Hermione was irritated. She sat listening to Draco pace back and forth in front of the fireplace behind her and she stared out into the morning sunlight. It had been this way for the past three days. Neither of them had gotten anywhere nor did there seem like there was still any trust among them. It had been an almost overwhelming idea to Hermione that Draco could just accept her words so easily. She wanted to believe him but with everything she had been through trusting people was not her strong suit.

She glanced back over her shoulder at the hunched shoulders and brooding face he portrayed. He was scared; she knew that just by looking at him. He certainly had a right to be though; he had been fighting for his life for the past ten years when everyone really thought he had been fighting for it before.

As if sensing her gaze his eyes turned to meet hers. She was startled for a second but that quickly past as heat filled her cheeks and she glanced away nervously. He came towards her slowly, pulled out the chair next to her and elegantly sat down.

Placing both hands folded in front of him on the table he kept staring at her face. "I think it's about time we each tell the other one what we know. We haven't gotten anywhere as it is and we don't seem to be getting any younger."

Hermione squeezed her eyes shut tight. He was right; they each needed to be able to trust each other and he deserved to know . . . oh what would he do when he found out?

"I guess I should be the one to go first," opening her eyes she looked right into his.

"It took a long time for me to figure this all out but it started even before we arrived at the school . . ."