Take me instead

This isn't very long, but if you read Fossil Fighters, then you'll know who these guys are. This is for the three reviewers who asked for a ToshixRosie fic. Don't worry. :3 There are going to be two others.

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This was all his fault. If he had only figured it out sooner, none of this would have happened!

Toshi kept cursing himself as he headed toward the police station where Bullwort was keeping Rosie.

He didn't know why he cared for the darn girl enough to go try and save her, but he did.

She was rich, annoying, completely useless, and constantly got on his nerves with her random chatter. But for some reason, all of those traits reminded him of his mom; was that why he allowed her to be near him?

Toshi shook his head.

He didn't care. Why should he care?

He came into Bullwort's office to see the so-called police officer standing next to a V-raptor which was crouching next to Rosie who was bound and gagged.


Bullwort looked at the boy as did Rosie, who seemed to perk up when she saw him.

"You again." Bullwort growled. "You've been dashing my plans from the start, boy."

"Let Rosie go."

"You can't tell me what to do."

When Toshi made to take out one of his Dino Medals, Bullwort tisked as he held up a hand, fingers together in preparation to snap them.

"One more move and I command my V-raptor to devour this girl."

The Vivosaur growled, leaning closer to Rosie, who cowered away from the beast.

With a soft grunt, Toshi removed his hand from his pocket before raising both hands up like a caught criminal.

"Take me instead."

Bullwort, who had gone back to glaring at Rosie, stared at the boy.


"If you let her go," Toshi sighed. "Then I'll take her place."

Rosie rapidly shook her head while Bullwort thought about it.

"She's not a part of this. She just follows me. I'm the one who's been messing up your plans, not her; she has nothing to do with this."

Bullwort made a thoughtful noise as he stroked his chin, thinking the deal over.

"And you won't try anything funny?" He asked.


Bullwort snapped his fingers and the V-raptor backed up as two peons came up beside their boss.

"Untie the girl."

"Yes, boss." One peon said and set about freeing Rosie from her bonds.

When the pink-haired girl was free, she instantly ran up to Toshi and held onto his arm.

"No, Toshi, don't do this!"

"Rosie, get out of here." Toshi gave the girl a stern look. "Now."

"No, I won't leave you!" Rosie shook her head. "You can't- -"

"Get out of here, stupid girl!" Toshi pushed Rosie away from him and toward the door. "I'll be fine."

Puzzled, Rosie stared at the boy who kept looking at her seriously before she gradually backed out of the room, unsure of leaving Toshi by himself.

The last thing she saw was Bullwort, who was grinning deviously, walking up to the Fossil Fighter.

And if you couldn't already guess there will be a sequel to this. :3 That's one of my other ToshixRosie fics. I'll try and put it up soon, all right?

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