A twenty-five year old spikey blonde haired man walked onto the shuttle that stood before him. He was wearing shinobi slacks, black sandals, a white shirt, an unzipped green flak jacket and a red cloak with black flames adoring the rims over it. He had cerulean blue eyes and whiskered cheeks to go along with his fox-like build. Around his neck was a small fox necklace that was dark red with two blue gems for the eyes on the fox head medallion, the necklace being a gift from his friend Yamanaka Ino before she passed away in the war. In his hand was a small scroll with the rest of his belongings. He turned back and looked at the few people watching him leave.

His student, Yuuhi Hiruzen, the son of Sarutobi Asuma and Yuuhi Kurenai, stood with tears brimming along his red eyes. He had taken the boy under his wing after his team sensei, Nara Shikamaru, died in the Second Shinobi Alliance War. He was dressed in a pair of black slacks and a blue Konoha shirt with the honorary Uzumaki symbol on the shoulders. Hanging across his chest was the Toad Summoning contract left to him by the current Gama Sennin. The blonde nodded to him, making it too much for the young ten year old to handle and he turned to bury his face in his mother's side.

Yuuhi Kurenai watched the former love interest of her favored student with a sad smile as she comforted her son and tears rolled down her face. Hyuuga Hinata would have fought tooth and nail against the Nanadaime Hokage's decision to send the Hero of Konoha away, but ever since the end of the Fifth Shinobi Alliance War, the corrupted Hokage had become afraid of the blonde's stance in the village, hence the banishment to a new life that was happening today. The shuttle he was boarding was of Hoshigakure no Sato design, a cryogenic stasis pod built in by the scientists of Yuki no Kuni, and sealed by the remaining members of the Fuuma clan to reduce interference by the blonde's demonic aura.

The blonde man then looked at his best friend and Chief Medical Officer of Konohagakure no Sato, Haruno Sakura. The pink haired medic was dressed in a ceremonial black and white yakuta like one of her mentors, Shizune, used to wear. A single tear trailed down her cheek and she smiled sadly at him as he started to leave. She was one of the few among the council that fought for his right to stay. She comforted the other two students of the blonde, Yamanaka Hinata and Nara Gaara (both named after fallen heroes known by their parents), that were sobbing their eyes out at his leaving. First they lost their sensei, in Gaara's case his father, and now they were losing their second mentor because of the corrupt village leader.

The blonde then looked ahead and sighed as he entered the shuttle forged from technology unearthed in Iwagakure. This would be the first and only mission to space that the Elemental Nations would ever have, as decided by the Council of Kages (not unanimously). With a final wave goodbye to the small gathered group, he boarded the shuttle, smiling as he heard Hiruzen call out, "I'll make this right sensei! You'll see! I'll be the next Hokage and bring you back!"

The blonde chuckled as the door shut behind him, his laughter turning into hushed sobs. The ship came alive thanks to the built in computer that took up almost three fourths of the ship's contents, the cryogenic pod being the only other thing in the shuttle. The blonde man pulled the black headband from his head, a gleam of metal with the carved image of a leaf looking back at him. With a few more tears, the blonde clutched the headband tightly before turning back to the door, opening it quickly and tossing the headband out before shutting it, none of those who were watching any wiser about his action. He looked at the scroll in his hand and looked around before finding a small storage panel, which he then used to store the scroll and a small package of farewell letters written to him by his friends. The blonde went to the cryogenic pod, looking at his reflection in the glass as his blonde bangs fell over his head.

"I'm sorry, mother, father," he said quietly to no one, "I...let you down. I'm not worthy to go by the name Uzumaki-Namikaze. To honor you though, I will keep my name you chose from Ero-sensei's book. I am an Uzumaki-Namikaze no longer."

With a determined look on his face, his eyes flashing red briefly, the blonde opened the cryogenic pod and entered it, settling himself in. As it was programmed, the cryogenic pod flash froze the blonde as it took off.

The story doesn't end here however, for our now frozen hero has triggered events that will affect the entire Milky Way Galaxy for eons to come. These events would start reacting almost seventeen hundred years later, where the entire universe would have just began a war with the biggest threat they would face. These events would be called...


(Disclaimer: I own nothing aside from my plot and my own depiction of Shepard. PS, some important times may be wrong, just inform me and I'll fix them. THANKS!)

