My name is Kurt Hummel, and this is my statement. On the night of November 14th, I was attacked. My attacker was a man named Dave Karovfsky. That was six months ago.

Kurt rushed down the steps of McKinley's school yard exuberantly; the noises of McKinley's students hustling and bustling round him echoed in his ears. The New Directions were waiting at the bottom and he reached them, grinning.

They all rushed forward and hugged him, laughing and saying excitedly, "Welcome back, Kurt!" and "It's good to have you back, Kurt!"

"Let me breathe, let me breathe!" he giggled. Happiness bloomed in his chest. They stepped back and smiled at him. He gripped his bag strap tightly. "Oh, it's good to be back!"

"And there's a reason we're all out here . . ." Mercedes smiled. Kurt looked at her, puzzled, and then he turned.

On the top of the steps in the McKinley school yard stood the Warblers, Blaine standing at the front. They smiled down at Kurt.

It was an unprovoked attack, and the result of a hatred Karovfsky possessed towards me. I didn't report it, I don't really know why; the fear of him coming back, probably. Only, he did.

Kurt stared up at the Warblers in amazement, and couldn't help but smile when he looked at Blaine.

On that night he followed me home. I was alone, it was dark, and he had a knife. I tried to fight back but. . . well. I tried. He was driven, and sought to kill me. I have an idea why.

"The Warblers wanted to say goodbye. They won't see you again—thankfully I will, but . . ." Blaine trailed off, his eyes turning sad. "We're going to miss you Kurt. The Warblers won't be the same without you. You . . . You made us a better team."

Kurt's smile trembled, and he felt tears prick at his eyes. Then Blaine started singing, the Warblers harmonising in the background, and Kurt felt his heart clench in his chest.

The police have asked how I even survived the first time. I told them: I was saved. I was saved by a boy whom back then, I'd never even met before.

Blaine moved forward, still singing, his eyes hard and sad all at once. Kurt watched the Warblers move with Blaine as he suddenly ran down the steps past Kurt, taking over the band and playing the piano, all the while still singing.

In six months, Kurt had grown into a person he'd never thought he could become. In six months he'd conquered his demons and fought his war— and won. In six months he'd fallen in love with a boy just as brave as him. In six months, he'd found that he could be happy.

It didn't matter where he was—Dalton or McKinley. All that mattered was who was with him. He had Blaine, and he had his friends in the Glee club, and he had his new friends in the Warblers too. He was loved and he was not alone.

Twice he's saved me from Karofvsky now.

The Warblers hugged him as they passed, saying goodbye. But it was only goodbye for now. He was going to see them again—maybe not at Dalton, but he would see them.

Then like it had come full circle Finn hugged him, welcoming him back home.

Kurt finally turned to Blaine. Blaine finished singing, the final note wavering slightly as tears filled his eyes. Kurt smiled tremulously and then launched himself at Blaine. Blaine gripped him back tightly, shaking slightly.

Kurt buried his face into Blaine's shoulder and whispered, "I'm never saying goodbye to you."

No matter what happened, Blaine would still be with Kurt. They had done this together, like everything else. From now on, Kurt would not go it alone.

His name is Blaine Anderson, and he's been saving me ever since.