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Goliath shook off the last remains of his stone casing and stretched joyfully. Sunset really did not come soon enough for his liking anymore. He couldn't wait to see Elisa, to hold Elisa, to be with Elisa. He had waited so long for the opportunity to love, even if he hadn't known what he was waiting for the entire time.

Elisa… even her name caused a surge of happiness to run through him. From the first moment he'd seen her he knew she was unique to her people, a pure soul. She could be trusted in this strange new world they had found themselves awoken in.

Strong, trustworthy, gentle, understanding, humorous; she was everything Demona had started out as and more. Though that wasn't to say that Demona and Elisa were at all alike. Whereas Demona's feelings had been twisted and her heart blackened over time, Elisa strived to learn and understand all that surrounded her. What was more, Elisa had succeeded.

She was one of the few confidantes they had in this world, and a very close friend to all of them. Perhaps more than a friend now to him, if she was agreeable to such a match. It would not be easy, surely, and there would be many challenges. "Dating," as the younger ones had put it, seemed very tumultuous and filled with mishaps, from what he had seen on the TV and read in books. Dating a creature from an entirely different species was certain to be even harder. He was determined, however, and he hoped she reciprocated that feeling. If her reception to his kiss yesterday was any indication, he believed she would.

Of course, he would have to work harder to deserve this fortuitous turn of events. Earlier, when he had first unraveled what he was feeling for Elisa, he had worried that he was not deserving of her. She was the pinnacle of her society, someone to model oneself after, and he had failed his entire clan both human and gargoyle alike all those centuries ago.

She had made him see otherwise throughout his time with her, but he still had his reservations. He knew he had been bold earlier, kissing her without her express permission, but she had not been offended. In fact, she had seemed happy. Ecstatic, even. He would have to remember that.

The younger gargoyles brushed past him in their hurry to get inside, and Hudson clapped him on the shoulder. "Och, but it is a fine night." He glanced at Goliath slyly before adding, "Especially for two young lovers like yerself and the lass." Shaking his head and chuckling, he headed inside.

Really, the older gargoyle was getting just as bad as the younger ones. What was next?

Goliath wrapped his wings around himself and followed the others. The TV was already on and blaring, the young ones sitting in a circle around it. The formation reminded Goliath of when the warriors would make offerings to their deities at stone altars before marching to battle.

Hudson and Bronx were in the kitchen rummaging for something to eat that hadn't already been nibbled, bit, or slobbered on by the three currently worshipping their magic box. Goliath shook his head and frowned. He would need to ask Elisa to make another trip to her grocery store to replenish their stock. Elisa- his frown lightened until it became a smile. At this rate, the others would surely-

"There it is!"

"Be quiet, I can't hear!"

"Awesome, man!"

Shouts and shushing could suddenly be heard from the TV area and Goliath, Bronx, and Hudson all turned to see what was happening.

Different lights and scenes flashed across the scene. Men in masks, houses locked down, guns firing, a man banging on a door, screams for help, and then a deep announcer's voice: "'The Purge,' coming soon to a theater near you." The screen faded into black a moment before more commercials flashed on. As soon as the black screen faded the boys leapt up and cheered.

"Did you see it?"

"It's gonna be even better at the movies!"

"C'mon, guys, let's hit it!"

The three turned and raced towards the balcony before a resounding "Wait!" rang in the air. They turned around and faced Goliath, who had his arms crossed over his chest. "Where exactly do you think you are going?"

Brooklyn stepped forward and shrugged. "Just to the movies, to see that new movie 'The Purge' that came out earlier today."

"Aren't you forgetting something important?" Did they expect to just walk in like the other humans?

"No worries." Broadway stepped forward, waving his hands. "There's a theater that has an empty projection room, balcony thing in the back that no one uses anymore. The staff stores popcorn, broken seats, stuff like that back there. It's accessible from the roof, and I've used it before to watch old cowboy films on their Throwback Thursday promotion." Broadway finished proudly and nodded.

It sounded alright, though Goliath had reservations about the theater itself. That theater was where Broadway had first learned about guns, and he remembered how that had turned out for Elisa. Still, she wasn't here, and now Broadway knew the dangers about such weapons. Still, the advertisement did not exactly seem to promote peace and harmony.

As if he knew what Goliath was thinking, Lexington decided it was his turn to vouch for their movie. "We're not going for the violence or anything bad like that. It's mainly to see how our respective governmental decisions affect what we perceive as the accepted societal norms and behaviors. The dynamics of such a night and its potential impacts on the psyches of those around us, and even ourselves, are fascinating." Now aware that his two partners were staring at him like he had two heads, Lexington scratched his neck and shrugged. "Or, you know, whatever."

