"Just breathe Sam, just breathe." Sam silently encouraged herself as she was preparing to ask Oliver out, and she couldn't get out of this one.

Finally ready she held her head high and walked to the park and saw Oliver who was silently sitting on a rock writing in a journal of some sort. Sam just stared at him for a while because he looked to peaceful to disturb and well she was obviously nervous; I mean this was her first MAJOR crush. Finally having the guts to talk to him she said "Hi Oliver" with an extremely awkward wave.

"Oh Hey Sam I was just thinking about you" Oliver said putting away is small leather notebook in his back pocket and turning to Sam.

"Really! … I mean … Really?" Sam half screamed excited that he was thinking of her, HER!

"Um … yeah I was wondering if you wanted to go see Rocky Horror with me tomorrow, but if you don't want to you don't have to" Oliver said getting quieter and quieter throughout the sentence until he was mumbling out the last few words.

"Yea I'd love to!" Sam said with great enthusiasm because A) The guy she likes just asked her out and B) She wouldn't have to ask Oliver out now C) She was dying to see Rocky Horror but her mom refused to take her.

"Great! So it's a date." Oliver said slowly getting closer to Sam with a smile plastered on his face.

"Yeah a date" Sam said as she began getting closer to Oliver.

"Perfect!" Oliver whispered into Sam's ear and turned around going back to the rock he was sitting on leaving Sam confused and alone.

"What the hell just happened" Sam thought contemplating what had just happened. Then realizing she was gazing at him awkwardly she decided to go back to the tree house to tell all of her friends what just happened to her.

Getting back to the tree house Sam was bombarded with questions galore. Then Sam proceeded to tell them the entire story.

"OH MY GOD!" He almost kissed you? Sammy!" Teeny shouted a little bit too loudly.

"Are you shitting me Sam?" Roberta said not believing one word of what she was saying.

"Roberta watch your language! … so did it really happen?" Chrissy said.

"Guys, Guys! Calm down! Yes Teeny he almost kissed me, No Roberta I'm not and yes Chris. Happy now?" Sam said with a chuckle because she had only seen her friends act like this whenever they found out about Scott and Roberta.

"So you're seeing it tomorrow…." Teeny ginned.

"Yeah … wait what are you planning?" Sam said fearing the ideas going through her best friends head.

"How would you feel if we came with you? Roberta and Scott can go together, Chrissy can go with her boy toy Sean, I can bring Tony or someone, and you and Oliver can go!" Teeny said.

"That isn't a half bad idea." Roberta said agreeing with Teeny for once.

"Really guys? Isn't Rocky Horror a bit inappropriate?" Chrissy said with her usual prissy attitude.

"Shut up Chrissy it would be fun" Teeny said trying to get all of her friends to support her idea.

"Yeah Chris." Roberta said agreeing with her friend.

"Fine but if I don't like it I'm leaving" Chrissy said in defeat

"Fine by me but I think we should all give each other a little space to… you know." Teeny chipped in with a smile.

"Sounds like a GREAT idea to me" Sam beamed.

"So are we all in?" Roberta questioned.

"I'm in." Teeny piped in.

"I'm all for it" Sam said.

"Chrissy…?" Roberta began.

"Fine, Fine I'm in." Chrissy answered flatly in defeat.

** Author's note**

Yes, yes I realize that Rocky Horror came out in 1974 not '72 but it seamed like a movie Sam would like so I couldn't pass it up.

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