Chapter 31: Devil Around My Heart

(Sorry for the confusion, but this is not the new chapter. Chapter 30 is the new chapter and this one used to be chapter 30, but is now chapter 31. *sighs* I hope that makes sense!)

Byakuya stood quietly as the prison guards searched him, then allowed him to step forward into the cellblock. He followed his escort down several corridors to a heavily guarded door and paused while the guards unlocked the cell and let him inside. A chill went through him as the door clanked shut behind him, and he was left alone in near darkness with his heavily bound lover.

He stood for a moment, letting his eyes adjust, then moved around to the bound man's front, where he followed the prescribed order to only uncover Aizen's one eye, nose and mouth. the man beneath the bindings flinched at being touched, but then caught his breath in surprise.

"You..." he said, dismissively, "Why are you here?"

Byakuya took a steadying breath.

"I am here because I wished to see the father of my children," he replied softly, "Sousuke..."

"You know that name means nothing," Aizen said coldly, "You know that you mean nothing. Twenty thousand years tied up in here means nothing to someone like me!"

"I have missed you, Sousuke," Byakuya went on, as though he hadn't heard, "I have had to relive everything during my questioning, and I may face trial, if Central 46 decides that I am culpable."

"Would they let us share a cell, then?" Aizen hissed softly, "I could use a good fuck, now and then."

"We are considered provisionally married by my clan, because we have children together. I am permitted to have relations with you, if we so wish it."

"Are you teasing me...or will you really spread those pretty thighs for me so easily?"

Byakuya gazed into Aizen's uncovered brown eye steadily.

"I will give myself to you, if you wish it. I am as a husband to you."

"You are a WHORE!" screamed Aizen, "You know that I am in control, but you offer yourself as though it was for him!"

"It is for him," Byakuya said calmly, "I love you, Sousuke."

He moved forward to stand in front of Aizen, then slowly slid onto his lap, spreading his slender legs and wrapping them around Aizen's bound body.

"What are you doing?" demanded Aizen, "Are you teasing me again? Get away from me! I am done with you, you insignificant little slut!"

Byakuya ignored the insults and touched his fingers lightly to Aizen's face. The man's uncovered eye flared, and his mouth continued to loose taunts and furious epithets. Byakuya shouldered the words quietly, looking steadily into Aizen's eye with a patient, loving expression. And as the man's mouth continued to hurl insults, Byakuya traced the angry lips with his fingertips and bent to kiss Aizen's nose and face. Aizen's body quivered, and he sensed a struggle going on. He sat calmly on Aizen's lap, still kissing the small bits of exposed skin. Aizen's chest heaved and his lips moved, but the wicked words faded, and he whispered the noble's name.


"Sousuke," Byakuya whispered back, his lips curving upward.

"Why did you come here? Do you really want to see me in this condition?"

"I love you. Isn't it is right that I should come to you?" the noble asked softly.

"It doesn't hurt you to hear the wicked words the hougyoku greets you with?" Aizen asked.

Byakuya bent to lightly kiss his uncovered eye, then his nose, and finally, his lips. This time, Aizen met his lips eagerly, straining within his bonds as he opened his mouth and captured the noble's mouth in a long, plundering kiss.

"I am accustomed to the hougyoku's cruelty," Byakuya whispered between hard, passionate kisses, "I care nothing about it. That stone has no powers save talk. And it can hurt no one with that."

Aizen smiled.

"Once again, you amaze me, watashi no koi. But didn't you say that we would be allowed to be intimate?"

"Yes," said the noble, sliding off of Aizen's lap and walking to the cell door, "At first, they would not allow it, but I was able to secure permission after some discussion of precautions."

He spoke to the guard for a moment, then waited as the man entered the room and activated an enclosing shield around them. Byakuya walked back to Aizen and began to unbind him.

"The device they have used has placed us within a dimensional chamber that we cannot exit until you are bound again. But it will allow us to be together."

"But are you certain that you wish to risk the hougyoku attempting to become violent?" Aizen asked.

"It won't," Byakuya assured him, "If the device surrounding us senses an attack, then it will incapacitate us both and the guards will place you back in your bindings."

Aizen gave a groan of relief as his arms were freed, and he stretched them carefully, then watched as Byakuya worked at the rest of his bonds. When he was free, Byakuya helped him to his feet and assisted him in walking around the chamber several times until his legs were more steady.

"Thank you," Aizen said quietly, offering him a more chaste kiss of gratitude, "You are truly a blessing, Byakuya. If not for you, I would never have any relief from sitting bound like that. I am only sorry that the hougyoku was so cruel to you."

"I am well acquainted with that thing's cruelty."