Goliath would have laughed if he hadn't been in what Elisa called his 'guardian guise.' "Very well then. If it is truly as Lexington says, and as safe as Broadway makes it out to be, then you may go. But remember," he warned, "be back before sunrise."

Smiles lit up all of their faces and they nearly tripped over one another on their haste to get out the door. They were obviously excited, and although Goliath suspected Lexington's reasoning was not the entire truth, he was still willing to let them go if they recognized the movie as more than a chance to watch meaningless violence.

Hudson laughed behind him. "It always gives me a smile listening to Lexington's fancy tech-talk. The lad is growing up well in this world." Goliath silently agreed with him. Lexington had seemed to flourish in this world, even more so than he had in their original time. It allowed him to stretch and test the bounds of his knowledge.

"Will ye be alright here alone, lad? Bronx and I had wanted a little late night walk in the park. Ah, the sounds of it never cease to soothe these old bones o' mine." Hudson rubbed his neck and shook his head. Goliath suddenly wondered if Hudson's aches were worse than he was letting on. It seemed he was grumping about them more than usual as of late.

"Of course not." He replied, reaching out to grab Hudson's shoulder. "I will be fine. I will use the time to think about recent events and… things." Not the best ending, but it would suffice.

Bronx woofed and Hudson reached down to rub his ears, nodding his head. "If ye insist, then. You could always watch the telly." Goliath nodded, but internally doubted it. He didn't have much use for anything that came on the TV unless it was the news.

"A good suggestion. Perhaps I will visit Elisa or go get more food." They did seem to need more and more lately.

"Oh no, no, stay here." Hudson made motions with his talons. "The lass called earlier, said she would be working. She works too hard, ye know."

"Oh, well, in that case then I will stay here and keep watch for the time being. Go, have a nice time. Hopefully the park will soothe you, as you said." He didn't really want to go out anyway.

A hesitant nod met his words. "Verra well, we'll be off then. Come along, Bronx ol' boy." Bronx chuffed happily and bounded along beside him. Bronx didn't look too old to Goliath, but he knew that looks could be deceiving. For all he knew, Bronx could be just as old and achy-feeling as Hudson.

A knock startled Elisa and she looked up from the book she was reading. Who could it… ah. Hudson and Bronx were standing outside her window, smiling at her. She stood up and opened it, gesturing them in.

"Hey guys, what's up? Everything alright?" She had been planning to stay in, have some quality alone time. It was rare, what with her demanding job and gargoyles.

"Yes, yes, donna fash. Bronx just wanted to say hello before we headed over to the park. He was gettin' a wee bit antsy at any rate. Might've been on account of Goliath, I s'pose…"

Elisa's ears perked up. Goliath? What was wrong with Goliath? He'd seemed fine yesterday, especially after that kiss…

Her cheeks nearly heated at the memory. Boy, oh boy, and what a kiss it had been, too. She'd dreamed about that kiss they'd shared, replayed it over and over again. She'd never seen herself as that woman before, obsessing over something as small as a kiss, but here she was. Oh well. Better now, on her off time, than later on when she was working. It wouldn't do to be thinking about Goliath's lips when she was cuffing criminals.

"Is something wrong with him? Is he sick? I mean, you guys are normally so tough and all so I figured-"

"Oh, lass, I didna mean to scare you. Goliath is fine, just… lonely. The younger lads went off and Bronx and I are out. I imagine he's just in a slump, since…" Hudson trailed off, but Elisa knew what he was going to say. Since they'd kissed. He'd been in a slump since they'd kissed the other night. Jalapena, but she was so stupid. Of course he would be. She'd practically molested him in front of his entire family and then not even bothered to call afterwards. What kind of person was she?

"No, I get it. You're right, I understand. I should call, or go over, or… something like that. We should talk and- and stuff." She sounded like a teenager with her first crush! But then, she'd never liked anyone as much as she liked Goliath.

"Sounds fine to me. Jus' be careful goin' around at night, lass. Have a good something and stuff, as ye put it." He smiled knowingly and waved before picking Bronx up and flying off.

Something and stuff indeed. Hudson must think her a love struck ninny by now. Still, he had a point. She really needed to go over. Talk with him, spend time with him, anything. And she was dying to see him anyway.

She nodded her head resolutely. Yes, definitely. She'd hail a cab and head over. Goliath would surely be expecting her at this point.

"And one, and two, and- c'mon ladies, lift those legs! And one, and two, and three."

Goliath started transfixed at the fitness instructor on the screen, clad only in a pink leotard with blue wrist- and legwarmers. She was on her side, head supported by arm with the other resting on the ground, lifting her top leg methodically as she belted out encouragement.

