This is stupid. She threaded her quivering fingers through her blonde locks, fisting her hands in anger and amazing clumps of hair between her digits as she did so. This is stupid; I'm so stupid. What am I doing here?

"Quinn!" She turned upon hearing the now addictively familiar masculine tone. "What are you doing here?"

There was disgust in Sam's voice, a dripping antagonism that stabbed her like a knife through the heart. Quinn was slumped against his locker, her hands still messing her own hair as she turned to see him with furrowed brows and upper lip curled in irritation. She brought her hands away from her scalp, matting her hair downwards in the process as a desperate attempt to fix the chaos she had created.

"I was waiting for you," her tone emitted a vibe of vulnerability, rolling off of her tongue in waves. "W-we haven't sat down to talk since you… since you told me that you weren't m-m-my—Sam, I'm so sorry! Please take me back!"

She threw herself at him, quite literally, tears streaming down her youthful face and onto his tight, black shirt. It was after school hours, and Sam had had a few things to finish up before he could head home. Quinn had been waiting at his locker for what was nearing an hour and thirty-seven minutes, now. They were the only two in the hallway, the echoes of the girl's cries thrumming off the walls to bounce back against the two figures.

"Quinn…" he pushed her away with a hesitant nudge. "Stop it. Seriously. You can't run off with other guys and then come crying back to me when things don't work out the way you want them to. I'm not going to lie; you hurt me. And I'm not used to being hurt."

"No more lies," she said through clenched teeth, trying to hold back the stinging sensation. "I promise."

"I'm not coming back." He stepped away, never breaking eye contact. "That's my promise to you."

Sam turned on his heels, and walked away, not even bothering to take out whatever it was he had come for from his locker. His hands were visibly clenched at his sides as he strode away, back hunched as he scolded himself for even considering giving her a second chance. She didn't deserve one. The negative thoughts invaded his mind like a swarm, and he repeated the promise made to her in his mind. She doesn't love me, she never has. If she ever did, she wouldn't have done this to me. I'm not coming back.