly and I left the man who I love alone to be attacked. You have no idea how much I regret it, how much I wish I'd acted differently." He looked up at Itachi with tortured eyes. "Coming back only to see you get shot...I swear my heart stopped too. Killing the asshole who shot you wasn't enough and then you were gone. I've spent this whole year not knowing if you were alive or dead and it's been killing me too. I know it's too little and too late but I'm sorry."

Itachi's sword dropped to the sand, his hand gone numb from shock. "W-what? You were...you came back?" His heart was pounding, jumping in his chest. All those dreams of Pein coming back, of the grief filled roar, of the blanched, horrified face of the redhead were they memories?

Pein nodded. "I'm a stupid, stupid, judgmental man who needed a kick in the ass to realize what I was about to lose. Of course I came back, I couldn't let the man I love fight alone." He clenched his fists so tightly he could feel his fingernails dig in to the palms of his hands. "I still came too late, I let you get hurt."

The Uchiha shook, trembled as all the anger was suddenly washed away. It hadn't been a figment of his imagination; he'd come back, Pein had come back for him. Even with how much he hated the nobility, he'd returned. "Orochimaru's little errand bitch, the one who shot me, it was you who killed him?"

"Yeah, my only regret there is that he died quickly. I should have made him suffer." Pein's hands were still clenched to keep from reaching out and pulling Itachi close. He knew that if he held his rabbit now he would never be able to let him go again.

Itachi took the few halting steps forward until he stood just before Pein and then his knees gave out. The knowledge that it had been Pein, not Sasori, not some good Samaritan, but Pein who'd been the redhead Kakashi had seen did what nothing else could have done. It finally broke the lock he'd had on all the hurt and heartbreak that had accumulated since Pein had walked away, releasing it in a torrent that had tears spilling from his eyes and a choked sob breaking from his throat. He reached out, hand trembling, wanting to touch the other man but still afraid he'd be rejected. "It was you."

Seeing the tentative move Pein's restraints broke and he wrapped his arms tightly around Itachi, breathing in the scent of his hair and feeling his warmth. "Shh rabbit, don't cry, don't ever cry. I'm not worth any of your tears." With Itachi in his arms it felt like he was finally able to breathe again, after living a year without air. "It was me. I'm stupid but I will always come for you Itachi, I will never let you fight alone again. I love you."

The nickname and then the declaration of love just made the tears fall faster, relief joining the exodus of the heartache from the past year that was running down his face. He wound his arms around Pein's waist, his hands fisting at his back. The storm of tears passed quickly, though Itachi's pride smarted over the fact that they'd fallen at all, and his breathing calmed enough for him to notice the scent of the man holding him. Sea air and the faintest touch of rain, the reality of it all began shoring up the cracks in his heart. "I should put a bullet in your ass but that would be cutting of my nose to spite my face."

Pein couldn't help but chuckle. "Gods I've missed you rabbit, you have no idea how much." He leaned his cheek against Itachi's hair. "I don't care who you are, what your title is or where you were born. I only want you, every little piece of you and all that you are." He let his thumbs rub Itachi's cheeks, wiping away any traces of tears left. "I have nothing to offer you, business has dwindled...You wouldn't have anything to do with that now would you? I'm an ex slave and a failed pirate but I'm all yours...If you want me."

Itachi raised his head and looked into Pein's eyes for a few endless moments gauging the sincerity of the offer before he brought his hands to cup the pirate's face. "You'd better mean that because if you break my heart again Pein of Akatsuki, you won't get another chance to apologize."

"I won't hurt you ever again Itachi, not by choice. And if I ever do, feel free to keelhaul me." Pein leaned his head into Itachi's touch, savoring the feel of him. "I can guarantee that I'll piss you off and drive you crazy but I'll always be on your side."

The brunet leaned closer and closed the distance between their lips, capturing the redhead's mouth in tender desperation.

