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Bruce sat in his office in the Manor, his body leaning over his knees as he sat in his fine leather chair. He was running his fingers through his hair repeatedly, his breath coming in shaky rasps. Oh, dear God... My son... My son...

Alfred stopped at the door. The old butler's face was lean and pale, much paler than it had ever been before. After one year, well, not much was expected. "Masters Bartholomew and Wallace are here, Master Bruce. They wish to speak with you."

Bruce sat back in his chair, shuddering softly and massaging his temples. "Send them in."

Alfred nodded and left.

In one year, Young Justice was still alive, but just barely, hanging on by simple threads. No team members had been added or lost- that would have just shredded them all apart. In one year, all hopes had faded. Everything was a losing battle. Batman no longer existed- Bruce was too weak, his heart to heavy, to carry on.

Wally and Barry appeared at the door, the latter having an arm around his nephew's shoulders. "Hello, Bruce," he spoke, clearing his throat.

Bruce didn't look up.

Wally quickly voiced, "We came to visit. Is that... Is that oka-"

A blood-curdling, gut-churning scream rippled through the Manor. In an instant, Bruce was on his feet, darting up the stairs. Wally and Barry, tempted to use their super-speed, ran after him.

Bruce stopped in front of Dick's door and threw it open. The teenager was sitting up, his whole body shaking rapidly. The machines that were hooked up to his body in numerous places were all going crazy with viral brain and heart activity.

Dick's eyes were wide, and his scream was still going on. Bruce dropped himself onto the bed, pulling the now-fourteen-year-old close. He hushed him, tears of joy in his eyes. "Richard- Richard, ssh... ssh... It's okay-"

"I-I'm not d-d-dead?"

Bruce looked down at his son with a watery smile. "No- no, thank God you're not."

Dick looked over and, from beneath sweaty black bangs, began to sob when he saw Wally. "W-Wally!"

The ginger was instantly in the 'group-hug', holding Dick tightly to his chest. "! You''yearandIjustcan'timaginelifewithoutyou!"

Dick was too busy sobbing to pick up anything his best friend said. "B-But I got s-s-shot! And y-you had a funeral f-f-f-for me, and you a-adopted a new k-kid! A-And-"

Bruce gently cupped Dick's face in his hands, wiping away the tears. "Richard, yes you were shot, but you- you've been in a coma for almost a year..."

Blue eyes widened. "W-What?"

Barry came over, smiling gently, and ruffled the boy's hair. "We thought we had lost you. We did, actually."

"I couldn't stop crying," Wally admitted, remembering how he had thrown his body over Dick's, sobbing hysterically.

Dick's own sobs subsided softly. "W-What?"

Bruce pulled his son deeper into his chest, gently stroking the boy's hair. "J'onn was able to re-start your heart, but you were comatose. Dick- you've been in a coma for a year."

The boy gasped lightly, his face going stark white. "W-Wh-What..."

Barry pulled Wally away. "I think we should-"

"But Uncle Barry-"

"I-I'll see you later, W-Wally..." Dick assured him, smiling gently. "I p-promise..."

Wally shoved his hands in his pockets and nodded. "Okay. Bye."


The two speedsters left, and Alfred appeared at the door. "Master Bruce! I heard- oh my word..."

Dick grinned genuinely at Alfred. "Hey, Al-"

But the old butler already had the boy in a bone-crushing hug. "Master Dick! Oh my word, you-you're awake! I- Oh, my..."

Dick returned the hug. "I've missed you, too, Alfred."

Suddenly, though, the teen pulled away. "Wait! I've been in a coma for a year, right?"

Bruce nodded slowly, running in fingers through Dick's hair, his eyes locked on the boy's face as if he was afraid to look away, less Dick would fall back into a deep slumber. "We need to go to the Cemetery." It was just a hunch, but if he was right...

Bruce cocked an eyebrow. "Richard, you just woke up-"

"Please..." His eyes were sincere. "Please, Dad..."


Bruce sighed. "Alright. I'll get your coat."

Timothy clutched onto Dick's neck tightly as the older boy pulled him into the Bentley. Bruce slid int after them, still in shock. Timothy sniffled, wiping away tears. "Y-You won't let him h-h-hurt me?"

Dick slowly wiped some mud from the child's face, making sure that their eyes met. "I promise, Timmy. Now, how would you feel about having an older brother and a new daddy?"

The boy grinned.

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