Norse Head Nebula, 1659 years later (Year 2179)

The Human Alliance ship, Daytona, a B-class cruiser, drifted lazily around the planet the Human species deemed their home world, Earth. Second Class Flight Lieutenant James Jackson, JJ for short, yawned as he checked the systems on the drifting cruiser. He was an average height for a human male that was barely through his twenties, a solid six feet and two inches, with hardly any body fat on him whatsoever. He was lanky, though, his lithe muscles only being from keeping in regulated health. He had small brown freckles decorating his nose and cheeks, accenting his dark blue eyes and dusty blonde hair that he wore in the standard crew cut.

"I hate the night shift," JJ grumbled as he leaned back in the pilot's chair, "Nothing exciting ever happens...well I could always listen to some Asari music."

No sooner did the words leave his lips did the alarms start to go off, the sensors picking up an unknown object on radar. JJ blinked before reaching for the com and flipping it on.

"Captain, we have an unidentified object heading our way," he informed the CO, Captain David Anderson. The thirty-five year old Captain rushed to the cockpit and leaned over JJ's shoulder.

"What's the distance and telemetry of the UO?" Anderson asked with narrowed eyes locked on the radar.

"222.4 meters and visibility will be established out the starboard window in five...four...three...two..." JJ counted down as he and the Captain looked to their right, "What the hell...?"

"I think...it's a ship..." Anderson said with wide eyes as they looked at the bastardized contraption resembling a highly advanced escape pod, "Bring it in, JJ. I want a closer look at this thing..."

"Aye, aye, Captain," JJ said with a nod as he activated the airlock and magnetized the UO to the Daytona's side.

Anderson went to the com and pressed down on the button, "PFC Alenko and PSCs Franklin and Marcus, report to the airlock for a spacewalk ASAP!"

The captain then went to the airlock and waited for the three private's arrival, pleased to see the three young and eager rookie marines of the Alliance's fleet standing before him. Kaidan Alenko was a twenty-nine year old biotic with L2 implants, something that aggravates him through migraines from time to time. His history in the Turbian biotics training facility aside, Kaidan is a respectable Sentinel of the Alliance whose abilities would lead him to greatness later on in his career. Michael T. Franklin, Jr. is a highly trained electronics expert and shows promise to any crew that he joins. He's a young man by human standards, a child by some of the more durable species of the universe, being only at the age of 19. Joe Marcus, aged 23, is another electrician, but one that has learned how to defend himself with any weapon available, usually a shotgun of his own design, making him an excellent choice to board a small, unidentifiable object drifting through space.

"Your mission is to investigate that UO," Anderson told them. The three helmeted rookies nodded and went into the airlock, the hissing of the shutting doors alerting the captain that they were now mentally prepping themselves.

Kaidan Alenko took a small intake of breath before he went to the door that separated him from the contents of the UO. Marcus and Franklin waited patiently as their field commander held his hand up and become enshrouded by a purple-ish blue energy, one that spread to the door and allowed Alenko to mentally pull it from its surprisingly complex hinges.

"Captain, we're in," Alenko said as they walked into the surprisingly small ship.

"Good. Get what you can and bring it back. We don't know what type of ship that is or where it came from. Anderson, out," Captain Anderson ordered.

Alenko turned back to the others and said, "You heard him. Take what you can and scram. My suit says our vitals should be fine for about fifteen minutes, twenty tops."

"Understood/Got it." Were the responses he received. Alenko turned and led the three into the shuttle, and went to place his hand against the wall.

"Gah!" Alenko yelped as he pulled his hand back. The other two looked at him questionably and he cradled his hand before replying, "I was...burned!"

"*whistle* this is one sorry sack o shit!" Marcus said with slight awe as he walked to a glassy looking tube and examined it, "We can barely fit in here because of this thing! Wonder what's in it..."

"Hey guys! I found a wall panel!" Franklin said as he went to the panel next to the tube, "There's no electric lock, either! Let's see what we-GAAASSCK!"

Electricity coursed through Franklin's body and caused him to convulse before being shot back to the Daytona's airlock, making the two cry his name in concern before the ship actually hummed and loud alarms filled the air. The tube-like container hissed and it opened to the left. Smoke filled the area and Marcus and Kaidan waved their hands to clear their vision when they gaped at what they saw.

Lying against the wall, drifting because of the lack of gravity, was a blonde, nearly Marcus' age. He had three scars on each cheek and he wore a red cloak of some sort. Around his neck there was a necklace resembling a fox, two sapphires gleaming in it as its eyes. Kaidan instantly used his Omni-tool to check the blonde's vitals, scowling when the tool suddenly acted up and shut down.

