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NU: Dark Lord +


A form makes his way down a long dark corridor, body concealed by the shadows around him. The being passes by numerous portraits and paintings of beings clad in armor, eyes glowing ominously. Slowly coming to a door, the being pushes it open and enters into a small room. Making his way into the room, the being comes to a table and chair. Sitting down, the being reaches a gnarled limb out to take hold of a quill pen. "Now, how does it go? Ah yes…" The being whispered as he looked down at an old book and dipped the tip of the quill into an inkwell as he opened the book, then slowly wrote something into its confines…

?: Once upon a time, there was, a Beginning. Many, many years ago, longer now than I can hope to remember, there was a man with great and terrible power. He was an odd man, the black sheep of his family, and was known only as The Black Baron; the man eventually forged weapons and armor unlike any other. Forged a way for mere man to harness the powers of Mana and use them as spells. He alone gathered together numerous dying races and created a new one from their ashes, creating the race now known to all simply as Minions. And along with all this, The Black Baron also created a thing known as The Tower Heart, an artifact of great power that bound all he had made to him, and to his family while allowing his children to instantaneously travel across their lands. He was the first, but not the last, to carry the title, of The Overlord…

The figure slowly reaches a clawed hand up and scratches his head, a single glowing eye looking down at the words as he rubs his chin for a moment. A sly grin slowly crossing his features as he remembers the many passed masters they'd had. However, shaking his head and returning to his writing, the being slowly starts to fall into his memories, wandering down them as he continues to write on about the past…

?: There were many Overlords after the Baron His young nephew, the Lord of Castle Grumgard, was the first to carry the title into the new age. And after him, five more Overlords came from the family to rule over the lands. I watched, I served, and I protected my masters, all for the sake of my true mission, handed to me by my master The Black Baron. All of our masters were descended from The Black Baron, all but one, who is now known only as, The Betrayer. Called as such because he tried to force the true power of the Overlord from our master and us at the time… He'd been a mere substitute before, but when he returned he wished for the full power of the Overlord, and of course, neither our master nor we liked that idea…

In a dark and evil place known as the Netherworld, a massive upside-down tower shakes and shutters. Within the tower a massive being with dark blue skin with glowing circular shapes rolled out of the way of a fireball. A red scarf with furred underlining is placed around his neck and shoulders with a matching red and furred loincloth hanging from his waist with armor covering his body, a yellow jewel glowing on his left arm brightly, a massive broadsword clutched in his right hand, as he narrows his glowing yellow eyes onto his opponent.

Apposing him is a man wearing a black scarf and loincloth, his own armor was made of an odd material, a broach was positioned on his scarf with the face of a Minion on it, numerous curved spikes also jutted from the armor, some brown spikes also coming from underneath the armor as a part of his body, a similar yellow jewel forged into his own left gauntlet, clutched in his own right hand was a fierce looking battle ax, his helmet bearing three upward spikes like a crown of some form, his own glowing white eyes glaring out at the other armored man.

Holding a hand to the side, the sword wielding man called a batch of odd, tiny creatures forward before sweeping them towards his enemy. The gem on his gauntlet gave off a bright yellow glow as he did so, but his opponent merely did the same, both batches of the tiny creatures slamming into one another. The many swords and axes of the two forces clashed, daggers and fireballs rained down upon them as the two armored warriors watched on while catching their breath. Soon the forces of tiny creatures abated and the armored warrior slammed a hand into the ground.

A creature made of fire suddenly roared as it pulled itself from the earth, the sword wielder gritting his teeth as he called forth more tiny creatures to attack it. Narrowing his eyes, the sword wielder then quickly whipped his arm towards the other man, a bolt of lightning flowing from his fingertips as he did so and lashing out at all it touched. Rolling out of the way, the ax wielder threw a fireball at the sword wielder. Rolling out of the way of another fireball the younger of the two narrowed his eyes on the ax-wielding man. Lunging forward both warriors slammed their weapons into the other, sparks flying from the impact.

"Surrender! Your not worthy of this power." The man with the ax insisted while pushing down on it, forcing the one with the sword to one knee.

