Haiii! Alrighty then, I decided that I will be revising this little one-shot to make it more detailed! Frankly, I really want to make this into a story. I had a lot of fun writing the one-shot, and decided that- if ya'll want me to- I am going to make this into a story! I will also be re-doing the first chapter to make it more detailed, and edit around on the dialogue! Yay! Also as I said before I have no experience writing lemons, but I did my best! Though it was not detailed at allllll! Haha, anyway, please review and tell me if you want me to. And to those who have reviewed.

Marywatson: Thanks so much! I love Navi, but she irritates the hell out me! So that is why I did it. And I will. If nobody wants me to turn this into a story then I will still re-do the one-shot.

FifthDayOfMay: Thank you! And to answer your question, sadly no. Navi will not be ok. Heh(;