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Deadly Family Ties


After a passionate evening filled with love and pleasure, Kaoru snuggled up on her husband's chest as she purred, "Kenshin?"

"Hmmm?" Kenshin replied, stroking Kaoru's bare back, his wide smile not leaving his face.

Kaoru held out her hand, gazing at the ring that Kenshin gave her earlier during the wedding ceremony. She sighed contentedly, "We are finally married. I am now Kaoru Himura."

"I know… just how it should be, ne?" Kenshin pressed a soft kiss on his beloved's forehead, pulling her closer to him, wanting her nearer.


"I love you, Kaoru."

"I love you, too, Kenshin. Thank you for always being there for me. For everything."

Kenshin shifted down to level his eyes with Kaoru's. Looking directly into her eyes, he said, "What I have done for you doesn't even come close to what you have done for me."

Kaoru didn't say anything in response. She just gave him a slight smile to tease him.        

Kenshin frowned at that and asked, "Don't you believe in me?"

"I don't recall doing anything really special, Kenshin. You think too much of me."

Kenshin cupped her face and said with much ardor, "My dearest beloved wife, you have given me the best gift ever. Your love and another chance on life. With that, I will be forever grateful and I will love you for all eternity."

Kaoru placed her hand on his scarred cheek and whispered as a lone tear fell, "Kenshin…"

Kenshin immediately wiped away her tears. He raised his eyebrows and asked, "Kaoru, why are you crying?"

"You have made me so happy," she replied, taking his hands, intertwining them with her own.

"As you have made me," he said sincerely. Leaning forward for a kiss, he whispered, "Kaoru, you complete me."

Kaoru smiled and said in between their kiss, "I love you, too."

"Forever." With that, Kenshin turned to lay on top of Kaoru as he captured her lips on his own.

It turned out that their evening of love, passion and pleasure wasn't over yet.


Early morning, a year after the incident, Kenshin and Kaoru Himura took the next boat to Osaka, where Kaoru's father, mother and twin sister were buried. Kaoru leaned on the rail of the boat as she stared at the vast horizon.

Kenshin approached her shortly and placed a jacket on top of her to protect her from the morning coldness. Her husband smiled at her warmly as he wrapped his arms around her. He whispered, "Anata, are you alright?"

Kaoru smiled at him and replied, "Yes, love. I just can't believe it had been a year since…" Sighing audibly, she continued, "Time flies so quickly, ne?"

The red-haired man beside her nodded as he gazed at the view. Both of them appreciated the scene in silence, both contemplating on the matters that had just been brought up.

Minutes later, Kaoru broke the silence as she gave out another sigh. "Kenshin, do you think that wherever she is, she is already happy?"

Kenshin nodded, pulling his wife closer for a hug, "Of course, dear. She is with your parents now and I am sure they are very proud of her."

"Do you think that everything went wrong? That I was supposed to be one who saves her not the other way around?"

"Of course not!" Kenshin replied with much conviction. "God has plans for everyone of us. Maybe the reason why she was the one who saved you is because you are still needed in this world. Because I need you."

Kaoru pulled back placing a tender kiss on his lips. "I know. And our baby needs us," she said as she patted the enlarged portion of her belly.

Kenshin smiled, kneeled down and kissed her stomach.. He wrapped his arms around her and whispered to the baby growing inside his wife, "Baby, your mother and father love you so much. I can't wait for you to come out. But, in the meantime…" Kenshin stood up and swept Kaoru of her feet causing her to giggle uncontrollably, "…your mother and I will enjoy our time together…" He kissed her on the lips and whispered huskily, "…alone."

Kaoru kissed him back, allowing herself to be carried back to their room. Everything is perfect, isn't it?finally, she smiled inwardly.

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