"You talk to me of worth when you're not even a true Overlord… Hero?" The sword wielder commented, amusement in his eyes as the ax wielding man's white eyes flared dangerously.

"You will suffer for that worm!" He growled out furiously while lifting his ax and holding it overhead. Slamming the weapon downwards the man was knocked off his feet as the younger man rolled himself forward. Reaching out, the younger of the two took hold of the yellow gem in his opponent's gauntlet, and then roared out as he ripped it from his armor. Crying out the older of the two kicked the armored behemoth off of him and turned his furious eyes onto him.

"I swear to you now, that you will suffer in the infernal abyss just as I did!" He rumbled before lunging forward, the younger of the two throwing the yellow gem to the side before blocking the battle-ax.

"What's the matter old man?" He taunted while pushing his sword forward, causing the other warrior to take a step back. "Starting to feel your age catching up to you?" He questioned darkly before kicking the man, knocking him forward. Reaching to his left gauntlet, the younger warrior ripped the yellow gem from his own arm and tossed it towards the first. "No more minions, now it's just you and me…" He uttered ominously, the ax wielder growling low in his throat as he slowly stood up.

"You would have been wise to keep that, you'll need the Minions help if you actually wish to stop me!" He roared out while lunging forward, sword and ax clashing as sparks flew off of each. In the shadows, a pair of clawed hands suddenly grasped the two yellow gems and then hobbled off. Rushing about the tower he saw Minions scrambling, a few brown ones quickly rushing to his side.

"What we do Gnarl?" One of them questioned and the old grey grunted.

"We need to find Mistress Kelda, the Master can't hold off that damn hero for very long." Gnarl replied while hobbling down a long hall, soon spotting the said woman carrying a bow. "Mistress!" Gnarl exclaimed while rushing to the woman, the Browns stopping her from going any further.

"Out of the way Gnarl, he needs our help!" She stated and Gnarl shook his head.

"No milady, the master is allowing his bloodline to survive. We must escape now while we still can!" Gnarl stated and the woman tried to run passed them, only for three browns to quickly jump her and start carrying her off.

"Gnarl stop this at once! I can fight, I don't need to be hidden away like some fragile little doll!" Kelda insisted while the sounds of battle began to grow fiercer, the tower shaking and shuddering as it started to fall apart.

"Regardless milady, you carry the masters child, we must ensure your survival above anything else." Gnarl replied while snapping his fingers, the Minions carrying Kelda off as he followed after them. "Hurry, hurry! We'll have to escape to the world above if we want to survive!" Gnarl exclaimed as they all rushed towards a wall, one of the Minions brandishing a pick ax as he started to dig his way up, a second Minion with a hammer doing likewise. Bracing himself Gnarl gritted his teeth as he heard the sounds of battle escalate, the sounds of armor being pierced echoing down the many halls of the netherworld tower.

"Hurry, hurry! We don't have time for any of your usual lollygagging!" Gnarl shouted as the browns began to dig faster, a second grey rushing to his side, bearing a glass eye, while carrying a rattle and wearing a jesters cap with numerous circle shaped tattoos over his body. "Quaver, have the Minions taken their hives up above as ordered?" Gnarl demanded quickly and the Jester quickly nodded his head.

"Aye Aye Gnarl! They've all headed upwards with the hives, I even had some browns move the grey hive as well!" Quaver explained while Gnarl nodded his head with a thin frown over his face, stroking his beard thoughtfully as Kelda struggled with her tiny captors.

"If you little runts don't let me go this instant, I swear I'm dipping you all in boiling hot oil and nailing you to the walls by your damned oversized ears!" Kelda started to scream and shout at them furiously and Gnarl couldn't help a grin.

"Ah, the master truly picked the perfect First Mistress with that one." Gnarl mused before shaking his head and ordering the browns to head upwards with the diggers. "Come Quaver, the Netherworld is no longer a safe place for The Overlord or any of his bloodline, if that bastard Hero could make it down here, then I'll just bet that anyone can!" Gnarl grumbled as he followed after the diggers with the screaming Kelda still in their clutches.

