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Summary: Communism maybe crumbling, but Kurt has a few words to say about Dave helping bring the Berlin Wall down.

The Man Who Stayed

Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany, 1989

"I told you to leave the sledgehammer at home."

"That wall is coming down."

"Maybe so, but they don't need your help."

The bulkier of the two men turned, glancing at his companion, a slim brunette that even after over thirty years of knowing and loving could still make his heart race with a simple smile or light laugh.

Dave stuck his tongue out at the German, receiving an eye roll for it from his partner. "Are you sure about that?"

"I'm sure that I don't want you tracking bits of concrete and dust into my clean house." Kurt replied, a faking a shudder at the mere thought of dirt in his home.

"Your clean house?" Dave retorted. "I've been told that I was helping to pay for that house."

Kurt snorted at the remark. "Lies! Whoever told you that were telling tales."

The Soviet raised an eyebrow at his lover's cheekiness, pulling the German man towards him and planting a kiss on his cheek. "Telling tales, indeed."

Kurt laughed at the other man, placing his hands on the man's chest and lightly pushing back from his embrace. "You love me."

"Do I?" Dave countered, smirking at Kurt's bogus look of shock. The younger man raised his hand and hit Dave on his arm. "I was kidding." Dave told the man, rubbing his arm where the open hand had fallen. It wouldn't bruise, but it didn't mean that smack hadn't hurt.

"I should hope so." The brunette exclaimed. "Otherwise…" Kurt began trailing off as he bit his lip in uncertainty.

"Otherwise?" Dave prompted. Kurt had never been able to hide his emotions that well, and Dave had a fairly good idea what Kurt was going to say; but he needed to hear it from the other man.

"Otherwise…you wouldn't have left the Soviets for me." Kurt mumbled, unsure of himself…unsure of David. His lover's life before Germany, before Berlin, before them was something they rarely discussed. Kurt didn't like to think about what had originally brought Dave to Berlin, just like he didn't like to remember what had happened to his partner after he had left. It was all painful, emotional, and still caused nightmares for the Soviet.

Dave frowned slightly at Kurt, hating that the brunette was still so uncertain about where he stood in David's life, even after all this time. Pulling the smaller man close, Dave wrapped his arms around the other man, whispering reassuring words into his ear…I chose you…I'm not going anywhere…You're it for me…Hang the Soviets...I love you so much…

Kurt nodded his head as he pulled back slightly. Bringing his hand up, he wiped the stray tears from his eyes then pasted a small smile on his face. His lover was here with him, not on the other side of that wall, and definitely not a Soviet spy. Kurt could feel the tension in Dave's shoulders, and he knew that he needed to released it.

Shifting his eyes left and right, Kurt mischievously grinned at David. "I am ex-KGB." Kurt mocked, in an atrociously bad Russian accent.

Dave threw his head back as his voice boomed with laughter. "I didn't sound like that."

"How can you be so sure?" Kurt countered raising his eyebrows, slightly daring Dave to contradict him.

"Well, I don't sound like that now," Dave responded. "Not that I ev-er sounded like that." He quickly added at the end, needing Kurt to know that he wasn't agreeing with the statement,

Kurt smirked at his lover, even after 30 years of partnership; he could still get Dave flustered when it came to littlest things concerning his Russian accent. "Uh huh."

"I didn't." David shot back. "You know what, I'm not arguing with you. Instead, I'm going to pass this nice sledgehammer over to this fellow over here; then I'm going to toss you over my shoulder, and take you home." And he did just that, causing Kurt to squeak at being manhandled.

As he was taken through the crowd, Kurt pounded his fist half-heartedly against Dave's back. Dave laughed at the light thumps; they didn't hurt, tickled more than anything. He knew that Kurt wasn't going to bruise him, but he had no doubt that his lover wouldn't take the time to trail kisses down his spine in apology, once he had been disrobed. And Dave was happy to let him.

With the car in sight, Dave delivered a slap to Kurt's upturn ass, causing the smaller to let out an indignant yell, which Dave countered with a few soothing pats and rubs. Kicking his feet out, Kurt tried to wrestle out of Dave's fireman hold, but the bigger man held firm, not wanting his partner to get hurt if he fell. If Kurt fell, then Dave would be on the sofa for a few nights and that was just one thing he didn't want.

Opening the car door, Dave dropped Kurt into the passenger seat before closing the door. As he walked around the front of the car, he could see through the windshield the pout that had formed on Kurt's face. Even at almost forty, Kurt's face was still boyish enough to make pouting cute, and melt Dave's heart. When they got home, Dave planned on making Kurt a nice cup of coffee before caring the smaller man off to bed to give him his real apology.