"What the...? Ah, scrap it," Kaidan cursed, "Let's get him and Franklin back to the Daytona's med bay."

"What about the container Franklin went for?" Marcus asked as he glanced back at the box, almost greedily, "This...guy might have something in there."

Not really concerned about what should be done with the container, more so about his men, Kaidan used his Biotics to tear it from the wall and throw it into the airlock. He looked back at Marcus with annoyance and asked, "Happy now? Let's go."

"Right." Marcus said as he grabbed the floating blonde and carried him back to the airlock of the Daytona. They entered with the blonde man on the ground and Franklin being assisted as the Airlock shut and decontaminated them.

Who the fuck turned the sun on? Was his first conscious thought. The blonde man blinked and rubbed his eyes as he sat up.

"Oh! You're awake," an elderly voice said with surprise, making the man look in the origin of the voice's direction. He saw an elderly woman with hazel eyes and wearing some sort of white uniform with a red N7 on her shoulders and on the right side of her chest.

"My name is Dr. Chakwas," the woman said, gesturing to herself before sitting in a chair that resembled one the blonde had seen Sakura use before, "What's yours?"

"Uh...Nam-Err, I mean, Naruto. Just Naruto," he said, recalling his last promise to his deceased parents, "Wha...Where am I?"

"You are onboard the Alliance Cruiser Daytona," Dr. Chakwas informed him as she wrote some notes down, "Naruto you said? Japanese for a slice of bento or maelstrom?"

"H-Hai..." Naruto said with a nod before looking around, "Wh-What's a cruiser? What year is this? How do you understand me? Where am I? What-?"

"Slow down," Dr. Chakwas said as she placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, "I'll answer all of your questions once I get some of my own answered. For your information, it is the year Twenty-one-seventy-nine."

"2179?" He repeated with wide eyes, "My god...over two-thousand years..."

"Two thousand years you say?" Chakwas replied with a wide eye, "Fascinating. What planet do you come from?"

"Earth," he said making Chakwas blink in confusion. Earth's technology might have spiked about forty years ago, but to her knowledge, the first successful spaceship launched in 1959 by Russia, now known as the Alliance Country of Russia, or the ACR.

"That...can't be right..." Chakwas said with confusion as she wrote down the information given to her, "You say over two-thousand years ago that ship was constructed. There were no countries I know of that had that sort of technology in that timeline."

"The Elemental Nations did," Naruto said with a nod before he frowned, "You've never heard of the Elemental Nations, have you?"

"Not once in all my life," Chakwas said with a shake of her head. Naruto sighed.

"Shit..." he muttered, pinching the bridge of his nose and cursing Kami, "I need a drink..."

"Well, I can't condone that until we finish your check-up," the doctor said before shaking her head, "But I can't use modern technology to do it for some reason. Some sort of energy keeps interfering."

"My chakra is interfering with your machines?" Naruto basically restated, earning a look from the doctor.

"You know what the energy is?" she asked with wide eyes. Naruto slowly nodded.

"Hai..." he said as he lifted his left hand and formed an incomplete Rasengan, "This is called a Rasengan, or Swirling Sphere. This is the incomplete form of it, but basically, it is raw chakra."

"Fascinating!" Chakwas said with wide eyes as she looked at the swirling energy in his hand, "And you can produce it willingly as well as control it?"

"Hai," the blonde said with a nod, "Chakra can also be used to enhance reflexes, the five senses, strength, speed, create fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, and even heal mortal wounds."

"Amazing..." Chakwas muttered, "Did all of your people manage to use this energy?"

"A good portion did," Naruto sighed out wistfully, "You have to start using it at childhood or your chakra coils shrivel up to nothing."

"Chakra Coils, you say?" Chakwas asked as she placed her holographic clip-board on her lap and placed a hand on her chin, "I never would have thought Earth was so...different two thousand years ago...I wonder..."

"Wonder what?" The blonde asked with suspicious eyes. Chakwas smiled at the boy and shook her head.

"Never you mind," she said, "Now...tell me Naruto, what was your world like?"

Naruto sighed sadly and looked at his hands, "We...were just at war before I was...banished. Children, adults...anyone our village needed to serve in a battle were recruited. Many retired were brought back to train the next generation. I lost many friends against the new foes. They were monsters...beasts that looked like large insects...They had first attacked the village hidden in rocks; Iwagakure no Sato. They then went after Kumogakure no Sato, and then my best friend gave his life to allow me to escape from Sunagakure no Sato..."

