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The Lost Girl

Chapter 2

Last time: The part that shocked her most was the delicate looking wings protruding from his back. "W-what are you?"

"I'm a fairy, obviously." The tiny being stated with a scowl and wing flutter, Zoey stared at him with a mixture of shock and disbelief.

"You've got to be bloody kidding me; a fairy?" she released him and buried her face in her hands. "I've lost it. I knew he hit my head too hard on the counter. He must have knocked a screw loose somewhere." The fairy sat Indian style midair, hovering in front of the girls face watching her go through her mental breakdown.

She stopped talking to herself when he pinched her face. "you're not crazy. I'm right here, and I'm quite real thanks." Zoey just stared at the apparently real fairy with wide blue eyes. "What's a human like you doing way out here anyway?"

"I'm running away." Zoey answered before she could stop herself.

The fairy raised an eyebrow, "from what?"

"I don't know, My father, being killed, growing up to become just like the pathetic adults that are supposed to take care of screw-up kids like me, take your pick." She smiled grimly at the fairy, shrugged and moved back to lean against her dog who was now watching the fairy with interest.

The fairy grinned at his choices "how about all of the above."

Zoey frowned in confusion "I'm sorry, I'm afraid I don't follow…"

The fairy just stood midair and bowed at the waist, "My name is Pips, and I'll be escorting you to your freedom today." Zoey just stared at the fairy, Pips.

"Okay what the bloody hell are you on about?" Pips just sighed and shook his head in mock exasperation.

"First I think it's only fair that you introduce yourself and your friend." The tiny red-head perched cross-legged on one of her knees.

"Oh, of course! My name's Zoey Black and this is Buck." Pips smiled at them both, Buck just huffed through his nose and dropped his head back into the grass. "So what did you mean my freedom?"

"Well Zoey I can take you to a place where you can escape becoming an adult and your father." Zoey just gave him a look that clearly ordered him to go on. "Have you ever heard of Neverland Zoey?" Pips was quite startled when Zoey shot to her feet knocking him from his perch and startling Buck from his doze.

"That's not funny. Not at all, I heard hundreds of stories about Neverland when I was little, I lost count of how many times I cried and begged to be taken away, how many times I wished for Peter Pan to whisk me away to Never Neverland. You honestly expect me to believe that you're going to take me away to a place I stopped believing in years ago?"

Pips looked momentarily shocked "Who told you stories?"

"An older lady who used to sit in a park near my Primary school, I'd feed birds with her after classes and she'd tell me stories. It kept me from having to go straight home." Zoey looked down and tried to blink away the tears that gathered in her blue eyes.

Pips nodded and sat midair again. "Well I'm real enough, right? And I'm gonna take you away, I'll be your fairy Zoey, I'll stay with you I promise." The tiny red-head grinned at her and she sniffed.

"You're serious?" Pips nodded again and sat on her shoulder weaving one tiny hand into her messy black hair.

He tugged and pointed up at the still dark sky "Do you know how it goes?" Zoe nodded and looked up at the stars.

"Wait what about Buck?"

"What about him?" Pips looked confused.

"I won't leave him." She scowled at the tiny man.

"Alright but you're gonna have to keep a good hold on him." Zoey nodded and let Pips stand on her hand "You know how this works right? Faith, trust and pixie dust. Then find a happy thought and hold on to it." Zoey picked up her things, closed her eyes and grabbed Buck's collar tightly, the dog blinked amber eyes at the other two and sneezed when the tiny creature threw sparkly dust at them.

The next thing the pair new they were floating in the air Zoey let go of Buck's collar and experimentally flew away from him. It was a lot like swimming she realized, but simpler and she'd never felt so free in her life. She got the hang of it quickly with the help of Pips; she tried calling Buck to her. He was clearly very confused, but was a genuinely happy dog so he stayed air born regardless.

"Buck come here, it's time to go!" Buck cocked his head to the side and watched Zoey and the tiny creature move about. Slowly he got the hang of it and made his way through the air to his human-pup. He gave a low huffing bark as Zoey grabbed onto his collar once again; Zoey smiled at her dog and willed the magic that saturated her very being to take her forward and she followed after Pips as he made his way towards the second star to the right.


A/N: yeah the old lady was Grandma Wendy. I'm going with the idea that she enjoys spending time around children and the oppertunity to tell stories so she would spend time at a local park with a play ground and tell the children stories and feed the birds, its not creepy and pedo-ish cuz shes just a sweet old lady whos well know by a lot of adults in the area for helping orphans.