"But what about the Master then, Gnarl? What'll happen to him?" Quaver questioned as they journeyed further up the small tunnel and Gnarl frowned darkly.

"The master… his children will live on, and through them, a new Overlord will be born, Quaver. But until the time is right, we must watch and wait. After all… Evil always finds a way…" Gnarl explained, ending with a sinister look as the Netherworld tower began to crumble from the two battling warriors power…

?: The Betrayer was powerful, he decimated our lands, he destroyed our tower, and he murdered our masters time and time again. For over two hundred years he was a plague upon our dark nation, even driving those few remaining Minions and myself into the dark depths of the Underworld after he destroyed the Netherworld Tower and came for us as we hid up above. Time and time again we were forced to watch on as our master's family was destroyed and we ourselves scattered to the four winds. His grandchildren would fall before we could ever get to them to carry on the tradition and powers of The Overlord… save for a stray few, with one in particular…

A man and woman are on a war torn battlefield, a massive nine-tailed-fox nearby and a baby resting between them. The red haired woman has blood flowing from her mouth as well as dark rings around her eyes as she looks up at the blond haired man. She managed only to let out gasping pants while, unseen to most; a haunting figure lay behind the blond man, a stream of energy flowing towards it from the man's back. Meanwhile, the massive fox is held at bay by numerous glowing chains formed out of the woman's back. However suddenly the arm of the creature twitched, the sacred beads around its left arm clacking before its arm flew from it and threw the blond man, then straight for the giant fox.

'Curse you, Yondaime Hokage!' The creature roared inwardly as the hand ripped out something from it before pulling it into the man himself. As it did, the Kyuubi snarled as he was shrunk down greatly, now less than a third of its original size.

"Seal!" He cried out as the energy was sealed into his body, the energy that had been seeping towards the ghostly figure taking on the image of the man, only with a second head the head of the fox. As his seal does its job, the man pants heavily, the massive fox shrinking greatly as it grunted and glared towards the man furiously. "Now for the eight trigrams seal!" The man said while kneeling down and summoning a strange throne of some kind from out of nowhere.

"I'll seal the Kyuubi inside of Naruto!" The man states while the beast glares furiously while realizing what's going on. Feeling some slack in the chains binding it, the fox blinks before a wide; vicious grin stretches across its face as it sees the red haired woman nearly pass out. "Kushina, stay with me!" The blond man pleads while the Fox rears back its right arm and then throws it towards the two and their child in order to save itself from being sealed once more. However before its claw could reach the child, the man and woman blocked its path, the woman smirking towards her lover.

"If the father can do this job…" She managed in a weak rasp as the Yondaime eyed her from behind. "Then the mother should be able to do it better… Right?" She questioned of the man while the Kyuubi narrowed its eyes on them.

'Damned Ningen!' It thought darkly while trying to raise it's other arm, only to look to the side when it noticed it couldn't move it. Narrowing its massive eyes, it then spotted several tiny creatures, lots of them, and they were tying its arm down. 'What?' The Kyuubi wondered to itself before recognizing one of the creatures, its eyes widening in shock, before a sinister grin crossed its features.

"Move it you Blues and keep the barrier around us! We can't have those annoying mortals getting to close to the young Master before us!" A familiar one eyed being shouted to the others before growling as some played around. "Get back to work you worthless sacks of blood and puss! Our master needs us! Chain up that overgrown Fox Spirit or I'll cut out your damn tongues!" The creature cried out while the Kyuubi stared at them for a moment, only for a wider, even more insidious grin to stretch across it's muzzled face as it turned to look down at Kushina's child.

'So you were of THAT side of the Uzumaki Clan! Ha! No wonder I could never control you…' It thought to itself with clear amusement twinkling in its ruby red eyes while Kushina somehow heard it and glared up at it. 'Glare at me all you want Ningen! It no longer matters! Take half my power, hell you can take all of it! It won't matter for you have given me a gift beyond measure this day! And even if you should die, THEY won't let you stay dead for very long!' The Kyuubi inwardly exclaimed before chuckling in its throat, only for that Chuckle to become a deep, sinister laughter as it was then pulled into the blond haired child.

