Hi Everyone! So, this is my poem story type thing. I will write poems for my favorite characters and if you like my poems and want me to do one for a cat you like, request it in your reviews!

Okay, this first one is for one of my favorite kittehs, and I love her, so yeah.


-Words Left Unsaid-

Today I left him

Alone and afraid

Two kits and a secret that has been said

He begged me not to go

To stay with him and wait

But I knew it was time

And my cindered colored friend was too late

"Forgive me my love

I have left you here,

But promise me Graystripe

You'll take care of my dears

Our two lovely kits

now without a mother,

My sweet little girl

And her strong brother

I will miss you my darling

My hope and my strength

I will see you one day, Graystripe

and please, don't forget me.

My pride and joy, take care

for this is my end."

I could only think my words, as I slowly bled to death.

Today, I left my love

with words left unsaid

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