Pein moaned into the kiss, he could hardly believe that it was real, that Itachi really was here with him, kissing him. He tangled his hands in Itachi's hair and pulled the other man closer, not willing to let him go even for a second.

Itachi moved so he was straddling Pein's hips, clutching the other man for all he was worth, afraid that this would be ripped away from him again. His tongue tangled and danced with the redhead's as his hands gripped the shoulders of the peacoat Pein wore. Desire flooded him and had his cock hardening in his breeches. He rolled his hips down against the redhead's, showing how much he wanted him.

"Mmmm." Pein kissed back for all he was worth as he moved his hands from Itachi's hair to his hips, holding him down and rolled their pelvises together. "You are so beautiful Itachi, let's go home. I want to take my time with you where no one can interrupt."

Itachi moaned and kissed along Pein's jaw. "Can't go to the ship. Too many people, having a party." He purred at the sensation of stubble against his lips and shivered as he thought of how it might feel against other parts of his anatomy.

"Party?" Pein furrowed his brow slightly but it was hard to think with Itachi moaning so sweetly and nipping at his jaw. He twisted his head so that he could kiss down Itachi's neck, running his teeth gently over the smooth skin. "Fuck...We can't stay here either, the tide is coming in." He groaned when Itachi moved on top of him, causing their erections to rub together. Part of him said to hell with it and to just fuck Itachi then and there but Itachi wasn't just another lay. He wanted to touch his rabbit all over, drive him crazy and make love to him all night long.

Itachi's hands were stroking over the broad shoulders and arms as his head tilted back to give the redhead better access. "Mmm inn?"

Pein bit down on Itachi's pulse point, running his tongue over the bite. He moved his hands to cup Itachi's ass and got up from the sand, carrying Itachi. "Let's go."

The brunet just sort of purred and wrapped his legs around Pein's waist as the other man strode from the beach. His lips curved wickedly when he thought of his father's reaction to his eldest son practically molesting a pirate captain in public. The Emperor would have a conniption but Itachi couldn't bring himself to care, all he cared about right now was getting somewhere where he could get Pein to soothe the fire in his veins. He plied his mouth to Pein's jaw and throat, arms around the pirate's shoulders, in an attempt to spur the redhead on.

A shudder went through Pein and he nearly dropped Itachi as the brunet found a spot behind his ear that seemed to be directly wired to his cock. "Careful rabbit or I may just lower you onto my cock right here." Pein didn't care that he was walking through the cobble stone streets of Ame carrying the sexiest man he'd ever seen, all he cared about was Itachi and getting him alone.

He walked into the inn and called for the inn keeper. "Rabbit, can you reach the pouch in my pocket so that we can pay this nice man." Pein said ignoring the inn keeper's saucer wide eyes. He wasn't going to let Itachi out of his arms for anything.

A purr of assent came just before a slender hand dipped into the pirate's pocket, pulling out the coin purse, with a little more wiggling than was strictly necessary, opened it, pulled out some coins, and tossed them in the inn keeper's direction.

The man, for all his surprise at seeing the former crown price of Uchiha (hey he was an inn keeper it was his job to know who's who) essentially devouring a pirate in his taproom, was quick enough to snatch the coins out of the air. He gestured for the pirate to follow with his clinging cargo and lead them up to the attic room. He unlocked the door and then turned to walk away, leaving the two men to their own devices.

Pein walked to the bed and deposited Itachi on it, crawling on top of him, covering him with his whole body. "I want you so much Itachi." He kissed his rabbit again and quickly made away with the other's shirt, pausing when he saw the pink, knotted scar on Itachi's otherwise flawless skin. The scar was so close to his heart and it reminded Pein again of how close he'd been to lose his love. He bent his head and ran his lips feather soft over the scarred skin. "I'm so sorry..."

Itachi's hands went to Pein's face again and brought it up again. "You can spend the rest of my life making it up to me but for now just touch me. Anywhere, everywhere, just lay your hands on me please. I want you so badly. I want to feel you inside me, over me. Prove to me this isn't just another dream Pein, please."

