Pairing:; Clark/Lois
Spoilers: Set during season 4
Rating – PG13

Plot: Lois has just lost a poker game against some guys from highschool and it is pay up time. She can pay up or take a forfeit. She chooses the forfeit – spending five hours in the 'loveshack' with some unsuspecting bloke the guys have chosen. Their choice is none other than Clark Kent.

Lois threw down her cards convinced her flush would win the game and save her from a fate worse than death. The penalty from losing was either pay up or take a forfeit and these guys had a reputation for coming up with cruel challenges. Mike, the gang leader laughed, looking at Lois for her reaction as he laid down his five cards showing a full house.

Lois felt panic wash over her. She was in no financial state to pay the $100 she owed Mike so she had no choice but to surrender to their challenge.

"So Mike hit me with it? What do I have to do?"

"Ms Lane. I think I will keep you hanging on for a while and make you sweat it out for a bit.

"Meet us at Crater Lake at 10am tomorrow. Don't be late." Mike said.

Lois knew this meant only one thing – spending time in the Loveshack with some nerdy guy for five hours.

Lois could not sleep that night. She was worried. Who would she have to be locked up with, and would there be a part two to the challenge. Clark had asked her what was wrong, claiming she was unusually quiet.

She didn't mean to but she snapped at him. "Nothing, Clark. Can you go and pester someone else."

The following day was a scorcher, just adding to the torture. The captives of the loveshack were always supplied with water, that was not the problem. The problem was that Mike would pick the most obnoxious partner for Lois, probably one with a body odour problem and one with no grasp of the art of conversation.

Clark was cheery that morning. "Hi Lois, have you cheered up?"

"What do you mean Clark, the only reason I get annoyed is because you wind me up."

"Lois I was asking if you were okay, there is no need to bite my head off."

Lois gave in and admitted what was bothering her. Clark just looked at her in amazement. "You know he is going to pick someone horrible."

"Gee Clark, thanks for making me feel calmer about the whole thing." Lois replied sarcastically.

"Look Lois. Do you want me to come for moral support? I don't mind. I can sunbathe while you are in the shack." Clark smiled.

"How nice of you Clark. You are so caring. Seriously though it will be good to have someone looking out for me." Lois remarked.

Clark drove them down to the lake in his truck. He was a bit worried about Lois. They sat in the truck waiting for Mike to arrive.

"Lois, why don't you just pull out of the forfeit and refuse to do it. They cannot exactly get you back by telling the school head."

"No way Clark, It is the honor of the Lane family at stake here. I never back down from a challenge." Lois was talking loudly.

"That's your problem Lois. Always looking for a fight."

"if you're going to keep trying wind me up Clark, please leave."

"You are so annoyingly stubborn Lois. I am just looking out for you because I care."

"You have a funny way of showing it Clark."

The two of them were so tied up in their heated discussion that they did not notice the arrival of Mike and his gang. Mike had overheard everything and decided to change his plan.

"Hi Lois. Ready for the challenge."

Lois looked around and saw Mike. "As ready as I'll ever be."

Clark and her followed the guys down to the beach. She looked at the shack. It was nothing more than a small shed, where equipment was kept in the Winter months. She gulped. It looked smaller than she remembered.

"How big do you think that shed is, Clark?" Lois asked.

"About 3m and 1.5m. There are seats in it you know and you have access to water."

"Clark, you make it sound like a holiday destination. I can't wait now." Lois snapped.

She looked over to the sight she didn't want to see. Randy Owens was waiting near the shack. He was the most annoying guy who had constant sweat patches under his arms and he seemed to wear the same clothes everyday.

"Hi Lois." He shouted over at Lois.

She turned to Clark in a panic. "I knew it would be him."

"Lois, pull out now." Clark ordered.

"No way!"

Mike went over to talk to Randy and whatever he said seemed to make Randy look disappointed.

Mike had an annoying smile on his face. "Change of plan, Lane."

"What do you mean?" Lois was really worried.

"Well, I was going to send you in with Randy but after witnessing your little fracas with Clark in the car park, I think he would be more suitable."

Lois looked at Randy. To be honest spending five hours with him was seeming like quite an attractive proposition compared to spending time in a confined space with Smallville.

Clark looked at Lois. "No way, Mike."

"Well, looks like you will forfeit Lois."

Lois pushed Clark towards the shed. "Do this for me Smallville. I will owe you one."

"One more thing, Lois. There is a second part to the challenge."

"I knew it." Lois sighed. "What is it?"

"You have to show proof you have helped the shack live up to its name. You each have to have a hickey on your necks by the time you leave the shack."

Lois just looked at Mike in disbelief. "You are sick! You mean me and Clark have to play vampires on each other."

Clark knew this was not going to end well. How the hell was Lois going to inflict a lovebite on him, not unless she had just used kryptonite toothpaste.

"Mike, no way. We can't stand each other." Clark explained.

