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Summary: They knew each other for one night in the middle of the European Front, now 8 years later, Kurt and Sam meet again

Our Lifetime is Just Beginning

MASH Unit, South Korea, 1952

"It's not a scrape. You were shot in the leg." An officer told the Staff Sergeant as he regarded the bloody patch on the Sergeant's trousers. "Let someone look at it."

"I'm fine." The blonde man ground out, not trying to disrespect a commanding officer, but he didn't feel like he needed to be mothered. He was older than the Lt. who was trying to tell him what to do, and hell…he was fighting in Europe, while this kid was still in primary school.

"No. You're stubborn….big damn difference." A private snorted as he came upon the pair. The Lt. shot the newcomer a look, before moving away, deciding that he wasn't getting involved in a fight over medical attention with the blonde.

"Shut up, you. And go away." The Staff Sergeant muttered, tugging at his trouser's leg, trying to dislodge the bloody mess caked to his leg.

"Yes, Staff Sergeant, sir." The Private barked, coming to attention and snapping a salute at the Staff Sergeant before turning on his heel and leaving.

"Insubordinate!" The blonde called out to the other man's retreating figure.

"You should really have someone look at your leg. Even if the bullet went through and through, it could still become infected." A voice remarked, drifting to where the Staff Sergeant had taken a seat.

"Kurt!" The man exclaimed, as he turned, letting his eyes wonder across a face he hadn't seen in over seven years.

The man identified as Kurt, smiled at the blonde. They had only meet one night, but in the days, weeks, and years that followed Sam Evans had never been far from Kurt Hummel's mind. Although his dreams of the blonde had lessened, he had still held out hope that they would meet again. "Hello, Sir."

"I told you to call me, Sam." The blonde grinned, falling naturally back into a banter the two had entered long ago.

"Alright…I just wasn't sure if that offer was still open."

"The offer is always open to you." Sam commented; his face twisting into a slight smirk at he continued to look at the slim man.

Kurt giggled at the remark. He knew that Sam swung the same way he did, he just wasn't expecting to get hit on by the wounded soldier. "It's good to see you again. Now sit back so I can look at this leg."

Sam did as he was told, leaning against the makeshift wall as Kurt examined the hole in his trouser's leg. From where Sam sat, he didn't think it looked all that bad, even if it did hurt like hell at the moment. As he watched Kurt work, he couldn't help but smile as he listened to the whispered mumblings under Kurt's breath or the way the man would pause every few minutes to push his styled bangs back into place.

"What are you doing here?" Sam finally asked. Kurt had already cut away the leg of his army issues pants and was working on cleaning away the blood and any dirt from his wound.

"Working." Kurt remarked, not looking up from his task. "What does it look like?"

Sam grinned at the brunette's sarcasm, before clarifying his statement. "I can see that. I mean, in Korea."

"I enlisted for this war as part of the Army Medical Corps." Kurt told the man. He had already finished with cleaning the wound, now he was getting ready to apply a mild antiseptic to the wound before wrapping it. "How about you?"

"Never left the service." Sam hissed as the antiseptic went on, it burned worse than the bullet as it tore pass his leg. "I'm a Staff Sergeant, now."

"I can see that. Nice chevrons."

"Thanks. Have you been in Korea long?"

"About eight months or so." Kurt replied as he retrieved the roll of gauze from a medical bag at his side.

"Are you enjoying it?" Sam questioned. He was fishing for information, but it seemed as though it was going to be like pulling teeth to get Kurt to open up again. Sam couldn't blame the other man; they had shared so much about themselves in one night, only to never see each other again.

"Enjoying? Sure…I just lo-ve getting shelled. How about you?" Kurt responded, rolling his eyes good naturally at the question. He liked working in a MASH unit; it sure bet his time marching through dirt, mud, and snow in Europe all those years ago.

"Not too bad. I spend most of my time in fox holes." Sam told the brunette, as his face split into a Cheshire grin.

"So not much different than being in Europe."

"Nope." Sam agreed. "So what time does your shift end?"

"In about two hours….why? You asking me out?" Kurt shot back, raising his eyebrow in challenge.

"Would you be disappointment if I did?"

"I would be disappointed if you didn't." Kurt retorted. Sam smirked at Kurt's face, but let the expression drop as he heard Kurt's faint utterance of, "I wanted to find you after the war, but it just never seemed right."

"Me too. But here's our second chance. And I for one, plan on making the most of this opportunity, so I'll met you at the local watering hole in two hours." Sam countered. And if he was completely honest with himself, he was going to move hell and high water to ensure that this time around he kept Kurt Hummel. One night with this man just wasn't enough; Sam wanted a lifetime with him, and he was going to get it.

"See you then, Staff Sergeant." Kurt said, tapping Sam on the knee as he began to stand.

Sam watched as the man rose from the ground, deciding to take a chance, he leaned forward and pressed a small peck on the side of Kurt's mouth. "See you then, Kurt."

Kurt might have blushed at the small sign of affection, but it didn't stop the grin that stretched across his face as he walked back towards the unit's recovery barrack. With a last look over his shoulder at the blonde soldier, Kurt disappeared into the barrack, knowing that in a few hours he would see that man again and that their one drink was going to be start of a long life together.