How could he ever ignore such a plea, especially when it was all he wanted too. Pein kissed Itachi again, licking at his lips even has his hands roamed over Itachi's chest, tweaking nipples and feeling playing muscle under his fingertips, moving lower until he could cup Itachi through his pants.

The brunet moaned into his lover's mouth and arched up into the caressing hands. How own hands were plucking at the pirate's coat and shirt, yanking at buttons and ties until the coat hit the floor and the shirt was hanging open and loose allowing Itachi to run his hands over the toned body, mapping out the muscles and taking special note of any particularly good reactions. He flicked a nail at the metal that adorned the redhead's nipples and smirked into the kiss at the groan he got in reaction.

"Fuck rabbit, I love your hands on me." Pein growled as his nipples hardened instantly at Itachi's flick. He moved down Itachi's body kissing and licking every inch of his torso, raking his nails down his lips as he tasted the spicy skin of his love. Pein mouthed at the course trail of hair, leading in a thin line from Itachi's bellybutton down to under the waistline of his trousers. He nuzzled his cheek against the straining bulge in Itachi's pants and looked up at the brunet with stormy eyes. "I want to taste you rabbit, lick you and swallow you whole."

Itachi's spine arched a bit as it instinctively reacted to that imagery. "Oh gods yes please."

Pein smirked but even his smile came out a bit breathless, Itachi drove him crazy. "Like that idea do you?" Nimble fingers unbuttoned and unlaced Itachi's trousers and pulled down the dark material over slender, pale hips. He watched with hunger as Itachi's erection was freed and slapped up against a toned stomach, a pearly drop of precum already glittering at the head. Pein ran his tongue up Itachi's cock, following the thick vein on the underside of it with his tongue until he came to the flared head. At first he only mouthed it gently, teasingly but then he wrapped his lips around the flushed head and sucked making sure to run his pierced tongue all over the heated flesh.

The prince's hands flew to the sheets beneath him and his head fell back. "Ah! Oh gods, your mouth, fuck Pein your tongue...nnn gods you make me burn." He shivered as the way his lover plied his mouth and tongue on him sent the heat soaring and he could actually feel the soles of his feet and his hands tingling.

"Feels so good."

Spurred on by his lover's reaction Pein swallowed him deeper, letting his throat work around the dick in his mouth as he continued to suck. He couldn't keep his hands still, he had to continue to touch Itachi all over. Pein caressed Itachi's toned stomach, moving to grip his hips tightly before moving again to roll the other man's balls in the palm of his hands, he just couldn't get enough.

Moan and mewls spilled from Itachi's throat at the intense sensations gripping him. He wasn't used to this, wasn't used to being touched so intimately by another person and to have that person be the one who owned his heart just made him feel everything more. He bit his lip and shivered, he didn't know how to control himself in this situation but he found he didn't really want to. What he wanted was to give himself up to whatever pleasure his lover gave out, to sink into and wallow in it. He sat up and clutched Pein's shoulders, panting as the wonderful pleasure spread through him from where his lover was lavishing attention.

Pein loved Itachi's responsive body, the way he moaned and panted and the way his gorgeous body tensed and arched. It made Pein hotter than he'd ever been. He pulled off Itachi's erection with a wet sound and licked his lips. "You like that rabbit? You like my mouth on your cock? You taste delicious, so sweet." Pein kissed the inside of Itachi's thigh, sucking on the skin until there was a nice purple mark there. "I can feel you pulse against my tongue, are you close baby? Do you want to come in my mouth? Want me to swallow your hot cum before I flip you over and lap at that sweet little hole of yours, slicking it up for my cock?"

A whine that would embarrass him under other circumstances came from the prince's mouth. "Yes. Please, please Pein yes." He lifted his hips imploringly, seeking the delicious sensation but not sure how to voice the need further.