Lois dragged him into the shack. "Look anytime you want to be out and lose the bet, knock on the door five times." Mike shut the door and locked it.

Clark looked at Lois. "So look where your gambling habits have got us."

Lois was going to bite back, but realised they might as well try and get on for the remainder of the day.

"Smallville, can we try and be civil for the next 5 hours. I'm not in the mood for fighting."

"That makes a change." Clark realised he was winding her up. "Sorry, Lo. I can't help myself. Something makes me annoy you."

"Don't call me, Lo. Only my father calls me that."

"Why are you always so angry with your father, Lois? Did he not do the best he could in the circumstances?"

Lois was getting angry. "Clark, I would appreciate if you did not give opinions on matters that you know nothing about."

"Tell me about it Lois."

Lois spent the next hour telling Clark all about her role as a substitute mother to Lois whilst dealing with the military style regime within their household.

"We can't all have the perfect relationships with our parents. After all, you are the perfect son, aren't you?"

Clark's expression changed. "No Lois. I'm not. I have caused my parents plenty of heartache over the past few years."

"What did you do – steal the tractor or stay out past your 8pm curfew." Lois asked sarcastically.

"I ran off to Metropolis, and the stress made my mom have a miscarriage."

"Oh god, I never knew." For some reason she hugged him.

"It's alright now, Lois. They have forgiven me, although that does not make the guilty any easier to live with. I could have a little brother or sister now. My parents only chance to have a normal child of their own."

Lois picked up on Clark's choice of words. "What do you mean? 'Normal'"

"Nothing Lois..."

Lois decided not to push the matter further. Her and Clark were sat opposite each other. Lois had sweat pouring from every pore.

"Lois, you're soaking. Why don't you take off some of your clothes."

Lois blushed. "I bet you never expected to have to say that to me."

"What have you got on underneath?"

"My bikini." She said as she started to peel her damp blouse off.

Unknown to Clark and Lois, Chloe and Lana had arrived after hearing of their predicament.

"God help them. They cannot stand to be in the same room as each other never mind in a shed." Lana laughed.

Both Lois and Clark heard the laugh. "God, Lana is here." Clark announced.

"How are you coping with her having a new boyfriend?"

"Jason seems to be looking after her. I cannot say I am happy about it, but I treat Lana badly. I can't blame her."

"What did you do to her?" Lois asked.

"I lied and was never completely honest to her." Clark admitted.

"Clark, I have only known you for a few months but I know you would not lie unless you had good reason."

"Lois, watch out. You came dangerously close to complimenting me there." Clark smiled.

Lois wished she hadn't brought up the Lana subject. He spent ages talking about it.

Lois looked at Clark. "Why aren't you sweating Clark?"

"I don't sweat very much." To cover for his secret he took his t-shirt off.

Lois had seen Clark naked on two occasions but this was the first time she had spent any amount of time staring at his torso. And what a torso it was. Muscles in all the right places. It must be all that hard work at the farm because he never worked out.

"What time is it Clark?" Lois asked trying to take her mind off his body.

"God, it's 12.30pm already. Half way through already."

"Clark, are you mad at me for getting you shacked up with me." Lois asked.

"No, Lois. I have to admit it's been nice to talk to you. You are a good listener."

"You're complimenting me now. The heat must be getting to you."

"you can say that again, Clark."

The shorts came off revealing a tiny bikini. Clark was actually starting to burn up, and it wasn't with the heat. Lois had the most amazing body. Clark always tried to avoid looking but could not always help himself.

"What are you gawking at? Checking me out are you?" Lois teased.

"So what if I am." Clark taunted back, he couldn't help himself. He was getting very hot under the collar and was starting to feel he was on Red K without actually being exposed to it.

"You have one hell of a body." Clark thought to himself, not realising he had said it out aloud.

Lois could not belief what Clark had said. She moved closer to him. "So do you smallville?"

Clark backed off. "This heat is starting to make us go crazy."

"Is it?" Lois said walking towards him so he was pinned against the back wall of the shed. She moved her face towards his. Clark closed his eyes and waited for Lois's lips to make contact but it never came.

Then suddenly Lois laughed. "Had you going, Smallville."

Clark was not having it. He pulled her to him, and pressed his lips onto hers. A feeling of warmth and passion coursed through her body and she found herself kissing him back even harder.

His hands were starting to explore her body, the one advantage of Lois not wearing many clothes. Each touch of his hand was sending waves of pleasure to her brain. Where the hell did Smallville learn his moves.

Her hands moved towards his shorts as she started to unfasten them. Before long they were both clothe less, and oblivious to their surroundings. All that mattered was each other and pleasing one another. They couldn't have stopped their actions even if they had tried, the lust had taken over.

Soon they were collapsed in a heap in the small confines of the shed.

Lois suddenly realised what they had done. She grabbed her clothes "I'm so sorry Clark. I did not mean for that to happen."

