It had been two long years, full of trials and tests, leading him to become the world's ultimate saviour. He had developed a new-found respect for his Kryptonian father and now understood the reasons why he needed to clear his mind to complete his training.

Now here he was, ready to return to the planet that needed him. The protection of the human race was his destiny and he had realised that Jor-el had not been trying to turn him against them as he had previously thought, but was preparing him to help humanity to reach their full potential.

It had not been easy for him to turn off his human side, especially when trying to give up thoughts of his loved ones back on Earth. He had been somewhat comforted by the fact Sam Lane had been sent back as a messenger to deliver news of his fate to Lois and his parents, and by the fact that the two Kryptonian years he had been away equated to only six months earth time.

"My son, do you want to be reunited with your soul-mate?" Jor-el's voice bellowed through out the ice structure.

"Yes..." Clark replied, but before there was any reply he was surrounded by a bright light before feeling movement. He closed his eyes and waited.

When he felt the movement stop he opened his eyes, letting them readjust to his new surroundings. He could not recognise where he was as it was dark. He used his x-ray vision to scan the area and noticed someone lying down on a bed in front of him. It did not take him long to realise it was Lois.

He found a chair at the other side of the room and decided to just sit and watch her, not wanting to disturb her. He looked around. It seemed that they were in a hotel room, but where. He did not care, as he listened to the sounding her breathing and watched the rise and fall of her chest. She was so peaceful. How much he had missed her.

He must have been watching her for a few hours when suddenly she sat up. "Clark..." she cried out.

He rushed over. "I'm here, Lo." he sat next to her on the bed and hugged her, never wanting to let her go ever again.

He felt her body freeze in shock as she repeated his name. " that you?". The panic was evident in her voice. She reached over and switched on the bedside lamp.

She took in the sight before her, not daring to hope he was real. "You're not real, are you?" she said, resigned to the fact he would soon disappear.

"Lois, it's me. I'm back. I am so sorry I had to leave you." he kissed her.

The touch of his lips gave Lois all the confirmation she needed that this was indeed Clark. She did not hold back, their passion reignited. This was not the time for questions, she just needed to be close to him, to experience what she has missed for the past six months.

Later, they lay in bed, their legs intertwined, neither wanting to lose touch with the other. "I have missed you so much." he announced as he kissed the end of her nose.

"I missed you too. I knew deep down that you would return to me."

Clark looked at her. "What do you mean? Surely your dad told you I would be coming back after six months. He was transported with me to see Jor-el. My father sent him back with a message that I would be back in six months."

There were tears appearing in her eyes. "Clark, he did not remember anything. I have spent day after day in the caves trying to contact your father, but he never replied."

"Lois, he couldn't. I had to complete my training or the Earth would have been destroyed by a meteor shower. He told me that you would be informed of my whereabouts." Clark said, showing obvious annoyance at his father's lies.

"We guessed that is where you have been, but the not knowing for definite was hard." she explained. "have you finished your training or do you need to return?"

"My training is finished. I am back for good." he smiled, pushing the hair out of her wet eyes.
"how have you been?"

"Great, Clark! I had to put up with everyone asking questions about where you were." There was
a hint of resentment and even anger in her voice.

"Lois, if I could have stayed, I would have done." he explained.

She calmed down. "I know that. I don't mean to take it out on you. I love you and am just grateful you are back."

He smiled. "Back where? I have been transported here. Where are we?"

"In the Hilton Hotel in Cairo. I arrived here this morning to take up a new job." she replied.

"New job. What new job?" he asked curiously.

They were interrupted by a knock at the door.

"I'll just answer this." she got up and put on her robe, answering the door.

"Perry. I didn't mean to sleep so long." she yawned.

"It's ok. I guess jet-lag will do that to you, and then with your reunion with Clark, I didn't expect to see you until this morning."

"How do you know about Clark?" Lois asked in shock...

"The coffee and bagels are on their way up, so if we all take a seat, I'll tell you everything." Perry said as he brushed past Lois in a way only he could get away with.

Luckily Clark was dressed in a hotel robe as Perry came in. "Perry, what a surprise!"

"How was your trip?" he said as he punched Clark in the shoulder. "I bet you're glad to be back."

Lois looked at Clark, signalling to him about her suspicions that Perry had been drinking.

There was a knock on the door. Perry answered it, grabbed the tray off the maid and handed her some money. "thanks."

Lois and Clark were looking at each other at the table in complete confusion.

"Right, kids. Dig in!" Perry announced cheerily as he sat down, picking up a bagel.