"Anything for you love." Pein kissed Itachi's other thigh, making a matching mark before swallowing Itachi back down. He sucked, hummed and worked his throat wanting to taste the pure essence of his little rabbit.

A sharp cry broke from Itachi's throat as he came in the wicked mouth of his lover, all the sensations too much for his untried body to process. One hand sank into the red hair of his lover as he shuddered in release, seeking something to ground him and finding it in the man who'd sent him flying.

The tugging on his hair hurt but if anything it only made Pein harder, it was beautiful to see Itachi come unraveled. The man was gorgeous in his pleasure and a possessive streak in Pen made him want to be the only one to ever see that expression on Itachi ever again. He licked Itachi's softening penis soothingly and swallowed every drop down. Pein carefully untangled Itachi's hands from his hair and came up to kiss him, letting Itachi taste himself on Pein's tongue.

Itachi's arms wound around the pirate's neck as he sucked on the other man's tongue, wanting to get more of the flavor of Pein that was now underneath his own taste. He nipped lightly at the slick muscle before he broke the kiss to nip and lick down the tanned throat. He pressed a kiss to the center of the redhead's chest just over his heart then kissed his way to a pierced nipple. Pausing in uncertainty he glanced up at his lover. "Pein do you want me to..."

"To do what rabbit?" Pein put a finger under Itachi's chin and raised his head until he could look his love firmly in the eyes. This uncertain Itachi was new to him and for some reason Pein found him totally adorable...And dead sexy.

The brunet's face, already flushed from his release, turned redder and if it weren't for the hand holding his chin, he'd have ducked his head in embarrassment. Gods if his little brother ever heard about this he'd never hear the end of it. He shifted a bit, glanced down then back up then slid his eyes off to the side. "Do you want me to, you know," his voice dropped to a whisper, it felt so uncomfortable to be so unsure of himself, "suck them?"

Pein's eyes darkened and a wave of immeasurable love flushed through him as he looked at his rabbit. "Itachi, have you done something like this before?" Pein's voice was gentle but with a bit of a rough edge to it due to his arousal. "I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do."

Itachi's face turned so red that it would have rivaled a tomato and he scowled and poked Pein in the chest. "If I didn't want to do it then I wouldn't be askingif I could. Just because I've never had sex before doesn't mean I don't understand the logistics or know what I want damn it." His voice was getting close to a growl though his face was still red from embarrassment, "If you don't want me to then just say so." His eyes were snapping with irritation, embarrassment, and a sheen of the want and lust that still surged through him.

"I love you." Pein ran his fingers through Itachi's hair and placed a kiss on Itachi's red hot cheek. He had to admit that it felt wonderful being this beautiful man's first lover and if Pein had anything to say about it then he would be Itachi's only lover too. "I don't mean to embarrass you love...Yes I want you to suck them, I want you to suck and bite and pull on them with your teeth." Pein reached for Itachi's hand and placed it on his still covered erection. "Feel what you do to me Itachi, feel how much I want you."

Itachi swallowed as he measured out the length and breadth of his lover's cock under the cloth. He continued to palm the covered erection as he leaned forward and licked delicately, experimentally, at one of Pein's nipples. At the encouraging pleased murmur he drew it between his lips and started to suck on it, occasionally tugging on the metal in the nub with his teeth just to hear the sounds the pirate made. His free hand rose to mimic the actions of his mouth on the other nipple and he felt himself growing hard once again as a small wet spot leaked through the redhead's trousers. He plucked at the ties of the pants and as soon as there was enough room, he slipped his hand inside and curled his fingers around his lover's shaft, his thumb brushing the head and feeling the precum that was leaking steadily from it.

Pein rocked up into Itachi's hand, the touch feeling so fucking good on his cock. His nipples were red and swollen and he couldn't help but moan with every tug, every flick of Itachi's tongue. "Mmmm, just like that love...You make me feel so good."

