Cold, heartless, dark, he is evil in the purest form.

Yet he is caring, harmless, bright, goodness in every way.

My mind swarms with contradictions, what is he? Is he friend or foe? The sorcerer.

He's gone, escaped from the burning inferno, the place so many others had been lost in the world, where they had been eradicated. The area stinks of burnt bodies.

I opened my eyes to what he was, his essence, and the truth. I drag him to the dungeon, fating him to the blaze, until he escapes. I see the pitiful look that graced his face as I walk away, it should be hate and malice. All the others have been.

Eyes glaring, they warp the mind as the glowing turquoise light engulfs the castle, filling every crack. He strides into the room, the light growing more intense with every step he takes. He makes his way closer and closer, like a wolf stalking his prey. Slowly he arrives in front of the glowering sorceress, the filthy woman who had tried to kill me, like they all do. He never tried.

He pulls out a sword, and it shimmers in the blue, I faintly make out carvings on the side. He had never been able to use a sword before this. There was a lot I hadn't known about him.

He stabs her, straight in the heart. His face is uncaring, even bored. Was this the same man who cried when I killed the unicorn? Or was that a façade?

Slowly emotion forms, sadness and relief. He makes his way out the door, and no one stops him, the court just sitting there in shock.

The light recedes with him, and as his body disappears from the door, I make out the shape of faint wings in the last of the light, unmeant effects of the light absorbing into his front and back.

My guardian angel—which might just be a demon.

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