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My mom gave me this idea...

Alfred entered his diner alone. It was strange seeing new workers and happy customers when he knew that Feliks was killed there. Feliks wasn't going to work there ever again. Alfred sat down at an empty booth. He felt uncomfortable….

He flipped through the songs in the tabletop jukebox. That's new he noted. There were a bunch of songs he really didn't like or know or care about. He settled with 'Don't Stop Believing,' and began leafing through the menu, even though he knew it by heart

Just a small town girl

The song had barely started when Arthur walked into the diner and spotted Alfred from across the room. He smiled and walked over.

Living in a lonely world



He sat across from Alfred and picked a menu for himself.

She took a midnight train going anywhere

"Did you do any investigating of your own?" Arthur asked his eyes falling over the menu, but not reading a thing.

Alfred shook his head. "Nah, I'm gonna let the police handle it."

"I did some." Arthur said. He didn't make eye contact with Alfred.

The bell of the door dinged another man walked in. Alfred recognized him… slightly. His eyes were green- almost as green as Arthur's- and he was dressed plainly. Alfred remembered working at a Spanish restaurant once… But another thing was becoming clear… Alfred's old boss…. He was that goddamn nuisance of a Spaniard. He seemed so normal without his ridiculous bedazzled matador costume on. He was at the scene when Toris killed Ivan…

Don't stop believin'

Arthur waved him over and he sat in the booth next to Arthur. No greetings, no explanations. Awkward silence.

Hold on to that feelin'

"Why'd you bring him here?" Alfred gestured to the unmasked lusty bastard.

"He has some things to say."

Streetlights people ahhhhhhhhh

Alfred looked expectantly at Antonio. Former boss. Present enemy. Apparent attempted killer.

"Mistakes were made, Alfred. I'm going to—" The bell dinged again. Gilbert and Francis walked in. They didn't notice Antonio at the table. "I'm going to turn myself in to the police for hiring Ivan to kill you, Alfred."

Alfred remained quiet.

The bell dinged again and a small Italian man came in a little rushed.

Don't stop—

Anyone see the end of the Sopranos?

Actually... Mine is a bit more conclusive, if I do say so myself. :/

You all must hate me now.


BUT you have a chance to keep the story going! (Kind of)

You can hear the story from Feliks's point of view or Ludwig's point of view.

So either prostitution and drag or military and love.

Oh and death. Both involve death.