Itachi nipped carefully at the nipple in his mouth and smoothed his hand up and down his lover's erection. A dark brow rose when his fingers caught on something just below the head and he pulled back to smile slowly, wickedly as he looked down to see the little bit of metal that decorated Pein's cock. "Any other little surprises for me to discover?"

"Why don't you take a closer look and find out?" Pein's voice was dark and wicked as he worked his clothes off until he was as gloriously naked as Itachi.

The brunet's eyes roamed over the other man's body unabashedly, lovingly tracing each line and ridge of muscle. When he reached the rather obvious sign of Pein's approval of his gaze, Itachi's lips curved further into a sensual grin. A ladder set of piercings went up the underside of the erect flesh, gleaming in the sunlight that filtered in through the stingy windows of the room. He reached out and ran a finger down the hard shaft. "You do like piercings don't you?"

"I do, the feeling of metal through flesh, not many things can compare." The redhead shivered at Itachi's light touch. "It will feel amazing for you too, just you wait and see." His eyes glittered as he reached around and traced a finger lightly up and down the cleft of Itachi's firm ass.

An anticipatory shudder shook the pale man's frame at the thought of it, of the other man's pierced cock pushing inside him. He arched back into the touch. He wasn't afraid or worried of the sex. He'd unfortunately walked in on and been an ear witness to enough of his brother and Naruto's escapades that he knew it was easily accomplished without any lingering damage and that the pleasure gained was worth it if the stupid grins Sasuke and Naruto sported after and encounter were any clue. He'd also read books about it. The only thing he was nervous about was if he'd be able to please his pirate lover despite his inexperience.

He raised a hand to cup Pein's cheek and drew him down for a kiss before that little edge of nervousness could interfere with the pleasure of the moment.

Pein kissed him deeply, tangling their tongues together and tasting Itachi until he could feel the other man relax more and surrender into the kiss. After several minutes he pulled away, stroking Itachi's high cheekbone with the pad of his thumb. "Come on rabbit on your hands and knees, I believe I have a promise to deliver." Pein gently coaxed Itachi until he was position the way he wanted him with that luscious ass facing him. He ran his big, calloused hands over each cheek before he parted them gently. Pein leaned in and licked at the sweet, pink pucker with the flat of his tongue over and over again. Just licking, making no attempt to penetrate, giving tense muscles a chance to relax.

Itachi moaned softly, his hands kneading the sheets at the gentle stroke of the redhead's tongue. His eyes closed so he could better absorb the sensation. It was a little bit odd but felt so good he wasn't about to stop his lover. Combined with the sea roughened hands that caressed his buttocks, that tongue had his dick fully hard once more and leaking onto the sheets below him. He made a soft murmur of pleasure and leaned back into the licks.

Reaching up to stroke one hand up and down Itachi's back Pein pointed his tongue and inserted it inside Itachi's tight heat. Itachi clamped down around him tightly and it made Pein groan in want. He wanted to feel that tight, twitching hole around his cock but more than that he wanted to give Itachi pleasure. "Do you like it rabbit?" Pein continued to thrust with his tongue as the hand that had caressed Itachi's back moved to palm the brunet's balls.

A long low moan came from the prince and his arms shook as the pleasure ratcheted up some more, going from soothing, gentle arousal to electrifying. "Gods yes. Please more." He mewled and pushed back against the tongue slipping and out of him. His hands clenched in the sheets and his spine curved down as he positioned himself to give his lover better access.

"So gorgeous..." Pein didn't even have words to describe the beautiful, wanton creature before him. He leaned over the edge of the bed and rummaged through his pants until he came up with a small box of the same salve he had given Itachi for his foot so long ago. He continued to tongue Itachi's hole as he slathered his fingers in the spicy smelling salve. Pein carefully inched in a finger alongside his tongue, gently stretching the velvety insides.