"We can let the past stay in the past if it's too hard," Chakwas said comfortingly as she placed a hand on his knee, making the blonde look at her with eyes full of pain and anguish.

"Thank you," he whispered before pinching the bridge of his nose and closing his eyes, "But I have to continue. The monsters...they were after me. I...I think it was because...Never mind."

Chakwas understood his need for secrecy and nodded before looking at her clipboard and pressing a few keys. She turned the board around and asked, "Is this what they looked like?"

On the clip board was the image of a large crustation-like insect with the word Rachni underneath it. Naruto's eyes narrowed at it and they flashed yellow with a four-pointed stars as pupils as he growled.

"I take it these were what your people fought?" Chakwas asked. Naruto nodded.

"Those...those fucking things killed my friends!" he snarled, "If I ever see another one, I'm shoving a Fuuton: Rasengan up its non-existent ass!"

"Easy, easy," Chakwas soothed as she placed a hand on his shoulder, "They're called Rachni. They're all gone. Wiped out by the Krogan...Come with me, I'll start answering questions for you."

"You asked for me, Sir?" Kaidan asked as he stepped into the room where Captain Anderson was waiting as he watched through a viewer observing the picked up blonde.

"Ah, Alenko," Anderson said as he turned to smile at the L2 Biotic, "Mission accomplished. Not only did you return with one minor injury, but you saved the life of a captive and survivor of the first Rachni invasion ever recorded on earth."

"I-what?" Kaidan repeated as his eyes widened. Anderson gestured to the screen that showed the blonde, now dressed in an orange and black shirt and black cargo pants, performing what appeared to be hand to hand combat tests. He was currently wiping the floor with the chosen instructor, Marcus, and the Captain looked almost approving with how the electrician was getting his ass kicked.

"Why Marcus?" Kaidan asked as he watched Naruto deliver a kick to Marcus' throat. The electrician reached for his throat and coughed violently while the blonde settled into an unknown fighting style.

"It seems Marcus here is a thief," Anderson said with a shake of his head, "God knows how many things he's stolen from the Alliance. Naruto, the man you saved, caught him in the act of going through his box, which only had a large scroll in it."

"Dobe! You understand what I'm beating into you?" Naruto spat to the downed man, "Go through anyone else's things again, and I'll rip your damn hands off!"

"Yeesh," Kaidan winced as Naruto kicked Marcus in the side for good measure, "He's really pissed at Marcus..."

"Apparently Marcus went through that envelope that was in the box," Anderson said with a saddened tone, "They were...farewell messages to Naruto from his friends before he was...banished."

"My god..." Kaidan muttered as the blonde turned and began pulling the notes back into the envelope before leaving the room with the scroll and envelope in hand.

"I want you to go talk to him, Kaidan," the captain said, "Try and persuade him to sign up for the alliance when we dock at the citadel."

"I'll...Do what I can," the biotic said with little assurance.

Citadel, Widow Nebula, 6 Years Later (Year 2185)

"So who did you say this guy was, Shepard?" A Krogan with light orangish-red skin and light grey armor asked a man that stood almost six feet tall and had shaved strawberry blonde hair. He had a chiseled jaw and some scarring existed, but seemed to be fading. He wore a dark green Cerberus issued space armor, the helmet having a light blue visor hiding his grey eyes.

"Zaeed told me this guy was the only other man just as good as he was," Shepard replied sternly, "And if we're going against the collectors, we're gonna need all the help we can get, Grunt."

"Shepard is correct," Dr. Mordin Solus said, the Salarian geneticist said with a nod, "Need more skills to stop collectors. Dangerous to go at them alone. Need varieties. Biotics and Krogan not enough. Need cunning merc like the Fox."

"You've heard of the Fox, Mordin?" Shepard asked, turning to face the Salarian.

"Fox is dangerous; Very dangerous," Mordin said with a small shiver, "Makes a Krogan look like kind kitten. Gets job done no matter what, always works alone, kills everyone and anyone aside from women and children."

"Unless they're related to the Rachni Reforming project," a voice said from above them. They all looked up, with their weapons ready, at the rafters. Standing on the bottom of the rafters, similar to the thief they contracted a few days before only upside down, was a spikey haired blonde with an artist goatee under his chin. Three slashes were on either cheek of his face and yellow eyes with four-pointed star pupils looked down at them. He wore orange and black cargo pants with an orange jacket with black flame edging over a black shirt with an orange swirl on it. Around his neck dangled a golden necklace.

