"Gary, I'm not giving you my gun," Bill said calmly.

"Yes, gimme... No, you're right. Give me a grenade."

"Gary, out!"

"No. Give me a grenade."

"Gary, goodbye"

"You don't even have a grenade. Bye Bill!"

Gary walked out of Bill's office, and almost walked right into Nina and Rachel, who were walking towards their offices.

"Nina, I need you to help me push someone."

"No, Gary."



"Can I have a grenade?"


"Rachel will you make Nina push someone? I need to get rid of the buzzing!"

"Sorry Gary. It's Nina's choice. But I don't think Dr. Rosen would like us abusing our powers."

"Morning guys," Cameron said, joining the group.

"Hicks," Nina greeted. "Haven't seen you since yesterday. At work."

"Yes Nina. Haven't seen you since work. Certainly not last night or anyth-"

Nina smacked his chest, laughing. "Stop it!"

Rachel looked back and forth between the two. "Oh my god. You two are totally sleeping together."

Nina blushed, and Cameron wrapped his arm around her shoulders. "Good guess Rachel."

Gary looked at the rest of the group. "Sleeping together? Nina and Cameron share a bed?"

"No Gary... Never mind." Rachel sighed and turned to walk away.

"Wait Rachel... We should sleep together!"

Nina snorted, and buried her head in Cameron's shoulder, and Bill and Dr. Rosen chose that moment to walk out of the briefing room. "Poor Rachel," Bill muttered.

"Everybody in the briefing room," Dr. Rosen said. "We have a case. Rachel, that means you too."

Rachel turned around, her face bright red. "R-right. Sorry." Bill then noticed Cameron and Nina. "When did that happen?"

"They are sleeping together." Gary stated. "But I want to sleep with Rachel." Bill sighed. "Dr. Rosen, we all need some serious therapy."