Gritting his teeth the blond man bellow watched on as red energy was pulled out of the fox and into the bundle. "Foolish mortal…" An ominous voice echoed in his mind and the blond man turned to see the Shinigami looking down at him and his lover Kuzhina. "You have no idea the true depths of the mistake you've made on this day…" It uttered while the blond man fell forward, on top of his lover, both silent while the baby lay before them unharmed…

Seconds later, a group of strange creatures approached, and one with a Scythe walking next to the one eyed one from before. "Gnarl, the mistress be dead." The one with the scythe noted with a frown while walking forward and tapped her with the butt of his scythe for a moment. "Even if I were to resurrect her, she never bonded with the Tower-Heart, she could never be an Overlady as her mother was before her…" The creature said with a scowl across its features only for the one eyed grey creature to walk passed him and over to the sleeping babe.

"Perhaps Mortis… but, she did have a Son." The creature noted before stroking its goatee with a sick grin on its face.

"Aye, at least we have that bit a good news." The elderly blue mused before seeing a look form on Gnarl's face.

"Yes, and if Mortals haven't changed in the last few centuries, our master's life will be in grave danger very shortly… they always did attack first and ask questions never when it comes to beings they can't understand." Gnarl noted thoughtfully and the aged blue agreed with him.

"Then do we bring him with us?" The blue questioned and Gnarl shook his head with a deep frown across his face.

"Nay old friend. We are incapable of taking care of a baby as we are. We have no home ourselves, or even a nanny for the little fellow. And of course our master will require love and affection from someone, something that we are incapable of… The woman who would have been our Mistress on the other hand…" Gnarl noted before leaving off with a toothy grin and the blue smirked.

"I see, ye be wanting me to resurrect her then, even if she can't claim the throne?" Mortis questioned and Gnarl gave the elderly blue a look, causing him to mumble under his breath before cracking his neck. "Alright then, however I should warn ye I'll need to sacrifice most a de other Minions and return to the Blue Hive after I do… takes too much a me power to resurrect humans when we don' even have The Tower-Heart…" Mortis tells Gnarl and the grey colored creature grunts.

"Regardless Mortis, it is a risk that we must take. We can only hope that she'll be smart and live for a couple more years, long enough to care for our Future Master at the very least." Gnarl muses to himself and Mortis nodded before slowly making his way over to the bodies, the Browns, Greens, Reds, and Blues, moving them both onto their backs as he approached them…

?: He was my favorite Overlord, he wasn't more evil than others, nor more good. He wasn't too manipulative or too compassionate. He wasn't the strongest, the wisest, or even the most Powerful Master we've ever had… no, he was an Overlord who understood and walked down the True Path of Darkness. He was an Overlord unlike any other… ah, I remember when we first visited him in his cradle… it was such a glorious day for us, a day for us to see the future Face of Evil…

In a dark room, a sleeping babe of three years old turns onto his back and looks up out of his cradle. A claw suddenly closes over the edge of the cradle, a figure with a glowing yellow eye looms over it. A crooked grin crosses the features of the onlooker as he looks down on the babe with dark intent. "Greetings young master. You will have a life full of questions. But I know what is in your blood." The yellow eyed being said while looking to the sleeping babe intently. "You have a great destiny ahead of you, one filled with violence and chaos I'm sure! Once you grow a little, find us, we wish to serve you my young lord…" The being said as the babe looked around it and blinked.