"Impressive," Mordin said as he placed his hand cannon pistol back at his hip, "Anti-gravity biotics. Thought only to be rumors. Perhaps a chance to examine..."

"Peh, we'll see," Grunt grumbled as he put his Krogan shotgun away and the Salarian drifted off into a ramble. Shepard holstered his rifle and looked at the man curiously.

"You know anyone named Katsumi?" the commander asked with a smile.

"Met her boyfriend a couple of years back," the blonde replied before falling to the ground, "So you cost Zaeed his 'vengeance' eh?"

"Bastard left as soon as we landed here," Grunt snarled as he crossed his arms, "Pansy, he doesn't realize he could just get another shot after we're done."

"Those people needed to be saved," Shepard replied with a nod, "I wasn't going to let Zaeed's anger cost them their lives."

"Good move, Shepard," the blonde said with a grin, revealing canine-like teeth, "Glad I signed up. Name's Naruto. Call me Fox if ya want. I'll move my own things in, thanks."

"Welcome aboard, Naruto," the Commander said, "Normandy is docked at dock three."

"Maa, maa, I know, I know." The blonde dismissed as he started walking towards the Normandy II before suddenly combusting into a burst of smoke. Shepard, Grunt and Mordin blinked in confusion before shaking their heads and walking back towards the Human Council's chambers.

Anderson needed to be debriefed.

"And who are you supposed to be?" A black haired woman with striking blue eyes asked as Naruto walked on the Normandy.

"The best hit man this side of the Nebula, babe," Naruto replied with a wink, "and you are?"

"Executive officer of this ship, Miranda Lawson," Miranda replied with a downward glare, "What's your purpose on this ship?"

"Ah leave the new guy alone, Cheerleader," a tattooed woman with a shaved head wearing a leather bikini and cargos, the articles of clothes making her seem the exact opposite of the Cerberus uniformed XO, said as she walked towards them. She smiled smugly at the irritated XO and glanced at the blonde, giving him a once over before smirking.

"Not bad," she said with a grin, "Like the jacket. Nice touch."

"Got it off a job back over in the Local," the blonde replied with a grin, "Want it?"

"Nah," the woman said with a shake of her head, "Looks too...obvious."

"You'd be surprised..." Naruto started.

"Jack," the woman said and then raised her glowing hand warningly, "One joke about a sex change and I'll see to it you don't reproduce!"

"There's a threat I haven't gotten in a long time," Naruto chuckled out before smiling at her, "Already I feel at home. I'll be moving in now. Exec, Jack, pleasure meeting ya both. Ja ne."

He vanished with a swirl of leaves, making the two women blink before Jack grinned.

"Oh I like him," the biotic ex-convict said with a sadistic tone, "He's gonna make this fun."

"He's gonna cause trouble," Miranda countered before glaring at Jack, "Don't you have somewhere else to be?"

"Don't you have a stick to remove from your ass?" Jack shot back as she walked away cackling.

"Ahh..." Naruto sighed as he fell onto the mat laid out in the 'Garbage' room, which was really the garbage disposal unit's command post. He took a moment to relax before looking at the small scroll he placed in a handmade holder he had at the desk.

Do I even want to hear their voices again? He thought sadly before looking at the sky, Would they scold me for following the ninja way? For...becoming a...a killer? No...ninja are tools, but we remain human with our hobbies. I used to train and garden as well as talk with my friends. Here, in this time...I have no friends. No garden. No training grounds for jutsu. Meditate. That's all I do.

With a heavy sigh, the twenty nine year old stood and stripped down to his boxers before sitting in the lotus position on his bed. With a heavy mind, Naruto sighed once again and closed his eyes, allowing the Sage mode to overcome him. His energy reached out to the ship and surrounding beings, meeting and becoming one with many biotics.

"Hello Naruto," an electronic female voice greeted, making the blonde lazily lift one eye, both eyes now being surrounded by orange make-up. He blinked as the blue glowing digital orb seemed to stare right at him before smiling.

"I'm going to dismantle you piece by piece if you interrupt my training again," he said cheerfully, similar to an old friend by the name of Sai would.

"I will log that in my records, Naruto." The voice said once again, "I am EDI, the Elec-"

"Not gonna remember it, don't bother," the blonde said with an eye roll before leaning forward and resting his head on his overlapped hands, "What do you want?"