Itachi grimaced briefly at the new intrusion before the stretch became pleasurable and that finger began slipping in and out of him, pressing on his inner walls. He moaned softly with discontent when Pein's tongue disappeared then his eyes shot open as another finger joined the first in stretching him. Just like before the discomfort didn't last long and he was once again pushing back against the fingers and moaning.

Pein pushed his fingers in and out of the snug hole, placing open mouthed kisses on his shoulders and back. When he deemed it safe he eased a third finger in alongside the other two. His other hand went to Itachi's cock, stroking it slowly in time with the fingers in Itachi's ass. He didn't give enough friction for Itachi to climax but enough to keep him hard and aching. Pein wanted to make sure Itachi was prepped properly, he didn't want to rush through it and make his love hurt. He curled his fingers inside Itachi and dragged them over the small, sensitive gland, grinning as Itachi jumped underneath him.

"Oh gods do that again." The brunet wriggled and moaned, wanting that sudden shock of pleasure to flood him again. The hand on his cock had distracted him from the slight twinge the third finger had caused but that touch had blown all thoughts of discomfort right out of his mind. He wanted to demand the redhead hurry up because as good as those fingers felt it just wasn't quite enough.

Continuing to scissor his fingers inside Itachi and pushing them against Itachi's prostate Pein removed his other hand from Itachi's cock to slick up his own erection. "Are you ready love?" Pein's voice was strained, his heart pounded in his ears and his cock ached to be inside Itachi. "Do you want it like this, or face to face?" Taking Itachi from behind might be easier since the brunet was a virgin, Pein had to admit that he would love to see Itachi's face as he made love to him though.

A soft sound of frustrated lust escaped the brunet. How could Pein stop to ask questions after getting him so hot and hungry? He considered the options for all of two seconds. "Face to face. I want to see you." He let Pein turn him around and shift him so that his legs were around the redhead's waist. He felt the head of Pein's cock nudge his entrance and pause. He cupped the pirate's face, eyes pleading. "Please, no more waiting Pein. Come inside me."

Pein slipped inside with a loud growl of pleasure. Itachi was so hot and tight. He slowly sank in, inch by inch until he was fully sheathed and then he stilled. Even with preparation he knew it had to hurt. Pein leaned down to kiss Itachi softly as his trembling hands stroked Itachi's sides soothingly. "I love you Itachi Uchiha." He whispered against Itachi's lips as he looked into the other's midnight sky eyes.

Itachi's hands clutched the redhead's shoulders as the burning stretch made him hiss. His eyes connected with the sea storm blue of his lover's as he was trying to make his body relax. The words and the gentling touch washed through him and he moved his mouth closer against the pirate's, taking comfort in the kiss. Gradually he felt himself relax and ease around the thick intrusion and he gave his hips an experimental wriggle.

Another groan escaped Pein and he started to move, rocking into Itachi's scorching heat. He went slowly at first but picked up speed when he saw that the pain had disappeared from Itachi's eyes. He angled his hips and thrust in deeply, making Itachi feel his piercings as he nudged the other's prostate with the head of his cock. "You are so amazing, feel so wonderful around me."

The prince's head fell back on a moan, his legs tightened around his lover's waist, and his hands clutched at Pein's shoulders as pleasure buffeted him with each thrust. "Oh gods...so good. Pein." His voice was half desperate plea, half command as he tried to meet the thrust, tried to coax the redhead to move faster. "More. Gods, more."

Seeing Itachi so lost in pleasure was almost enough to make Pein come early. He slipped his hands under Itachi's knees and pushed his long legs up towards his chest so that he could get deeper. Pein rutted against his beautiful lover faster, making sure to continue to strike Itachi's prostate again and again. "I'll give you as much as you can take rabbit."

The brunet cried out and clung harder, his arms wrapping around his lover, his short nails digging into the redhead's back as the new position allowed Pein to reach even deeper inside him. "Ah! Yes, Pein!" Each thrust into him sent the pleasure higher, had the delicious tension growing tighter in his body until he felt like he'd lose his mind when it snapped. Every electrifying shove was fear and bliss, borderline pain and pleasure so intense it had his head tossing on the bed, his eyes hardly seeing anything.