"I didn't mean for it to happen, but it was amazing."

Lois threw caution to the wind and opened up. "Yeah, I have to admit you are a dark house underneath all that plaid. Who'd have thought you could have such an affect on me. Maybe it was a fluke."

Clark gave a mischievous smile. "No it wasn't, I'll prove it..." They started on round two.

An hour later, the door suddenly opened. Luckily Lois and Clark were clothed again.

Mike looked at them. "Looks like you lose, Lane. Where's the proof."

"I think I have won..." She no longer cared about the forfeit but was grateful about the discovery she had just made. Lois looked at Clark. His smile said it all.

They both knew this was the start of something more.

The chanting started. Even Lana and Chloe were joining in.

"Back in, back in..." the words rang in Lois and Clark's ears.

Mike smiled at them. "You have to go back in for one hour because you did not complete the challenge. If you don't come out with a hickey in one hour, you go for another hour.

Lois looked at Clark. His face was saying no, but she was not going to turn down a challenge. Anyway, they had gone a bit past the hickey stage already, so how difficult would it be. She grabbed his hand and pulled him back in the shack. She closed the door.

"Lana, don't you think we are being a bit cruel supporting this. You could see by the look on poor Clark's face that he didn't want to go back in."

"It's fun, don't you think." Lana smiled.

Lois smiled at Clark, "Is it so bad spending another hour locked up with me."

Clark kissed her. "Of course not, but I don't do hickies."

Lois had ways of convincing him. She started to kiss him, and then moved round to his ear to nibble it. His resolve was weakening very quickly. Suddenly he felt her sucking on his neck.

He pulled away from her. "Lois, I said no."

Lois would not take no for an answer. She did not reply to his protestations and went in for another attempt. Clark tried to distract her by moving her lips back to his, but she was persistent.

When she thought she had inflicted one, she pulled back to have a look at her handy work but there was not even a mark evident.

"Clark, are you made of steel, or something."

Lois moved her lips to his neck and started using her teeth as well. She felt guilty about the pain she was inflicting on him, but he had stopped complaining and started moaning.

Clark was actually beginning to enjoy this attention by Lois, but he had to come up with an excuse as to why her bites were having no effects.

Lois looked again, still no mark. "Clark, what the hell. Seriously this is freaking me out."

Clark panicked and kicked the door open. He walked off without Lois. "Mike, I'm not playing your stupid games. Grow up."

He got in the truck and drove off.

Lois was in shock. What had just happened with Clark? Why did he storm off and what was with his seemingly impervious skin?

Clark knew he was wrong for reacting in the way he had. He could not let Lois find out his secret. She would freak if he told her his secret. He needed to see her and smooth things over. After the events in the shack, he could not bear not to be able to touch her or 'be' with her.

He had never experienced anything like he had a few hours ago and definitely wanted to again. But first he had to decide how to go forward with this 'relationship' with Lois. Was he going to lie again and make it into a on and off again soap opera like it was with Lana.

Chloe walked over to an upset Lois. "Lois, are you ok? What was all that about?"

"That's between me and Clark, Chloe." She replied. "Would you mind dropping me off at the farm."

Lana smiled. "I bet you tried to give him a lovebite and he pushed you away. He was always pushing me away."

Lois muttered. "No Lana, it's just a disagreement."

"Well, it is pretty obvious there is no love lost between you two." Lana remarked.
"Chloe, can we go now. I need to talk to him."

Lois sat in Chloe's car thinking about the events of the afternoon. She ignored the gossiping between Chloe and Lana. Why had Clark rejected her? It was devastating.

She would not have had sex with Clark once never mind twice unless she had strong feelings for him, and he just blew these feelings out of the water by leaving.

Chloe pulled up at the Farm. Lois got out and told her cousin she would be home later. She went into the house. "Hi Martha, where is Clark?"

"He's brooding in the barn. No doubt more trouble with Lana. I wish he would just move on, it is so painful watching him mope."

Lois smiled and headed into the barn. She climbed the stairs and was greeted by the sight of Clark lying on the sofa looking deep in thought.

"Hi Clark."

He sat up and smiled. "Hi Lois."

"Clark, can we talk?" Lois asked hopefully.

"Of course, sit down." He motioned for her to sit next to him.

"Clark, I need to know if it is me you have the problem with or is it something else?" Lois asked.

"Lois, it's not you. My life is so complicated. I just don't want to mess things up with you like I did with Lana."

"Clark, what's so complicated – you work on a farm and drive a tractor. By the way they are both very endearing qualities."

"There are things about my life that you don't know about." Clark offered.

Lois touched his hand gently with her own. "It's ok Clark. I don't want disclosure until you feel ready, as long as I know it is not me."

"Lois, it could never be you. I have never felt like this before, but I need time to sort out my head, but I do need you to help me do that."

Clark was at a crossroads – should he tell her everything?