Since the very beginning of time, jealousy took hold of everything around them, the pages of the books were lined in green and the star-struck children called out their names. The three most famous since the end of everything, or so they thought. Since the death of the most evil being in history the three had reigned supreme throughout the land. Not without dire consequences I might add, but known of which they really knew at the time.

Life as we know it is not cheery for anyone and it was no different for them either, except for the tiny detail of them being able to hide it from the rest of the world. The exuberant faces that passed by them never really knew the truth nor could they even imagine it - - right in front of the faces of the entire world lies spread out around as thick as fog.

As time went on everyone slowly returned to their daily lives, now seemingly without the threat of anything to fear. Little did they know what was waiting for them to turn their backs. One day soon they would see reality come and strike them down where they stood in their sweet and utter oblivion never suspecting a single thing.

This would now be the beginning of the end. The real story starter with all the rest a framed prolog. Where the three lives were revealed and the startling truth would come to light for the detriment of everyone concerned.

This is the story of Harry Potter's lie . . .