Hear now of the Nine Great Shiners, greater than all and less than air,

And now only remain in stone, prison and heir.

First was Ranna, the eternal sleeper,

Of great, dead evil she is the last keeper.

Second was Mosrael, exchanger of fates,

Too eager his suppliants he sends to Death's gates.

Third was Kibeth of querulous mind,

She sets the path others' feet will find.

Fourth was Dyrim, controller of speech,

And fifth its brother Belgaer, holding minds in his reach.

Sixth was Saraneth, faithful ally in hand,

Aiding the guardian of life and this land.

But seventh was Astarael, bringer of last sleep,

Fated over her children to forever weep.

But these are not the last of the great beings that shine

Indeed of their great number there once were nine.

The neutral Yrael, who no help gave,

chained as the Seven's servants' slave.

And last was Orannis, the rebel fire, in battle bound,

And within nine cages he was cast underground.

His rise was foreseen by the family of fate,

Till finally he fell at the hands of the Eight.

This was the family of nine, gods of Magic Charter and Free,

Whose touch lingers on all before the sea.