Whoot! So, I've seen a bunch of age-regression fics running around the Supernatural section and decided to try my hand at one. Due to work, I've fallen quite behind in the series, but I'm trying to catch up via reading online (*fail*) XD until I can actually watch it...so it might not be as super as it could be, but I'll try to keep true to the present-most storyline and such. I considered Little Sammy, because...way cute. Tough Dean babying his baby brother...but I decided on little Dean for the 'moral' of the story, as it were. Little Sammy might make an appearance though. We'll see. XD I also fancy the idea of Dean being stuck as a wolf for a bit, four-legged and fluffy...but we'll see on that too. XD


"See you later, Lea!" A girl shouted across the street as she parted ways with her blonde-haired companion, Leayani. The latter of whom smiled and waved back before she headed along the sidewalk that would lead her to her dormitory. Overhead, the trees rustled a bit as they were picked up by a light breeze and she shivered a bit at the sudden chill down her spine.

"Are you cold?"

Leayani froze and turned, but she found no one behind her and her brow furrowed as she tried to determine if she had imagined it or not.

"I'm always cold." The voice was female, it seemed, but she still couldn't place an origin.

"Who's there?" Leayani called, a bit nervous now as she took a few steps back.

A sudden feeling of frost erupted on her shoulder and she turned to see a pair of pinprick-red and yellow-white eyes gazing at her.

"So cold." the voice whispered as a black miasma enveloped Leayani, and when it passed, only her clothes remained.




"Two doughnuts. The powder kind with the raspberry jelly." Dean ordered as beside him, Sam looked on with a disapproving frown.

"Dean! How can you be hungry at a time like this?"

"Easy. I just am." Dean replied like the grade A smart-ass that he was as he flashed Sam a faint, cheeky smirk before he took his doughnuts and sat down at a table where Sam reluctantly followed and sat as well.

In the previous town they'd faced off a centuries old banshee with a grudge against pretty women. You know, since she'd been murdered by her cheating husband for a pretty young thing. And in the midst of the case, Dean might have, slightly, maybe blown up a building and gotten yet another warrant out for his arrest-or at least, a [handsome] male suspect driving a black Impala, had. But hey, you'd think that they'd be grateful after he'd rid them of their murderous ghoul.

"Dean..." Sam's voice was agitated. In his opinion, they weren't nearly far enough from the other town, and still Dean insisted on driving his Impala [which was already like a big red, or rather, black bullseye] and going out amongst people. Not to mention a shoulder wound that he'd sustained that Sam thought he should still be resting. But oh, no. Not Dean.

"Dun't worry, 'boutid, Smmy." Dean said through a mouthful of doughtnut before he swallowed. "I've got it covered."

Sam's gaze slid outside irritably and landed on two police cars as they pulled up alongside of the building, and right beside the Impala. "Covered, huh?" he growled and as Dean caught sight of them, he swallowed the rest of his second doughnut thickly before he shrugged.

"So what, they're not looking for me..." as the officers began to inspect his Impala, he cursed. "Damnit. I did not need this today."

"Oh, and I did?" Sam retorted.

"Nevermind, just get your ass outside. I'll meet you at the car." Dean instructed as he rose and started to head for the door.

"What are you gonna do?" Sam asked, and he glowered a bit when Dean shot him a glare and jerked a thumb in the direction of the back door before continuing his way out. He was tempted to follow and sock his brother's smirk off of his face, in a brotherly manner, of course. But this wasn't the time, unfortunately. "Asshole." he muttered, a small satisfaction as he headed for the back door, certain that his brother was going to get them into more trouble, yet again.

Ten minutes, six gunshots, two bruised officers, and one car chase later: Dean had gotten them into more trouble. Again.

"I hate you. You know that?" Sam looked agitatedly into the rearview where a small squadron of police cars were giving chase as Dean sped off in the Impala and through the empty stretch of road and woods that connected a series of small towns to a larger city about fifty miles off.

"Shut up, Sammy."

"Don't call me that."

"Call you what, Sammy?" Dean replied sweetly and Sam huffed and looked away.

Their relationship was on the rocks again. Dean was, if it were even possible, more reckless than ever and Sam felt like he was ready to explode. His emotions, once at least controllable, seemed to have taken a turn for the volatile. He found himself annoyed and angered by Dean without even meaning to be, but that didn't mean that it wasn't justified sometimes as well. Like now, for instance.

It wasn't until several hours later and some manuevering that would make a hardened drag racer proud that they'd completely [somehow] eluded the officers. The ride was silent for the rest of the way, save a spat over the radio that resulted in Dean childishly blasting some alternative rock just to bother Sam, who had a headache anyway.

"Quiet Oaks." Dean's voice finally broke the silence as he drove the Impala slowly into the small town before them. A large church, a cluster of shops and such, green-lawns and pristine houses...it was a piece of the good ole so-called 'American Dream'. "Quiet Oaks. Sounds like a retirement community. I was hoping for some beer and nice company, but at least it's quiet, I guess."

Sam was too annoyed and disgusted with his brother at the moment to respond. 'Beer and nice company'. Was that all Dean was about now? So much for saving the world and being a big bad hunter. He was just a regular booze-drinking, skirt-chaser these days...but if he was, wasn't that Sam's fault a bit?

Memories of his time without a soul flashed through his mind, memories of when he'd tried to strangle his own brother, memories of his Heaven...without his brother in it. Maybe Dean could sense the disloyalty in him, could sense that something was wrong inside of him...

And maybe he was giving the thick-headed Dean way too much credit.

"And look, there's a nice motel...it has that whole 'no-roaches' look going for it." Dean joked and when Sam didn't even look at him, he sighed. "How long you gonna be mad, Sam?" he was annoyed at his brother, but truth be told, he hated to fight with the other and hated to be at odds with him.

"I'm not mad." Sam muttered, and Dean lifted a brow as he shot the other a disbelieving look.

"Okay. Why are you pissed off?" Dean corrected as he pulled into the motel parking lot and parked the Impala before he settled back against the seat as he regarded his little brother. "It's not like I tried to get us into trouble. You know that."

"Yeah. I know. But that doesn't stop us from getting into trouble every. single. time." Sam emphasized his words.

"So that's why you're mad?"

"Just drop it, Dean." Sam said dismissively and Dean eyed his brother a moment before he shrugged as he exited the car and made his way for the check-in stand inside, soon followed by Sam.

Surprisingly enough, the motel was mostly full and the only room available was a less-used one in the back...that had only one bed.

"Dibs." Dean said simply as he tossed his bag onto it.

"And where am I supposed to sleep?"

"The floor? Outside? Hell, you can levitate, can't you? The possibilities are endless, Sammy." It was now Dean who was irritated, and that did nothing to ease Sam's own irritation.

"Stop calling me that, Dean." The name set him on edge when Dean said it, and he'd never known why. It was more than it being childish, it just...made him uncomfortable somehow.

"'That Dean?' Funny. I thought I called you 'Sammy'." Dean said with mock-incredulity before he smirked as Sam made an aggravated sound and stomped to the bathroom where he slammed the door.

"Asshole." Sam muttered again as outside the bathroom, Dean grumbled.


Meanwhile, outside, a sudden patch of frost cracked over the window of the left passenger door. It erupted in a white haze, as though someone had breathed against it and a word was written...although there was no hand to guide the marks...



It might have been longer, but it's 4pm...I just got off work and am falling asleep in my chair and there's the midnight showing of Rise of the Planet of the Apes tonight...so I cut it short and am taking a nap. Maybe. XD P.S. In case you think the brothers are being quite hostile...THERE'S A REASON. Or something. XD Enjoy!~