All around its cradle, numerous glowing yellow eyes stared down at it, a flash of light illuminating them for but a moment. Many were yellow-brown monsters, others were red with glowing stomachs, more were bright blue with fins, still more were green with a visible stench wafting off their bodies, and the last was in the center of them all and looking down at him with a single yellow eye, his own skin a pale gray…

"We have been waiting for you for a long time master, we have need of you as you shall of us. Together, we will remind this world of true darkness, together, we will ensure that Evil does not wither and die. We will return order to the chaos of the world by reminding these fools of their true Master… The Overlord." The gray being explained with a toothy grin, the tiny babes eyes staring intently into the aging creature's single yellow eye… his azure blue eyes slowly giving off a feint glow…

Seconds later a door opens; all of the creatures seemed to have vanished as a tired red haired woman walks into the room. Moving over to the cradle she reaches inside to retrieve the babe before hugging him tightly. "C'mon Naruto-Kun, lets get you something to eat." The woman whispers while walking out of the room, a single yellow eye opening behind her, a toothy grin widening into something sinister as she leaves…

?: Our young master's mother had no idea the destiny that lay before her little babe, nor of the power that he would eventually wield. None would or could understand the destiny that lay before our young Lord. Only I, The Minion Master and Advisor to The Overlord, could possibly understand what he was to be. I watched over the young master, I left him food, clothes, anything that would make his life easier until he could take control of his own life and destiny. However, I was sadly unable to protect his mother, twice actually, something I can never forgive myself for allowing…

A red haired woman was thrown out of a burning building before she suddenly hit the snow-covered ground with a soft thud. Groaning in pain she looked up as an armored man stomped towards her. "W-why are you doing this to me?" She questioned weakly before gasping as the man lifted her up by the throat.

"Believe me when I say that I would rather not have to murder you… anything or anyone killing a helpless woman has always disgusted me." The armored behemoth uttered softly while brandishing a battle-ax. "But we've traveled too far to end the Overlord's Lineage to allow you to ruin it." The man stated while six warriors of various races came towards him.

"Are you certain that there's no other way?" An elfin woman questioned warily while looking to the red haired woman as she grasped at the man's wrist.

"You know the legends Fay, if we allow even one descendant of Those old Overlords to survive, they will rise up as dark monsters bent on the destruction or total domination of the world." A male Wizard commented while stroking his long beard, the armored behemoth narrowing his eyes on the wizard… out of all these so-called heroes, he promised that he'd be the first to go…

"I say we deal wit her quick and painlessly, the lass aint no monster yet, best not make her end too painful." A Dwarf states and the massive behemoth nods his head in agreement with his words.

"Why… I've never hurt any of you, why are you doing this?" The woman demanded and the Betrayer twitched, he didn't like some of the things he did, but he had sworn that the power of the Overlord would be his once more!

"It's because of your family wench, a family filled with dark warriors bent on conquest. Their blood flows through your veins, and we cannot allow another 'Overlord' to come into power." A young Thief commented while brushing her own crimson locks over her shoulder.

"It's not any fault of your own girl, it's the fault of your family, a lineage that we cannot allow to continue." The armored warrior stated while his glowing white eyes gazed deeply into her amber brown orbs. "Be thankful that I am merciful, your grandfather truly suffered far worse than you will…" He then whispered and the woman's eyes widened before she gritted her teeth in fury.

"You!" She shouted only for him to constrict on her throat, making her gasp as her air was cut off.

"Oi, would you get on wit it already, I've got a business to get back too." A Halfling with a pair of sunglasses grumbled out, the former Overlord nodding his head in agreement.

"Now, I will finally end the lineage of the Overlord…" The man stated while throwing the woman to the ground and then quickly twisting on his heel and bringing his ax down on her… in the shadows, the single eye of Gnarl watched on before closing as the body of Uzumaki Kushina stilled. Backing into the shadows, Gnarl started to dig down into the dirt and ground, soon disappearing as the death of his master's descendant weighed down on him heavily…

?: That was the beginning… but this is the story, of what happened next.

(Konohagakure no Sato…)

A figure walked down the cold snow covered streets of Konoha. The snow was a rarity there, and from the looks of the ground, he could tell that the human children had been playing in the snow. "Bothersome bothersome humans." He said mostly to himself before grunting as a different figure walked passed him, bumping into and nearly knocking him over as he did. "Giblet!" He hissed out and the other figure slid to a halt only to slide into a light pole and groan.

