Staring out the window blankly, I sat in my seat, not hearing the commotion. All the guys were say that there was a new freak in school. Someone freakier than that girl with the pure white, with a streak of hot pink, hair. What was up with her anyhow? All she did was stared out the windows, never bothering to pay attention and yet she got Straight A's, in all her classes, and did all her work.

"Ms. Johnson, are you even paying attention?" My teacher demanded in her high pitched voice.

"Yes I am, Mrs. Fitzgerald." I replied as I normally did when teachers asked if I was paying attention.

"Can you come up here then and answer the question?" Mrs. Fitzgerald asked.

"Sure can!" I replied, feeling perkier than I had in days. Since there was a new person in this school, a freak like me, I had hope that maybe I would finally get a friend. I stood up, smoothed out my black skirt and shirt and walked to the front of the classroom, ignoring everyone's stares. I got to the front of the classroom, up to the whiteboard, grabbed a marker, looked over the problem, took the cap off the marker then wrote the answer all in under a minute.

"That's right. Well done Ms. Johnson." My teacher said, shocked even though she knew better than to expect wrong answers from me. I walked back to my seat, feeling proud of myself. I sat down in my seat, staring back out the window. "Class." I looked back at my teacher. "We have a new student. His name is Alexander Hammelton. His family comes from Russia."

"But they got killed. So now I am here, living with my aunt." The new boy said with a slight Russian accent.

"Well Alexander. It looks like the only other empty seat, that is not taken by a sick person, is by Ms. Johnson." Mrs. Fitzgerald said.

"I have a name ya know." I growled, glaring at my teacher.

"Right. I am sorry Ulexsis." She sighed. The new boy walked over, pulled out his seat and started to seat down. Another boy, a prep, named Mat, pulled Alexander's seat out from under him, causing Alexander to fall. Mat and his friends started to laugh.

"You bastard! How dare you do that to a new student! Who gives a damn what he looks like! Who gives a damn if you think he's a freak!" I screamed, standing up and glaring at the boys. Then I looked at Alexander and offered him my hand. "Are you okay?" He took my hand and stood up.

"Thank you. and yes I am fine." He replied softly.

"If you ever do that to him again, you will regret it." I growled, tuning to the prep who was staring at me in shock. I turned to my teacher who was also staring at me in shock. "Why are you staring at me like that?" I demanded.

"I'm just not used to hearing you outburst like that." She replied.

"Well stop it. It's freaking me out." I said, taking my seat and noticing that Alexander had taken his seat next to me. Right as we sat down, class ended.

'Ah, fuck.' I thought as I stood up, grabbed my book bag, put my Geometry book and notebook into it.

'Where do you go next?" Alexander asked, standing up as well.

"History." I replied, looking at him.

"Me too. I'll follow you since I have no clue where to go. Oh and do you want me to carry your bag? It looks kind of heavy." He asked, looking back at me.

"No. I'm used to carrying it around." I said, shaking my head.

"Too bad." He grabbed my bag from my hands.

"Alexander..." I sighed.

"What?" He asked.

"Give me my bag." I said, as I started to walk, out of the Geometry room and heading for History.

"No." He smiled, walking by my side but slightly behind me.

"Fine." I muttered

We walked into the History room and everybody's attention turned towards us.

"Are the two freaks together?" A girl, Ashley Thompson, whispered to her best friends, Dannyelle Schultz.

"I don't know." Dannyelle replied. Then when they saw me glaring at them, they both stopped whispering to each other.

"Shut up. Both of you." I hissed, then walked up to the History teacher, Mr. Phelps. "He's new and he needs a seat." I told him.

"He can sit by you." The teacher said.

"Good." Me and Alexander said at the same time. I looked at him, smiled and he smiled back. That smile, it made me blush. I took his hand, blushing all the while and led him to the back of the room where our seats were.

There was a person in his seat and I hissed, "Move.". The person looked up at me lazily, realized it was me and got up extremely fast. So fast, he stumbled a bit.

"Sorry, Ulexsis." He said, sounding terrified.

Everybody was terrified of me. Especially because of the way I looked. I had long waist length white hair with a hot pink streak in my bangs. I had bright emerald green eyes and a killer smile that was most of the time, bitter. People knew better than to fuck with me or anyone I hung out with, as if I had friends. But now since Alexander was hanging around me, they knew better than to fuck with him. For if they did, they'd have to face my freakish wrath.