So this is inspired by Robin gurl's Flu. I tweaked a bit. Set in 1960's Batman with Adam west as Batman/Bruce and BRUT WARD as ROBIN the BOY WONDER/ DICK GRAYSON. Yes I did make Burt bigger because I love him. So who is ready for a stuffed up nosed Dick? ME! So here we go XD... 0.O and enjoy:3

Alfred, as he did every morning, opened the drapes to Dick's room so he could get prepared for school. Now Dick always put up some fight but never a big one.

"Master Dick, rise and shine." Alfred chimed shaking dick's shoulder lightly. Dick groaned. "Master Dick, the sooner school is over the sooner you can go on," Alfred sighed hoping any one wouldn't hear. "Nightly actives," Alfred whispered. That usually got Dick up and about, but the butler got another groan. Dick turned and then decided to speak.

"Al, I don't feel good." Alfred looked at his face and helped him sit up.

"Well, you do look pale, sir. But let's leave that decision to the thermometer." Alfred left and soon returned and placed it in Dick's mouth. After two minutes had gone Alfred checked it. "98.6, sir, your fine"

"Holy impossibly! I feel terrible, Alfred, honest!" Dick put up his right hand.

"Will you at least give it a try?" Alfred asked. Dick complied as it was his nature.

After forcing himself to eat and making it to and from the car, Dick began his classes.'Biology, fun. Aw man, my whole body aches.' Dick thought to himself, accidently tuning out the lecture. The bell rings and he headed to gym. Dick began running laps like he was told, but he made 3 out of 6 until his teacher notice the boy panting on the third lap. Mr. Peters, the P.E. teacher stopped him on the forth.

"Dick, are you okay; you seem pale." He asked and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I...I'm fine. I'll be fi..fine-" Before his protest could continue he fell forward. with a lurch of his arms he caught the unconscious boy.

"Someone go get the nurse...now!" he yelled, as he put the boy on the on the ground. "Dick, come boy, come on." The coach pleaded to the boy, Dick moaned.

The nurse came and told two boys to help him to the nurse's office. Dick awoke with a thermometer in his mouth and an ice pack on his,foggy, head. The thermometer was taken out then he heard a soft voice. "103.9, not good; along with you congested nose and that cough, I'm afraid you got the flu." The nurse brush his bangs away from his sweaty face.

"Holy heat wave," he mange to pathetically get from his painfully hoarse throat.

"Dick, your Aunt is coming to get, okay?" she asked quietly. Dick nodded lightly before going in to a coughing fit.

"Oh dear, her have some water" She sat him up, before he got the water he kept coughing. Dick tried placing a firm hand on his chest to stop the coughing fit. After the terrible coughing fit, he laid there not wanting to move.

"Dick, you Aunt is here. Here let me help you up." The nurse helped Dick out to the lobby.

"Oh, Dick, you poor thing the nurse told me what happened. Oh look at your so pale" Aunt Harriet was in an frenzy. Just what Dick needed, a hectically Aunt, when his head was already swimming. Alfred followed close behind to gather Dick up. The faithful butler put an arm around the waist to keep him up and walked dick to the car. Alfred let Dick lay down in the car for the ride home.

"Does Bruce know," Dick coughed out hoarsely. This made both Alfred and Miss. Cooper exchange glances. For all Miss. Cooper knew he was "out of town." But Bruce had not heard how Dick was.

"Um, you see Master Dick, Bruce is 'out of town but should be back soon." Dick knew what that meant:Batman business.

"Oh," that's the only comment that could be made, but sounded more like a moan the anything else.

"Oh, Dick don't be upset you still got me and Alfred." Miss. Cooper said turning to see Dick who sniffed in attempt to clear his nasal passages.

"Do you know when he'll be back? Just wondering," Dick asked slightly disappointed.

Alfred decided to take the challenge of reassuring the boy "I do believe soon sir, soon."

"Alright," answered looking down. This was great Bruce was of taking care of some villain while he was at school, Now he had the flu, he couldn't help or go on patrol. For the first time he didn't really want to go.

"Oh gracious, me, were home. Dick do you want me to help indoors." his aunt Harriet asked.

"I'll be okay." Dick wobbled a bit the decided he wasn't okay. "Aunt Harriet, I need your help." Of course, because she knows her nephew, she was already next to him. Dick who is a couple of inches taller than she, so he draped his arm on her shoulder. Dick let her put her arm around his thin frame, and he held his aunt's hand to keep steady. Once inside Dick could feel his legs beginning to fail him.

"Now you go upstairs, change in to your bed clothes and climb in to your bed and I'll bring you some soup." Normally Dick would put up some kind of fight, not this time. Alfred watched for the first time ever Dick trudged up the steps.

He walked over to Miss. Cooper to say. "My word, I've never seen him walk like that before. He must be very ill."

"Oh I know Alfred. I'm so worried."

Well end of chapter 1 what do you think, the poor boy. Now let's see how he will coup with being in bed so long. More soon see ya.