"No you idiot! No I am NOT spending the week with you!"

In spite of his vehement objections, Gokudera was still standing in Yamamoto's bedroom, unrolling a sleeping bag.

He hadn't really had too much of a choice in the matter. His apartment complex had experienced a horrible gas leak that had killed a couple of families on the lower levels. Gokudera was grateful that he had been able to get out before he had succumbed.

But now he was homeless for a few weeks while the complex was aired out and the leak stopped and repaired.

He had begged Tsuna to let him stay at his house. But Imietsu was home visiting, and he had brought Basil with him. Enma was also staying for a few weeks on holiday, and with the addition of Lambo, I-Pin, Nana, Reborn, and Bianchi (who had moved in to help Nana take care of the children), there really wasn't any room for Gokudera.

Besides, he really did not want to deal with his sister.

"Gokudera-kun, I mean, I'd love to have you for that time, but there really is just not any room. Dad and Basil-kun leave in a week, so you could definitely come over then, but I can't take you anytime before." Tsuna's face was pained as he had to reject his best friend, but he offered another solution.

"I'm sure you could stay with Yamamoto for the week."

Yamamoto was indeed completely for it.

And despite Gokudera's complaints, here he was.