The women on the screen seemed to enjoy, even revel in this exercise, despite being sweaty and featured in such a manner on public broadcasting.

He turned around and stared at his tail. Perhaps he needed such a workout in order to maintain a healthy muscle tone in his fifth limb. He had noticed it swinging slower than usual, and it was worrying to say the least. He had once watched an evolution debate on the Science Channel, and one of debaters had used the term 'use it or lose it.' He did not want to lose his tail, though he knew it to be highly unlikely, and so perhaps he should take up such a regime to-

Thumps and steps interrupted Goliath from his musings and he quickly stood up. The boys had scarcely been gone forty minutes, previews were probably still on. It wasn't even long enough for Bronx and Hudson to have made an entire circuit around the park.

"…iath? Goliath?" A voice floated up to him and he relaxed. It was only Elisa, but surely he had not been mistaken in hearing Hudson say she was working?

Her head popped into view and the rest of her soon followed. "Hey, I was in the neighborhood, and just thought I'd stop by. So…" She looked around and strolled over to him. "What's up?"

He gestured around. "I am keeping watch while the others are away."

Elisa looked behind him. "I can see that by the very vigilant way you appeared to be watching 'Lily's Leg Workout.'" She smiled at him and cocked an eyebrow.

Caught in the act, then. "Ah, yes, well… I was flipping channels, after scanning the sky, and- it just came on, I was watching the news-"

A suppressed giggle broke through Elisa's lips and Goliath stopped. "The unusually bright clothing caught my eye."

"Yeah, Big Guy, sure it did." She chuckled again and walked past him to sit in front of the TV. "So, anything better on?"

He joined her on the floor and handed her the remote. "Whatever you wish to watch will be fine with me." It wasn't like he was too attached to 'Lily's Leg Workout.'

"Yeah? Alright then. So where exactly did the Three Musketeers go cavorting off to anyway?"

Goliath laughed at her newest nickname for the boys. "A new movie called 'The Purge.' Have you heard of it?"

She hesitantly nodded. "Yeah. It gives the justice system a bad name. We're probably gonna have a whole new kind of trouble once it becomes more popular. Bunch of kids, running around thinking that kind of stuff is cool because they saw it in the movie." Elisa shook her head. "Just means a lot of kids in the overnight hold and a ton of paperwork for us."

He hadn't even considered the effects the movie would have on the youth after seeing it, although Elisa had a good point. She was well-versed in things of this matter.

"Hm." Goliath made a noncommittal noise.

"So, since the guys are out watching a movie, whaddaya say we do the same?" She ribbed him and smiled. "C'mon, it'll be fun, I won't pick a chick-flick or anything- promise." She grabbed his arm and jiggled it back and forth.

"Alright, what did you have in mind?"

Elisa held up a red DVD with an older man's face on the front. "Something as violent as 'The Purge,' but so much more classic. Goliath, meet R.E.D."

He was intrigued.

An hour into the movie, and Elisa could tell Goliath liked it. Perhaps not the violence or killing, but the character and morals of the main character, Frank Moses. She could tell he liked the way Moses and his team banded together despite obstacles from the government and their old age. She thought Goliath liked the fact that they were older, that it reminded him of Hudson and Bronx.

Goliath's chest rumbled with laughter as he watched the screen, and Elisa leaned over and whispered, "Be right back, I'm gonna go make popcorn." She hoisted herself up and ambled over to the kitchen.

She popped the back into the microwave and set it one minute. Leaning her hip on the counter while she waited, Elisa looked over and Goliath and cocked her head. They'd constructed a nest of blankets just before putting the movie on, so they'd be comfortable while watching it. Goliath was laying leaning back on a mountain of pillows that they'd scrounged up from here and there. He was still laughing at a scene, and her eyes followed the movements of his chest as it bobbed up and down.

And what a chest it was. Washboard abs, steel pecs, dear God even his nipples looked like they could bounce quarters. She bit her lip- oh, bad thoughts, girl, bad thoughts. Still… her eyes swept over him again.

Almost as if he could feel her eyes on him, Goliath turned around and locked eyes with her. She stared back, unflinchingly. They stayed like that until Elisa licked her lips, which were suddenly very, very dry. Goliath's eyes zeroed in on her mouth and, if it was even possible, his gaze became more intense. Dear God, if he had that kind of concentration when looking at her mouth, she couldn't imagine what it would be like if she was-

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEE- Elisa slammed her hand down on the open button on the microwave and leaned down. One part of her wanted to tear the machine apart with her hands for breaking up their…whatever it was. Another, bigger, more logical part of her was sobbing on the ground thanking whatever god would listen that the tension was broken. She didn't think she'd be able to take much more.

