Title: "Salvation: Forever and Always: Our Ohana"

Author: Michelle Heath

Summary: Story #7 in the Salvation, Forever and Always Series. Mr. and Mrs. Tony Montgomery announce the birth of their son, Eric Kekoa Montgomery.

Disclaimer: I so do not own Hawaii Five-0; unfortunately! All original characters are the sole property of the author!

Date Written: August 4, 2011

A/N: Hello, everyone. Here's the next entry in the Salvation series. Hope you all enjoy and look forward to hearing from all of you! Michelle

(Bullets are flying, men are yelling in dialects of Farsi and Pashtu, the darkness of the night sky explodes with brilliant shades of red and gold as explosions from U.S. missiles hit their targets, and the sounds of men screaming in agony is almost deafening. The team of U.S. Navy SEALs led by Lt. Tony Montgomery are doing their best to take advantage of the confusion to make their way to the LZ for extraction after having completed their mission. They are within mere yards of the designated coordinates and the helo is hovering as they sprint the short distance to their way out of this Hellhole when, suddenly, an unseen IED blows and takes Lt. Montgomery with it. A look of utter surprise registers on the Lieutenant's face just before a secondary blast rips his body into a million pieces. . . .)

"Tony! Oh. God. NO!"

(Kono Montgomery jerks straight up in bed and screams her husband's name in abject terror. For a few seconds, she remains caught up in the grip of the nightmare before she realizes that it was just that; a dream. She is drenched in sweat, her heart is racing, and she is shaking like a leaf. As she wakens fully, she falls back on her pillow and tries to get her ragged breathing under control. When she feels calmer, she slowly pushes herself into a sitting position on the side of the bed and glances at the clock on her bedside table. Tears slide slowly down her face as the last vestiges of her nightmare fade away and she realizes that she is in their home in Hawaii, it's three-thirty in the morning, and she's all alone. Kono is debating whether or not to try to go back to sleep when her unborn child makes the decision for her. Kono smiles and brings her hand to her baby bump as little Eric Kekoa Montgomery starts fiercely kicking her. . .

Steve McGarrett walks into the Hawaii Five-0 offices at 0630 hours and is immediately concerned when he glances into Kono's office and sees that she is already at her desk and apparently engrossed in a file she is reading. It has been three weeks since Kono's husband, Tony, left on an op, and, as is usually the case with SEALs, Kono has not heard from Tony or anyone at the base. Naturally, this is a concern for not only Kono but everyone in the Five-0 family, but the fact that Kono is due to deliver their first child in approximately three weeks has added a great deal of stress to the situation for them all. Once look at Kono is all Steve needs to change direction and head straight into her office. She is pale and there are dark circles under her eyes that speak volumes to him about how much rest she's getting and he is seriously worried about both her and the baby. Pushing open the door to her office, Steve walks in and sits on the corner of her desk as she looks up and attempts to smile but fails miserably. He sees the fear, uncertainty, and worry in her dark eyes and he wishes there was something the could do to ease her anxiety.)

"Hey, what are you doing here so early?"

"Couldn't sleep so I figured I might as well come in and make sure you guys were all caught up on your paperwork."

"How long have you been here, Kono?"

"I got here around five."

"Honey, I know you're worried about Tony and you're scared that he won't get back before the baby's born, but you cannot keep this up. This is the fifth morning in the last seven days you've been here before sunrise. You and little Eric need to rest."

"I can't sleep, Steve. I try to, I really do, but I cannot sleep with Tony gone. As soon as I close my eyes, I start imagining all kinds of horrible things. This morning, I woke up at three-thirty from a dream in which I saw Tony literally get blown to pieces."


"I know, Sam and Libby both told me we were all in the same club and to call them anytime something like that happened no matter what time it was, but . . . God, if I just knew if he was okay."

"Tell you what, I'll reach out to some of my buddies who are sill on active duty and see if they can tell me anything."

"You don't have to do that, Steve, but I appreciate the offer."

"You're welcome and yes, I do have to do this. I want to. Besides my wife, my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law would never forgive me if I didn't."

"What if. . . What if Tony doesn't. . ."

"Hey, Tony's going to come home, Kono, and he's going to be here when the baby's born."

"I keep telling myself that, Steve, but . . Not hearing anything from or about him is so damned hard!"

"I know it is, Honey, but one thing I do know is that no news is good news where SEALs on an op are concerned."

(Kono, with Steve's help, slowly gets to her feet and gives him a hug before walking down the hall toward the Ladies' room, and Steve watches her go with worry in his eyes. Sam and Caroline are already at the base and Lana is at the hospital so Steve pulls out his cellular phone and hits a speed dial. Seconds later, he hears a voice that sends relief flooding through him.)

"Good morning, Steve."

"Morning, Libby. Could you come down to the office? I need your help."

"Of course I'll be glad to come down to your office, Steve, but what exactly is it you need my help with?"

"Not what, Libby, who, and it's Kono. She was here early again."

"Bless that sweet child's heart; I'll be there in thirty minutes."

"Thank you, Libby. I'm really starting to get worried about her and the baby."

(When Kono comes back from the bathroom she looks a little better but not much. She heads back to her office and resumes what she was doing before Steve came in. A little before seven, Danny and Chin walk in at the same time and appear to be in deep conversation. So engrossed in their discussion are they, that they fail to see Steve standing next to the smart table with his legs spread slightly and his arms crossed over his chest in typical Alpha male stance until they are almost on top of him. When they glance his way and see the fierce frown on his face, they're both instantly on alert.)

"Hey, what's up?"



"She was here at 0500; had another nightmare last night."

"Damn. If she keeps this up, she's going to have that baby before her due date."

"No kidding, Chin."

"So, what are we going to do?"

"I've called for back-up."

(Danny and Chin are so not stupid and utter the name of their guardian angel at the same time.)


"Exactly. She should be here any minute now."

"You, uh, haven't said anything to her about starting her maternity leave a little early have you?"

"Do I look stupid, Danny?"

"No, but pushing herself like this is not good for her, Steven."

"Well, duh, but you both know that Kono's just as stubborn as they come. Besides, I'm not really sure sitting at home all day by herself would really be that good for her. I mean, if Tony doesn't get back in time to be here when the baby's born or. . . .She needs to be with some of us until he gets back, and I've got a feeling that, once Sam finds out Kono's still not sleeping, we're going to be staying with Kono until Tony gets back."

"Yeah, Caroline's pretty much got the same idea."

"As does Lana."

"Okay, then. If need be, we tag-team. Deal?"



(Libby Thrasher, Steve's and Danny's mother-in-law and a surrogate mother to everyone else walks into the Five-0 offices with a brisk, no-nonsense manner and smiles pleasantly at the three men standing at the smart table. Getting kisses on the cheek from all three men, Libby smiles at them fondly before getting down to business.)

"All right, read me in on the situation."

(And all three men smile because Libby has been a Navy wife and mother for thirty-five years, and keeps all of them on their toes. Once she has all the intel they can provide, she puts a pleasant, motherly smile on her face and heads into Kono's office. The three men left standing at the smart table, although none of them would admit it, all experience a strong sense of relief that Libby has, once again, come to the rescue.)