Chuckling to himself upon seeing this, the first figure reached up to a goatee on his chin and stroked it for a moment. "Hmm… now where is he? I know I sensed his power finally awakening." He muttered to himself while looking all around and Giblet made his way over to the ancient creature.

"Who you look for Gnarl?" It asked with a wide stupid grin and "Gnarl" blinked for a moment before glaring at Giblet.

"The Master of course you fool! I told you I sensed a pulsation from the Tower Heart, even from wherever that blasted thing was taken. Which can only mean a new Overlord has finally been chosen to lead us." Gnarl explained and Giblet made an Oh with his mouth before blinking for a moment.

"Then where he at Gnarl?" Giblet questioned and Gnarl reached up and palmed his face for a moment before glaring at the, slightly, younger creature.

"If I knew that Giblet I wouldn't be looking for him now would I!" Gnarl demanded of the other Minion loudly and Giblet blinked before slowly shaking his head and the older Minion nodded his own once. "Exactly. Now, the master is in this village, I know that much, but not where, without the Tower Heart, or much of anything else, I can't pinpoint his exact location." Gnarl admitted while rubbing his chin and Giblet blinked before he started to scratch at his scalp.

"Uh, den why are we's out here? Shouldn't we's be using Overlord Gem to find him?" Giblet asked and Gnarl blinked for a moment before mulling that over and then shook his head with a frown.

"Those only pinpoint Minion Locations not Overlords, Giblet. And besides that…" Gnarl started to say only for both he and Giblet to suddenly shiver violently, their eyes widening as one thought hit them both. Eyes widening, both turned to look towards the distance and shivered once more as a surge of powerful magic surged through each of them, desperately calling for aid.

"THE MASTER IS IN DANGER!" They said at the same time before rushing towards where a strong feeling was coming from, jumping into the trees as they did so. Quickly the two then dug there way down, intent on staying concealed on the off chance of any humans being about…

(Outskirts of Konoha…)

A twelve-year-old boy was slowly crawling down a snow-covered road, one eye bloody and beaten in, one arm and leg hanging limp. He had just been rammed through a brick wall of all things, but had still somehow managed to survive the attack on his person, only to then fall several stories and hit the ground hard. He was now crawling towards a nearby forest while a man jumped out from the hole in the wall of the building behind him. Landing in a low crouch with a heavy thud, his armor churning and scraping like some kind of shell as he approached. Trying desperately to hurry, the youth winced as several burns started to ache and scream out in pain.

'Why… why is this happening, what the hell did I do to piss this guy off?' He inwardly questioned even as his assailant made his way towards the blond haired youth; his heavy footfalls echoing down the abandoned street. Nearly reaching the forest, the boy cried out in pain when a heavy metal boot suddenly stomped down onto his back to pin him. Gritting his teeth and turning his head, the boy saw the dark figure that had chased him throughout the city narrow his glowing white eyes.

"Your remarkably resilient for such a little runt." His deep rumbling voice noted as he moved his foot from the boy's back, then reached a hand down and lifted the boy up by his hair. Gritting his teeth in pain and grabbing the wrist of the man with his good hand the youth turned a single, glowing blue eye up towards the monster like man.

He was tall, twice his own height at the very least, with brightly glowing hellfire red eyes, he was adorned in obsidian colored armor with numerous spikes jutting out of it at the joints, a purple scarf worn around his neck with a skull broach, a purple loincloth built into the armor with a chain hanging at his left side, his fingers covered by sharp metal claws and a massive battle-ax hanging at his side, oddly his face was covered by a black chain-mail mask over his lower face, a helmet with three upward spikes placed over his head like some sort of evil crown.

"Wh-what have I ever d-done to you?" The youth questioned of the armored behemoth and the man chuckled low in his throat.

"It's not what you've done to me, its what you could do to me in time. You are of that accursed Bloodline that doesn't seem to want to die no matter how many of it I destroy… unfortunately for you, that is why I cannot allow you to live." The man said in a low baritone voice that chilled the youth to his very core. "There can be only one Overlord Child, and I've waited far too long and destroyed far too much to allow you to ruin my plans now…" He rumbled out darkly, burning red eyes narrowing on the youth as he pulled his battle-ax free and held it in one hand.