A bowl was easily procured and she waited a suitable amount of time before dumping the now-cool popcorn in. Alright, play it cool, she thought. Bowl in hand, she ambled over and plopped down in their pool of blankets and held it out to him. "Hungry?"

He smiled and grabbed a handful before turning his head back to the movie. Elisa did the same and tried to concentrate. Tried being the key word.

But c'mon, seriously? She had a half-naked, ancient gargoyle warrior who had previously kissed her like she was the last female on earth and it was his duty to repopulate. She couldn't be blamed for any… stray thoughts that didn't pertain to the movie.

She reached for the popcorn and felt his hand cover hers. Black and white eyes locked onto hers once more, and the only thing Elisa could think before his mouth covered hers was 'hands touching in the popcorn bowl- so cliché.'

His hands tilted her chin up and she wrapped her arms around his neck. Jalepena, but he tasted divine. Like butter and gargoyle and… Goliath.

Elisa felt his mouth slant over hers and she tightened her grip on him. She'd be worried if he wasn't so durable. She moaned and pulled him to her even tighter. His body pressed up against hers, firm and unyielding. Hard in all the places where she was soft. Heat pooled in her nether regions and she could feel that he reciprocated against her stomach. It was amazing, earth-shattering, and… not enough.

Hoping it wouldn't scare him away, she let her tongue slip from her mouth and brush against his lips. Gentle brushes, butterfly strokes, teasing swipes. Enough for him to feel, but not enough for him to take any real pleasure from it.

She felt it the moment he finally surrendered. He groaned and dug his talons into her hips, dragging her across the blankets and onto his lap, knocking over the popcorn bowl in his haste. His mouth opened and another tongue came to join hers. They danced, slipping, sliding against the other. His breathing grew ragged, her eyelids drooped.

It was on the tip of her tongue, those three little words. I love you. She could say it, she was sure. She opened her mouth, smiling, and drew back from him. His claws eased up only enough for her to lean back slightly. She cupped his face in her hands, running her fingers along his jaw. This was it.

"Goliath, I-"

"We're back!" Shouts and laughter rang out from the balcony and Elisa whipped her head around. For a split second, she froze. Then Goliath sprang into action, setting her on the floor gently and smoothing the blankets down. There was nothing to be done for the spilt popcorn.

Goliath discreetly pulled a corner of the blanket over his lap and cocked his leg, sending a mock glare Elisa's way when she tried to stifle her giggles.

Lexington, Broadway, and Brooklyn practically smashed the doors on their way in, babbling excitedly about how amazing the movie was. As soon as they caught sight of Goliath and her, they immediately made a beeline for them.

"You guys won't believe how-"

"Absolutely amazing! I've never seen anything like-"

"It went far beyond my initial expectations!"

Elisa laughed as each one tried to tell their opinion, each trying to talk louder than the other. As they talked, one would step in front of the others to try and drive his point home. This ended with all three kneeling in front of Goliath and Elisa, waving their hands and nodded animatedly. At one point she had to duck to avoid Broadway's talons as he reenacted a scene from the movie that he found particularly cool.

"Oy, what's goin' on here?"

Five heads swiveled around at the sound of the thick accent, and three bodies sprung up to greet the older gargoyle and his canine companion. Elisa and Goliath waved from their positions on the floor.

Even more exclamations and noise arose as the younger three attempted to explain the situation and what they'd been doing, which led to them repeating to Hudson and Bronx what they'd said to Goliath and Elisa earlier. Elisa merely shook her head and smiled at their antics.

Hudson chuckled as waved his hands, signaling an end to the debate. "Aye, I'm sure 'tis as ye say. Can an old gargoyle sit down now?"

A chorus of 'of course' and 'why didn't you say so' arose at this and they ushered him to his chair near Goliath and Elisa's spot on the floor. He looked down at them and tilted his head. "And what were you two doing?"

When two voices simultaneously screeched 'nothing!' Hudson smiled, his eyes crinkling at the corner.

"Is that so, now?" He glanced down at the upturned popcorn bowl and then at the blanket in Goliath's lap before laughing.

Thirty minutes later, after everything had been cleaned up and goodbyes said, Elisa found herself plopping down on her couch and heaving a deep sigh.

Cagney jumped up on her lap and meowed mournfully. She smiled and rubbed behind his ears. "Next time, when everything's perfect and we're all alone, then I'll do it. Yeah, I'll do it then." He just sat down on his haunches and stared at her critically. Elisa frowned defensively and said, "I will, just you watch. When the time is right, I'll just come out and say it, no hesitation, no excuses."

Seemingly satisfied, Cagney meowed once more and sauntered away.

She nodded resolutely once more to herself. "I will."

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