Erica's POV

The necklace that Benny gave me is beautiful! I always thought that he was just some geeky perv, but Benny is actually an OK guy. A guy that I would kiss if that idiot Rory wouldn't have interupted. I looked at Rory with my death glare.

Benny loved the pancakes, and made sure we all knew it. "These pancakes are amazing! Who made them?"

Sarah blushed. "Me. They have chocolate chips, if you didn't notice."

"I kinda think I did." He said, gesturing to his face, which was now covered in chocolate. Before I became a vampire, that was my weakness.

"Come with me!" I said as I grabbed Benny's arm and led him into the kitchen. I guess Benny knew what I wanted, because he beat me to it. He smashed his mouth into mine, causing the chocolate to rub onto me as well. My arms flew up to his neck, and his arm snaked around my waist. Since Benny was really tall, I had to stand my tiptoes to reach his mouth. He tilted his head down. Still too tall for a make out. Finally, Benny just pulled me up on the nearest countertop. Our faces were now level, and the intensity of the kiss dawned. My tougue brushed his chocolate covered lips, wanting entry to his mouth. Now this is a kiss!

Ethan POV

"I think I know what they're doing in my kitchen ." I said. "Wait, in MY kitchen!"

Sarah choked back a laugh. "Ethan, it's sweet! Not gross!"

I rolled my eyes. "So, Sarah. What did you get me for Christmas?" I asked, sounding like myself five years ago.

"What did you get me?" She countered.

"What did you get me?" Rory echoed.

I nervously reached into my pocket and pulled out the box that held her gift. Sarah's eyebrows flew up as soon as she saw it. I handed it to her, and she took it delicatly.

"Oh, Ethan." Sarah gushed. If you're wondering, I got Sarah a 64gb iPod Touch, programmed with all of Sarah's favorite things. I even altered the speakers and camera so they would be better quality. Engraved on the back was her name.

"Do you like it?" I asked quietly.

Sarah's eyes were full of wonder when she looked back up at me. "Ethan! How did you know I wanted a new iPod?" She pulled a battered iPod out of her pocket to show me.

"I could, you know, nerd this and fix it so you can sell it." i said, knowing i was capable.

She beamed at me "Thank you Ethan." And to my pleasant suprise, she kissed my cheek.

"What do I get?" Rory whined.

Sarah smiled knowingly. "You can have your gift , after we check on Benny and Erica."

Rory wrinkled his nose. "Yuck. I hope their wearing clothes."

I smacked him. "Keep in mind that this is my house, and my kitchen. Don't even mention that! God."

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