I wonder, if I killed my own economy, would you notice? Would you take care of me, like you did when I was younger? If I could just get to see you, in all your eternal beauty, I would take my own life. I don't care the price, I'm tired of trying to one up every other country just to see your amazing eyes scorn me. You left me behind, so many times and ignored my cries. If I try and kill myself would you stay? Would you care? What about those promises, Iggy, that you would come back? Where are you now? I've always been striving to impress you, and it seems that I always end up disgusting you with my display of showing off. Please, would you stay?

~ …. ~

I've never been one to take my time. I'm America, I'm too awesome for that! Yeah yeah, I know you've probably heard all of this before at some point in your 'punk age'. Which, I might add, would've been sexy as hell to see… But I found you in this club, and I'm damn well gonna make you sweat Iggy. Why? Come on, is it really that easy to forget who I am? I'm America dammit!

"Do you think I was born yesterday?" Nah, you're too sexy to be a day old babe. No way in hell am I grinding against a newborn, nuh uh. Your face is red and it's just completely arousing so I make my way behind you, pulling you into me and running my hands around your sides. I know you can't resist dancing to one of your own songs and so you end up dancing against me, just as I planned.

You know I'm gonna make you sweat tonight Iggy. Not only on this dance floor, either. But I suppose it's good enough to limber you up, huh?

~ …. ~

It's been one week. You know, you might be England in your entire stuffy old man ways, but I suppose that's what makes it hurt more when you laugh at me. Because you used to love me you know. I'm sorry for the revolution, I am, but your boss was infringing on my people. And deep down you know it's not my fault, but it'll still be another week until you apologize huh?

Yeah, I was pretty ignorant back then. You still haven't apologized and it's been over a hundred years. Now you're getting all flustered and angry when France brought it up since tomorrow is the Fourth, but I think it's cute. So I laugh, and you glare at me.

It'll be a long while til we say we're sorry, huh?

~ …. ~

I swear to God, America you are going to make me lose my mind. You talk and rave about the way your country's youth is acting out, but have you ever really dealt with the bad stuff? You weren't a pirate, you didn't deal with all those issues. No one these days is really trying to constantly conquer other territories with constant attacks. I swear, your incessant babbling is going to make me snap one day.

"Iggy, you think you could help me with my people? Your people all seem really boring and lazy so I was wondering what y'all did over there." I down another Scotch and turn my scowl on him.

"America, I don't give my people enough sugar to fill three pound bags every day, for one. And two, they respect our own history and aren't complete idiots." He pouts that silly little pout that I will never admit is cute. It's suddenly too hot after the eighth scotch with him still chattering, I tug on my tie and race out the door.

"Hey! Iggy, you okay? You just left and-" I bounce on my heels and the alcohol washes over my usual defense. I pull him closer and whisper,

"You Americans are too set in your ways, there's nothing you can do now," and before he protests, I slam my lips over his.

Well, he shut up.

~ …. ~

"Awesome! Now that we're officially super best friends for life, I'm so gonna work on making you super cool like me!"

"I'd rather not be like you at all, thanks…" I scoff at him. He grabs my arm and shoves me down onto a chair in front of a vanity that has suddenly appeared in our shared dorm room.

"Oh please Iggy! C'mon, I'm gonna make you popular just like me! Okay, I'll show you how to impress girls, act cool, come on! It's gonna be so much fun!" He starts running his fingers through my hair and ripping my sweater off me.

"W-what're you-"

"We're gonna make you awesome, just you wait!" He starts running some sort of black pencil over my eye and tying these atrocious sneakers on my feet.

"Alfred, I do not want to change!" There's a few sparkles, and some magic looking dust, and I see myself in a mirror. I look like a complete teenage girl's dream, decked out in black leather.

"See, you're hot now!"

"…I have to go." I hear a sigh as I leave the room to run to the safety of his brother's home.

"Now see, you aren't you now, and I can't love anybody but you so it's all good now…."

I faint.

So there you have it….my first music meme! And my first UPLOADED USxUK work…. I have another story I'm working on but it's too serious and I'm like T^T So here we go, a little piece of mindless writing to warm me up. I figure, meh, why not post it? Here's a list of the songs I used, in order, if anyone cares…

Miss Murder – AFI

My Moves Are White (White Hot, That Is) – Cobra Starship

One Week – Barenaked Ladies

Party Up – DMX

Popular – The Original Broadway Cast of Wicked