A light sheen of sweat covered both their bodies as they moved together, making the bed creak. The slight bite of pain from Itachi's nails only spurred Pein on. Itachi felt like paradise and Pein knew that he would never need any other salvation than to have Itachi by his side. Heat pooled in his stomach and sparks of electricity raced up his spine. Realizing that he wouldn't last much longer inside Itachi's exquisite heat Pein released one of his legs and moved to take one of Itachi's hands. He moved the hand he had caught to Itachi's erection and wrapped both of their hands around the leaking shaft. "Come on rabbit, stroke yourself for me, let me see you jerk that cock."

Itachi shivered the words alone bringing him achingly close to a climax that threatened to change the landscape of his soul. He both feared it and wanted it so badly he ached so he let Pein's hand direct his and stroked himself in time to each plunge of his lover into him. Breathless cries, mewls, moans, and wordless pleas escaped his mouth as the string holding him to reality grew tighter and tighter and tighter until it snapped and sent him spiraling down over the edge with a scream of his lover's name.

Blinded by sparking pleasure that tore through him with the force of a hurricane, Itachi couldn't think, could only feel. It was like lightening held in a bottle for years being suddenly released, a pleasure so intense it brought tears to his eyes and had him gasping in fear that he'd be swept away if Pein didn't hold him to earth.

'Oh Fuck!'Every shudder, moan and plea that escaped Itachi drove Pein closer to the edge, he tightened his grip around Itachi's hand as he lost all rhythm in his thrusts. Pleasure took over anything, his balls drew tight to his body as climax struck him. Pein growled broken versions of Itachi's name as he spilt himself deep inside Itachi.

The brunet clung to his lover as Pein stiffened then slumped over him, the waves of release still sweeping through him. He made a soft whine and buried his face in the redhead's throat as they both shuddered through the aftershocks, seeking an anchor. As his senses slowly recovered, he felt frighteningly vulnerable and exposed and with his defenses torn down by the intense orgasm he couldn't hide behind the walls of his normal wit. He wanted to burrow into Pein and let the pirate be his shield though he knew that wasn't technically possible. He got as close as he could regardless, maneuvering his legs down again to twine them and his arms around the redhead like a clinging vine.

Pein breathed heavily, trying to regain his bearings after the mind-blowing orgasm. Sex had never felt like this before and Pein was amazed that love really did make such a difference. He wrapped his arms around Itachi, leaning down to kiss Itachi's forehead, each cheek, his nose and his lips. Shifting Pein moved so that he lay on his back with Itachi still clinging to him. He caressed Itachi's back before just holding him close to him, not even letting air come between them. "I love you."

Itachi absorbed the soothing touches and the precious words, wrapping them around himself like armor as he slowly, oh so slowly relaxed bit by bit. His grip on Pein eased so that, while he remained wrapped around the other man, he wasn't clutching him like he was the only things sane in a world gone mad. He sighed, let himself become a boneless heap in his lover's arms, and whispered into the crook of the redhead's neck, "I love you too Pein."

Pein continued to caress Itachi, just wanting to keep on touching the other. This was peace, Pein didn't think he'd ever felt so calm and content before in his life. He nuzzled Itachi's hair and pressed a kiss to his temple. "I was born as Nagato...I lost him somewhere along the way and I haven't been him for a very long time. I think that maybe...With you, I'd like to try and find him again. Not be the slave or the pirate but just being Nagato, the man."

"Nagato hmm?" Itachi tested the name out on his tongue. It wasn't an unpleasant name. "Was that the man who wanted to be a gardener?"

Pein grinned against the pale skin of Itachi's neck. "Yeah...Hmm, maybe he should stay lost after all. I can't really imagine myself poking in the dirt all day." He placed a kiss on Itachi's neck. "Fuck it, I tried to be deep but it's not me. I don't give a shit who I am...As long as I'm with you."