"Perry, before we eat, tell us how you knew Clark would be back today?" Lois asked.

"It is a long story, but here goes. This goes back to my visit to Smallville, a visit which I might add, saved my life. Listen to the whole story before you tear a strip off me. At first I accepted that it was the drink that caused me to see Clark throwing a tractor through the air and running at the speed of sound."

Clark looked worried. "It was the drink. I thought you knew that."

"Clark, hear me out." Perry replied. "Anyway, I constantly played the events over in my head on my return to Metropolis. Something told me that there was something more to it than met the eye and being a reporter I knew I had to delve."

"It took me a while, but I discovered things about your adoption being arranged at very quick notice by a company which had just been set up. I spent months investigating further before I made my breakthrough. I realised that somehow you had appeared during the meteor shower, but how?"

"I don't know how you come to that conclusion." Lois argued.

"Lois, let me finish. Just after I made this discovery, a detective from the Metropolis Police Department turned up at my door. He asked me why I was investigating Clark, and asked me what I knew. I did not tell him anything."

"So why was the police interested in Clark?" Lois asked.

"I was going to ask but then I felt the detective place his hands on my head and I passed out. Next thing I is a day later when I wake up. At first I thought I must have been drinking and must have blacked out, but then I realise I have a head full of knowledge and memories that I don't remember getting." Perry explained.

"What was the detective called?" Clark asked.

"John Jones and he is from Mars I believe."
Lois laughed. "You have definitely been drinking."

Clark placed his hand on his wife's. "Lo, let him finish."

"Anyhow I suddenly had major insight into Clark's arrival on Earth, the destruction of his home planet and his destiny. It was only later when I find out that John planted these memories on the instructions of Jor-el."

"So why did he get you involved?" Clark needed to know.

"He said I had to visit Lois at the farm and convince her to get on with her life. He knew he had been wrong in taking you from your family on Earth without warning."

Lois smirked sarcastically. "So he thought he would get me to travel to the other side of the world. How does that help matters?"

"It was so I could keep an eye on you, and make sure you were ok. I tried to put you off coming as Clark's arrival date approached. I did not want you wasting your time uprooting to Cairo, only to have to return to Smallville when Clark returned. I had thought you would have come in the Summer."

"So how have you taken the news of my secret?" Clark asked calmly.

"I thought being an alcoholic was like living in a haze, but this experience beat it. You need to know that I will never betray your secret to anyone and if I can do anything to help I will." Perry smiled. "Now if you don't mind, I am sure you have loads to discuss, so I will love you and leave you."

Perry got up and left, leaving a shocked Lois and Clark in his wake.

Lois and Clark headed out to see what Cairo had to offer.

"So how was your training?" Lois asked, as they walked hand in hand along a busy street.

"It was hard. I had to stay focused the whole time but in the end I passed. It has made me stronger as a person, as well as a superhero. I feel like nothing is going to hold me back now from achieving my destiny." he announced proudly.

"I just hope I don't get in the way." Lois replied sadly.

He cupped her chin and lifted her head so her eyes met his. "You never could. You make me a stronger person. Jor-el recognised that and that is why he sent Perry to look after you. You will be by my side forever. I love you."

She kissed him. "I love you too."

"This place is amazing, so full of life and culture." Clark said as they watched the world go by from outside a corner.

"Well this would have been my home if you had not walked back into my life."

"It still could be!" Clark announced with enthusiasm

"I could never stay here while you return home."

"You don't understand, Lo. I will make this my home, with you. It is our chance to see a world outside of Smallville. In some ways this could be just as valuable as the training Jor-el provided me."

"What about University and your parents?"

"Lois, I haven't finished my high school diploma yet. I can enrol in school here and we could work together with Perry. We can see mom, dad and Chloe all the time. Smallville is only a few minutes away."

Lois was becoming excited by this idea. "Ok, you are on, but can we run this past Perry and your parents first?"

Clark grabbed her hand, and led her up a quiet street where no one was about. "Ok, are you ready?"

"Are we going to run?"

"Run! Of course not. We are going by air." he smiled.

"What do..." Just then she looked down and noticed the ground disappearing very quickly. She focused ahead, as they flew through the clouds and she wondered where life would take them. As long as they stayed together she didn't care.

Minutes later, they touched down at Crater Lake. It was only five in the morning so it was deserted.
"Clark, what are we doing here?" she asked puzzled, as she noticed he was looking across at the little hut where all this had begun an eternity ago.

"Fancy a trip down memory lane." he winked...