Last Day Of School

The bell let out a long, loud ring signaling the end of class. 'Finally' Samantha silently thought to herself as she jumped out of seat and darted out the door to meet her best friends. By the time she had gotten to the bikes Roberta and Teeny were already waiting there for her.

"Hey Sam, did ya see Chrissy in the hallway on your way out?" Roberta asked as she leaned on the bike rack.

"No sorry B, I didn't."

"What's taking her so long; we have to set up for the party." Teeny said fed up with waiting for Chrissy

"We can't have the party at her house without her, Teeny."Roberta said trying to calm her friend down

"Well if she's not here in five minutes were totally ditching her to set up for the party" Teeny said obviously still fed up with Chrissy not being here.

Then all of a sudden Chrissy appeared talking with a boy that none of the girls had seen before. Shocked the girls all look at each other then back at Chrissy. Suddenly the boy gets closer to Chrissy about to kiss her when Teeny hollers "Get some Chrissy!"

Suddenly embarrassed the two go their separate ways both blushing. "Woah, Chris who was that?" Sam said still chuckling about what just happened. Chrissy continued getting redder as she explained that he was 'just the new kid'.

"On the Last day of school?" Roberta asked as she cocked an eyebrow in Chrissy's direction.

"Well the principal asked me to show Sean around so he knew some people for next year." Chrissy explained to her friends while trying to stop blushing.

"So his name is sean" Teeny said with a devilish grin and a twinkle in her eye "he's gorgeous!"

"I know …" Chrissy said shyly

Teeny, realizing how much Chrissy likes this boy says "So is he coming to the party tonight?"

"He said he should be able to come as long as it's ok with his parents." Chrissy said.

"That's great Chris but there won't be a party if we don't get going now." Roberta said as she got onto her bike.

"She's right guys" Sam said as she started riding down the road as the others followed