"The Illusive Man would like you to accompany Shepard in the Debriefing room."

"Tell your 'Illusive Man' to fuck off," Naruto snarled, his eyes going from a kind threat to sheer malice, "I don't take orders from anyone unless they pay me."

"He is-"

"I declined that payment!" Naruto hissed, "I don't want dirty money in my pocket. Not from some sick freak that wants humans to reign supreme."

"Very well. Might I inquire why you are here then?" the AI asked.

Naruto glanced at the scroll on his desk faster than the AI's camera could register before softening his gaze and looking at his hands, "I...Promised someone very dear to me that I would stop all wars. Bring peace to my home."

"You're a bounty hunter. You have no home." The AI noted. Naruto laughed somberly.

"Yeah...I thought that, too," Naruto said with a depressed tone, "But...I came to a realization. I will always have a home, even if it's not listed by my name. My home is at any door that will have me without pay, the just will be known as my family."

Naruto glanced over at his left arm and held it up as a blue light appeared on his arm, making EDI glitch for a moment, before he looked at the photobook in his hand.

"These...are faces of the dead," Naruto said as he opened the book. The AI disappeared a moment before returning to Naruto's side, scanning the pages of smiling children, "On the colony of Eden Prime."

"They gave you a place to stay?" EDI asked. Naruto nodded before looking at the item in his hands and turning the page.

"They gave me many things," he sighed sadly as he came across the picture of a girl with long blue hair and light eyes, "A trip to the past, memories long forgotten brought to my mind. Tears...I cried after ten years of hardship as soon as I heard of Eden Prime's demise. I was on Omega...helping a...friend rise to power. I stayed afterwards to make sure nothing happened to her."

The door suddenly hissed open and a Turian with a burnt face stormed into the room, his pistol locked on Naruto's head. Grunt, Mordin, Jack, Shepard, Miranda and a woman wearing dark clothes as well as an black human followed him, the many going wide eyed at what they saw.

"Archangel," Naruto said without looking up, "how long has it been? Five, ten months?"

"Eleven on the dot," the Turian growled, "Who let you on this ship?"

"Talk to Shepard," Naruto said, "And stop pointing that at me, you know how I hate those things."

"I hate having to watch a man die while my source gets off scotch free!" the Turian roared, his hand trembling. Shepard stepped forward and grabbed his wrist.

"Stand down, Garrus!" the commander said sternly, "Naruto is here to help."

"Commander, he's a coward! Nothing more and nothing less!" Garrus shouted with narrowed eyes, "I lost my first man that day, and it was all your fault!"

"You didn't lose anyone, Turian," a voice said with a growl. Everyone took a step back in shock as another Naruto appeared with a sharp object digging into Garrus' throat, blood appearing at the wound, "Connor wanted out of your games, and he got out. I smuggled him and Cherry to the Citadel for only twenty credits and a pack of smokes."

"Impossible! I saw him get gunned down!" Garrus said before stilling as the blade seeped deeper in the wound.

"I sit before you reading a book talking to a machine as well as holding a blade to your throat, trying to tell you what happened, and you expect me to believe your cries of impossible?" the Naruto with the blade asked, "I could have killed you seven thousand different ways the moment you decided to storm my room, but I restrained myself to see why an old accomplice came to visit me. I'm very forgiving, luckily for you, so consider this a warning."

"Naruto, stand down!" Shepard managed to bark as soon as he regained his wits. No sooner had he delivered the order, the blonde holding Garrus hostage and the blonde reading a scrapbook vanished into poofs of smoke. A hidden blonde dropped from the open vent shaft and shook his head.

"Horrible reflexes, all of you," he said with disappointment, "well, maybe not Katsumi, but a good portion of you need to work on that."

"That...That was...That was..." Katsumi repeated, her eyes becoming slightly visible under her hood as the group looked at her. Naruto sighed and pinched his nose.

"Yes, Kage Bunshin," he said, making the thief faint into the Krogan's arms, "Huh, I did not see that coming."

"What's a...Ka-jay Boo-shin?" Shepard asked. Naruto shook his head and looked at Garrus, before reaching into his pocket and pulling a holo note out.

"That can wait. Here, I figured you wouldn't believe me unless you read this with me in front of you," the blonde said before suddenly stabbing his hand, "And as you can see, I'm the real one."

"Damn, he's real good!" Jack said with awe before grinning, "I like him!"

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