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Summary: The war is over, the Nazis lost, and Noah and Kurt are finally able to leave the life they planned

The Way They Had Planned

Southern Germany, 1952

The sounds of laughter pulled Kurt from his latest composition; he had been working for hours on it, but the happy sounds of his family were winning the competition for this attention. Pushing the sheet music away, Kurt rose from his chair and walked toward the open door of his home. The house was small, only a few rooms, but it was big enough from them…for their family.

"Papa, no!" A small voice shouted, the sound filling the air. "You cheated!"

Kurt smiled at the sound of his daughter as she berated his husband for his apparent cheating; she might only be five, but she was feisty and wasn't afraid to speak her mind, especially when it came to telling her parents they were wrong. Walking further into the field outside their home, Kurt paused, watching as Noah swung their dark and curly haired precocious daughter onto his hip, tickling her as he did so. The little girl admitted a loud squeal as she fought against the hands raging war on her ticklish spots. Noah laughed at the squeal, setting the girl down on the grass and watching as she run off to her brother.

"Careful, Adiel." Noah warned as she accidentally knocked her brother over in her exuberance to get to him. "He's littler than you, and we don't want him to get hurt."

Adiel nodded at her Papa, helping her little brother back to his feet; the little boy grinned at his sister before toddling off to his Papa. Noah grabbed the boy up into a hug, laying kisses on his son's face and earning giggles from the little man. The older man smiled at his son, giving the boy one last hug before setting him down on the grass.

With a smile still on his face, Noah turned and watched as his husband approached. "It's not nice to spy."

"Is it considered spying when it's my own family?" Kurt remarked, returning Noah's smile with a grin of his own. Noah rolled his eyes at the other man, his arms reaching out to pull the slim man into a kiss. Kurt went willingly; trying to deepen the kiss with a slide of his tongue across Noah's closed lips. A faint moan could be heard as Noah opened his mouth to the other man's wondering tongue.

"Vati!" Adiel yelled. "Stop being gross."

Kurt laughed, effectively breaking the kiss. Laying his cheek against Noah's, he glanced towards his daughter, taking in the slight pout of her lips and her hands fisted on her hips. "So kissing, papa, is gross?" Adiel jerked her head down in agreement, her pout intensifying as she stared at her parents. Kurt could feel Noah's body shaking in slight laughter, but Kurt ignored his husband, choosing instead to continue his focus on his little girl. "What about when Papa kisses you? Is that still gross?"

Adiel tilted her head at the question; her little eyes narrowing as she thought about it. After a few moments of thought, Adiel finally answered. "Well…no, Vati. But Papa doesn't kiss me like he kisses you. So it's not gross when he kisses me or Lukas, only when he kisses you." The small child smirked at her father, obviously proud of the reasoning she had given.

At her answer, Noah's laughter seemed to double as it broke through his mouth and filled the air. Shoving back from the Jewish man, Kurt swept his daughter into a fierce hug, pressing a kiss to her cheek; Adiel returned the kiss with one of her own. After setting the girl down again, Kurt turned and grasped his son, tickling his tummy as hugged the boy to his chest.

Once his son was settled on his hip, Kurt turned his attention back to Noah, whose hand was being tugged on by their energetic daughter. "Having fun?"

"Yes. Have you finished?" Noah asked, referring to Kurt's latest commissioned musical composition. Most of his husband's pieces didn't pay that well, but to them it didn't matter; Kurt did what he loved and his professorship at a small university made up for the rest.

"Almost." Kurt responded then passed Lukas over to his husband. Holding his hand out for Adiel, he grasped his daughter's hand, twirling her around in a circle.

The girl giggled at her Vati's antics, letting go of his hand and spinning away from him before breaking out in a run. The two men watched as their daughter danced and played a few feet from them. With a kiss on Lukas's cheek, Noah set his son down so he could go and play with his sister, which he did.

Noah tugged on Kurt's hand, trying to get the other man's attention. Once he had it, he pulled the man down with him as he sat on the grass, content to just watch as their children played the way children played in complete innocent, unknowing of the dangers of the world. When Noah had been pregnant with Adiel, they had made a promise that she and any siblings she may have would never have to grow up the way they had…living in fear of the unknown...wondering if they would make it pass Nazism.

With a smile on his face, Kurt turned to Noah, placing a light peck on his husband's cheek. "What would you say if I said I wanted another one?"

Noah smirked at his husband. "What would you say if I told you that you might just get your wish…?"

"Really?" Kurt asked in awe. Noah nodded at the other man, a slow grin spreading across his handsome face. Kurt leaned forward, wrapping his hand around Noah's neck, pulling the other man into a kiss. He didn't care if his daughter found it gross, but Kurt needed to show…to let this amazing man how much he loved him. Noah smiled into the kiss, relishing the fact that even after over a decade of marriage, Kurt still found him attractive, had saved and protected him through the war…through the terror of the Third Reich.

It would be a few more months before they told their children about their new sibling, but Noah was happy about the path his life had taken. It might have been hard at times, but they had made it through, stronger than when they started. And now, they have two beautiful and happy children and another on the way. Their life together might not have started off the way they had planned, but it all lead them to this…and Noah wasn't complaining.