Aizen stopped beside a cot that had been placed in the chamber, and watched as Byakuya untied their yukatas. He stepped forward and pressed his body up against the noble's, capturing his lips again and wrapping his arms around Byakuya. The noble held onto him tightly as Aizen plundered his mouth again and slid his hand down to wrap around their bared members. His hand slid slowly up and down their swollen arousals, capturing the pearly fluid that leaked out of them, squeezing gently to coax out more, then rubbing the warm fluid all over their thrusting members. Byakuya nipped at Aizen's lips and shifted restlessly, moaning softly as Aizen's hand pleasured their hardened erections. He caught his breath softly as he was suddenly taken off his feet and tossed down onto the bed and a strong hand parted his soft thighs.

Aizen's hands gripped the noble's inner thighs tightly, as his mouth captured his damp cock and treated it to a dizzying assault of strong, licks and heavy suction that stole Byakuya's breath away. He moaned and panted harshly, unable to stop himself from thrusting carefully into the other man's mouth as the intensely erotic contact continued. He flinched at the sudden shock of cool air as Aizen's mouth left his length and attacked the soft, sensitive skin of his inner thighs, then moved on to slowly treasure each side of his sac. He moved down farther and teased the noble's entrance, then probed it with his tongue. He returned to Byakuya's stiff erection and sank down on it again, at the same time pushing his fingers into the wetted entrance to prepare him. Byakuya's eyelids fluttered fitfully and his moans grew louder as Aizen's pumping fingers and sucking mouth brought the gasping noble to the brink of orgasm and held him suspended there.

"Oh, gods, Sousuke!" he panted, "You torture me!"

Aizen laughed softly around a mouthful of blushing genitalia, then let Byakuya's piqued erection slide out of his mouth.

"Worse than those fools questioning you?"

"They are at least civil!" Byakuya moaned, "You torment me!"

"Ah yes, it must be the cruelty of that damned hogyoku affecting me, ne?"

Byakuya scowled.

"How can you even make jokes about that, Sousuke?" he snapped.

A moment later, he found himself breathless and gasping for air as Aizen mouth returned to his cock and renewed his attentions, closing his eyes and sucking hard until the noble's pleasure crested and he was swept over into a powerful climax. Aizen's mouth tightened around his member, and he swallowed several times, then slowly licked and caressed Byakuya's sated privates, wearing a lovely, serene expression.

He fell on the noble's mouth then, kissing him hard and sharing the warm, beautiful flavors of his explorations.

"If there is one thing I have missed," Aizen whispered, "it is the taste of you! I crave that, Byakuya...more than anything. And I feared that I would never taste you again."

"I will come to you as often as they will allow it," Byakuya promised.

"Thank you," Aizen sighed, closing his eyes, "You make my incarceration here much more bearable."

He left off kissing Byakuya and rolled him onto his stomach, then send delighted shivers through the noble's by placing a line of kisses down the back of his neck and down his spine, then pausing to kiss his perfect, white bottom. He spread Byakuya's thighs and entered him from behind, taking him in short, powerful thrusts until he was deep inside the noble. He licked the back of Byakuya's sweet, pale neck and sucked on his earlobe, smiling at the way he pushed his bottom upward, asking then more demanding him to move.

When he moved, he didn't hold back, but loosed a barrage of heavy, grinding thrusts, making Byakuya moan and pant loudly as Aizen's member repeatedly struck the bundle of sensitive nerves inside him. Aizen's chest heaved where it pressed against Byakuya's sweating back, and the prisoner's hips thrust hard into the noble's body. Pleasure swept over him, holding him tightly as he emptied himself into Byakuya's writhing form. The noble gave a scream of completion and collapsed in a heap onto the cot, with Aizen still clinging to him and entrenched within his body.

They laid together, exchanging kisses and touches as their sated bodies gradually recovered.

"I am going to get you out of here," Byakuya said, looking up into Aizen's dark eyes.

Aizen smiled.

"A jailbreak? he queried, "I don't think so..."

"Not a jailbreak," Byakuya went on, as Aizen continued kissing him and caressed his soft, warm privates, "First, I am going to prove to Central 46 that the hougyoku instigated your actions against the king, and then, Urahara Kisuke is going to help me to destroy it!"

He felt a quiver in the hands that touched him, and Aizen's voice sounded warningly.

"You will not be able to overcome the hougyoku. It is fused with me. It is a part of me. And it will find a way to kill you if you do attempt this."

"Then, I will happily yield my life making an end of it. I am not afraid, Sousuke."

He inhaled sharply as Aizen's hands tightened on him painfully.

"You have no idea what you are dealing with!" Aizen warned him.

"I may not," said the noble, "but that is why I have convinced Urahara Kisuke to assist me. We will get you free of that thing, and then I will get you released so that you can be with our children and with me again...this time, permanently."