In the forest however, a barren patch of the ground suddenly stirred, while a pair of clawed hands suddenly burst free. The clawed hands then brushed off its leather-covered shoulders before a tiny figure hobbled over to a tree. Behind the first was a second who's own glowing yellow eyes narrowed and a hiss escaped his throat. Growling lightly the first turned towards the second and it quieted down while the first turned back to look at the scene. It's single glowing yellow eye widened upon seeing the blond in the clutches of the man and quickly looked around for any kind of weapon. Then smacked the second and it nodded, grabbing a heavy looking wooden stick before both grinned…

Back with the man and the boy, the armored assailant gripped his battle-ax tightly, a thin frown across his hidden features. Killing an innocent woman, AND a widowed mother at that, was bad, but could he honestly murder a child he'd orphaned? One whose mother he'd stolen from him? Yes. If he was honest with himself, yes he could do that and oh so much more for the power of The Overlord… he'd murdered, plundered, destroyed, and utterly decimated anything that would have hampered his plans. Besides that, no one would miss one little boy, least of all this one. So with that in mind the behemoth lifted his ax up, only to cry out in pain and fall to one knee as his other was slammed into from behind, causing him to kneel.

Before he could turn or get up, a dagger was then stabbed threw the back of his other knee and caused him to fall down, one hand on the ground while the other remained around the throat of his captive. Turning his head the behemoth was accosted by a quick moving brown figure, slamming a club into his face. The behemoth lost his grip on the boy and a grey figure quickly grabbed him from under his shoulders and fell back with a grunt. Grunting and growling in his throat, the behemoth opened his eyes and then clenched his fists while Gnarl grunted and tried to pull back the boy.

"Gnarl." The man growled furiously upon seeing the all too familiar figure, said ancient minion grunting as he quickly dragged the blond haired child away. Growling out in fury, the man pushed himself back to his feet only to fall, looking to his leg he saw a Kunai had been stabbed through his leg through the opening at the back of his knee joint. And worse still, the perpetrator who did so grinned up at him.

"Hi hi!" Giblet offered before slamming his club into the kunai's butt, forcing it further through the behemoths knee and causing him to fall forward while Giblet rushed over to a smirking Gnarl.

"It seems someone has lost his touch, eh Traitor?" Gnarl noted and the behemoth glared up at him furiously, only to hiss in pain as he pushed himself up once more with his teeth gritted under his mask. Reaching down and gritting his teeth once more the armored behemoth ripped the weapon from his leg and let out a strangled cry.

Meanwhile, the gray creature had dragged the blond haired boy away with the help of the brown one. The two pulled him away from the behemoth and into a building and then down into a basement. Releasing the legs of the blond haired boy the gray creature hurriedly waddled over to his side. As he did, the brown looked down at the badly injured youth worriedly while Gnarl reached out and took hold of the sides of the blond's face with his hands.

"Sire, sire, please tell me your alright!" He pleaded, only the opening of the blond boy's eyes proving he was still partly conscious. "Oh, this is bad, very very bad! And not in the good way." Gnarl mused then said to himself as he looked around then growled as the armored behemoth from before stumbled then fell down the stairs of the building. Slowly he reached up and grasped something before pulling himself to his feet only to glare at Gnarl and Giblet furiously.

"Gnarl you little pest." He hissed and Gnarl quickly looked around for something to use as a weapon, Giblet growling as he crouched down to attack. Grunting upon not seeing anything to use as a weapon, Gnarl pulled the boy back while the man slowly pushed himself towards them while using a wall to brace himself. However, Giblet then lunged forward and slammed into the behemoth, knocking him down to the ground before making his way over to Gnarl and the boy.

"That'll teach you! We won't allow you to harm our new master, traitor!" Gnarl growled out while giving a sidelong look to Giblet, and the man glared at the two minions furiously.