A chuckle came from the brunet. "There's the man I fell in love with." One of Itachi's fingers traced a nonsense pattern on Pein's chest uneasily. "Do you still hate all the nobility?"

"I'm still bitter...I suppose I always will be to a degree but hate? No I don't hate all nobility, I've finally realized there are different kinds of people there some good and bad, just as there is in all people." Pein purred beneath Itachi's touch. "Just don't expect me to rub elbows at court anytime soon."

"I was thinking more of possibly offering you a job, as a privateer." Itachi ducked his head to avoid Pein's gaze, some small part of him afraid of how the man would react. "You don't have to accept now or ever, you can think about it as long as you like. I just thought that since you're not meant for land and you have the crew to think of and-"

"Stop, just stop." Pein's arms tightened around Itachi. "You're offering me a chance to keep my crew, ship and to stay on the water. Even I know I would be a complete idiot to refuse that." He moved so that he could look Itachi in the eyes. "I must warn you though...I think I'll need lots and lots of supervision...So that I won't fall back into old bad habits. Maybe I'll even need a live aboard supervisor, someone to keep me on the honorable path." Pein blinked rust colored eyelashes at Itachi in mock innocence.

Itachi snorted and flicked one of Pein's nose piercings even as a cool wash of relief and joy flooded through him. "I wasn't aboutto leave you to your own devices, especially now since Konan may not stay on Akatsuki."

Joy and a sudden uneasiness whirled inside Pein. "Not stay? What do you mean? Why wouldn't Konan stay?"

The brunet smoothed a hand over his lover's heart. "I asked Naruto for a favor after I woke up after getting shot. He's got contacts all over the world in every walk of life, if it exists he can find it. I asked him to see if he could find out what happened to Konan's daughter."

Pein tensed and released an explosive breath. "You found her." It was more of a statement then a question. Oh he would miss Konan, she had been with him through it all from the very, very bad to the good but he knew she had to leave. "Then she shouldn't stay, Akatsuki as wonderful as she is, is no place for a child." He blinked away a few stubborn tears. "Thank you, thank you for finding her."

Itachi reached up and wiped away a few salty drops that had escaped down Pein's face. "You won't be saying goodbye forever. She said that she's going to find a nice little place to raise Minako, either here or in Konoha, and she expects us to come visit often so Minako can get to know her Uncle Pein."

"Yeah, yeah your right." Pein smiled wistfully. "I look forward to meeting her and spoil her rotten." He nuzzled Itachi's neck. "How about you, is it really okay for you to stay on Akatsuki? You're a prince...Will they really let you stay on board a former pirate ship?" Pein's eyes clouded with worry.

The brunet scoffed. "They aren't about to stop me. The nobles who weren't a part of the slavery rings owe me for not stepping in and speaking out against the others when I was accused of murder, my parents feel guilty for not making sure I was safe, the men and women we've given the titles of the deposed nobles to are all soldiers who swore their loyalty to first me then my brother, and my brother only wants me to be happy. That said I'm to deliver the message that if you ever make me unhappy, he'll come after you, with Naruto in tow, and together they'll eviscerate you slowly."

"I'll just have to make sure you stay happy then." Pein's hands went lower, to rest just above the swell of Itachi's luscious ass. "Very, veryhappy." He gave a slow grin but his heart thumped madly inside his chest at the thought of this actually being real, that he would have Itachi by his side, it was everything he had ever dared to wish for in his deepest dreams and he wouldn't mess it up. He would never give Itachi a reason to doubt him ever again.

Itachi just raised a brow and decided not to inform his lover of just how serious that threat was. Pein would learn after he met Sasuke and Naruto. The brunet nestled closer to the redhead, a content smile resting on his face as he thought of the future. He now had a better, happier one than he'd ever dared hope for and he intended it to last a long, long time.

The End.