"You are dreaming, watashi no koi," Aizen said, teasing the noble's silken hair with his fingers.

"Yes," said Byakuya, lacing their fingers together, "I am dreaming of the future we are going to have."


Senbonzakura woke to the very odd and beautiful feeling of gentle fingers touching his unmasked face. He was masked so much of the time that being touched there felt dizzying and intensely erotic, especially because of the identity of the one who was touching him that way.

"I thought that you were sleeping," he said drowsily, blinking questioningly at the slender green-eyed man that laid beside him, leaning over him.

"I was sleeping," whispered Kyouka Suigetsu, "But I sensed great beauty near my resting body and I wanted to look upon it. I assure you, Master Samurai, I did not overextend myself gazing at your lovely face."

"But you didn't sleep either," said Sen, frowning, "You have been through..."

"A horrible ordeal," said the other spirit, "A crushing betrayal. Yes, I know. However, being near you has infused me with new strength, Master Samurai. I feel much better after having lain close to you, breathed in your wickedly sweet scent and ogled your heavenly features. But...I fear that looking is no longer enough..."

Senbonzakura turned and tried to escape the bed, but an arm wrapped around him and brought him down on the bed, where he was met with a hot marauding mouth that captured and plundered his, strong, possessive hands that roamed the gentle curves of his body and pleasured his pale flesh.

"Where are you going?" Kyouka Suigetsu asked, "Are you going to abandon me, when you have just gone to the tremendous effort of bringing me back from the brink of death? How cruel you are! You must at very least offer me the warmth of your arms and the delight of a few innocent kisses."

"Stop that!" snapped the samurai, trying to scowl, but not quite managing to do so as the other spirit invaded his mouth again, first with gentler, more chaste kisses, but then growing steadily more passionate.

"How can you ask me to stop, when you sit there, teasing me so shamelessly with that angelic body?" Kyouka Suigetsu asked, making Sen blush furiously.


"I love you, Senbonzakura," he said, making the samurai go silent and still.

Sen's lips parted and his eyes closed.

"I love you too."

Kyouka Suigetsu slipped a palm beneath his chin and raised his eyes so that theirs met.

"How do you know it is real?" he whispered, "My love for you, your love for me, the love between our masters...any love. It is all just speculation...want...need...desire. We build these illusions upon emotion and we try to live them, but can we? Can we really?"

"I do not know," Sen answered calmly, teasing the other spirit's lips with a soft tongue, "But I would like to try."

Kyouka Suigetsu sighed and rubbed his cheek against the lovely samurai's.

"Then we will try together. I wish that I could promise you something, anything. But we both know that my very existence hangs in the balance. I don't know what has kept me alive, Sen. But I think it is you. Still...if I am not reunited with my master soon, then..."

"Shh," the samurai whispered, stopping him with the light touch of soft fingertips on his lips.

The fingertips were removed and replaced with warm, loving lips that caressed his until he couldn't think anymore about Aizen Sousuke or the hougyoku that had stolen him away. He couldn't think about his feelings of loss and the ache of abandonment. Senbonzakura's arms were strong and willing. His blue eyes radiated with honest affection. His loving kisses made all of the unpleasant things disappear, and left Kyouka Suigetsu peaceful and genuinely happy inside.

And after the years of pain, and the heavy shocks of betrayal and loss, he was ready to embrace that happiness for as long as it lasted.

He pulled away from Senbonzakura and laid the samurai down on his back, spreading all of that beautiful, thick unbound hair out around him and peeling back his yukata to bare the heavenly body beneath it. Then he invaded the samurai's pretty mouth, plunging inside and treasuring every inch. He ran his hands over that warm, yielded flesh and rubbed his body wantonly against it, leaving a blush on Sen's skin as they kissed harder and ground their hips together.

He wet his fingers and slid them into the samurai's entrance, continuing their deep, savory kisses as he carefully prepared him, then spread his legs wide. He gazed down at Sen's comely, smiling face and couldn't help smiling back...smiling and feeding him grateful kisses as he positioned himself and pushed inside the entrance.

Sen gave a hungry moan and arched up against his lover's body. The sound traveled through Kyouka Suigetsu's body, setting his hips in motion and coaxing more beautiful sounds from the panting samurai. They laced their fingers together and locked eyes, the samurai's hands clenching the other man's shoulders as Kyouka Suigetsu loosed the full fury of his affections.

Sen's eyes glazed over and his hips rose up to meet his lover's hard, grinding thrusts. His sweet, panting moans rose into louder cries of pleasure, then into a howl of completion as the two climaxed together.

Kyouka Suigetsu let his body fall carelessly onto Sen's and closed his eyes, leaving his member inside the samurai as they drifted off.

Whatever happens to me now, it doesn't matter.

I can never feel alone, being loved by someone like him.