"Me the Traitor? No its you and your damned Tower Heart, I was the Overlord before that stupid barbarian came along, I am more powerful than any of his line, I deserve that title and the power that comes with it! Not him, not that wench of a woman before, and certainly not this little whelp!" The man growled out furiously once more and Gnarl merely scoffed while looking around, noting the old dry wood around them…

"So you say traitor, but you were the one who attempted to steal the power of the Tower Heart. That is something we can never forgive! You can beat us, kick us, crush us, bash us, slash us, incinerate us, boil us, or dozens of other fun things… but when you try to steal the heart, no, the very soul of our masters power you've gone too far! We will never obey the likes of you!" Gnarl hissed and the Behemoth felt one eye twitch while Gnarl focused his eye onto the dried wood around them, Giblets eyes suddenly zoning out before a grin split his face…

"Then I'll just kill you and take back the power by force!" He roared out while throwing a fireball at Gnarl. The Minion Master widened his eyes, only for Giblet to move forward slamming his club into the fireball and sending both flying. The club and the fireball flew across the room before slamming into the main support beam to the building and snapping it instantly. Grinning as he heard the building start to creak, Gnarl looked up to the behemoth and narrowed his eye.

"Sadly, we can't allow that. We do hope you have no regrets… well… not really. Especially since we have more important things to worry about." Gnarl mused and then turned to Giblet as the house started to come down on top of them. Roaring out, the armored behemoth pushed himself back up and lunged towards the old minion, his eyes widening. "Giblet, hurry, let's get out of here now!" Gnarl ordered and Giblet nodded before he picked up a large rock and threw it, nailing the armored behemoth in the face.

Grunting, the behemoth was knocked back and was left sprawled out on the ground for a moment, groaning lightly while Giblet began to dig, Gnarl following him and doing the same with him before both reached out and pulled the blond boy with them and into the ground. Gritting his teeth and slowly sitting up, the Betrayer turned towards the hole and saw Giblet pop back up and wave with a grin.

"Bye bye!" He offered cheekily and then ducked back into the hole while the building began to fall in on the betrayer. Gnashing his teeth together, the behemoth's eyes flared in fury before roaring out.

"GNARL!" His scream echoed against the falling building as it collapsed on top of him only mere moments later, burying him under its weight as flames then consumed the building, setting it all ablaze…


AN: To all those wondering why I never updated NU: Dark-Lord, it's because I found a plethora of spelling mistakes, plot-holes, and inconsistencies and figured that in the time I could fix them I could probably just right a new story. I wanted to work on the story, I really did, but the mistakes had compiled to make a batch of problems, there was confusion to Naruto's lineage, (IE: He was not related to the Lich-King of WOW, I mentioned a Lich because of Overlord I's Old-Overlord. The "Death Knights" also confused people to believe he was his descendents but a title like that is fairly common.), among other more minor things that just irked me.

The differences between the two versions of this particular story will be numerous, with a very slightly altered storyline that will include many races in Naruto's lands, to places he never went too before as well as things that I just forgot to include in the original, this story will also have longer chapters, as in the beginning Dark-Lord had about eight pages per-chapter before I started to lengthen them, it will also include new races and lands from several games I've played, as well as feature several ideas from my reviewers, something I do with many of my stories.

It will, however, still feature several of the original characters from the first version, including Zim and the other goblins, but they will be met much earlier on. The basic plot of the story will remain unchanged as well, Naruto gathers the Dark-Races of the world to contend with the Light-Races and the betrayer, while taking revenge on the heroes who murdered his mother along the way. And I will also still include a list of all the most important characters at the end of chapters when they start to become more numerous like I did before.

Anyways, for those who actually want me to return to the original version, instead of working on a new version of the story. I ask you to please give this one a chance, I'll work on the first several chapters for this one, and then based on popularity, I'll decide which one I should fully work on. However if I do decide to work on the original, I'll have to go back and rewrite several things in that story anyways because they don't make any sense or just led to confusion. Just remember, I've actually played Overlord II this time, so it includes parts of it, and Overlord Dark Legend, without having to retroactively add them to the story…