Naruto the Bloodied, the Forgotten, and the Loved

Chapter #1 Chance Meeting

By: Metallic Militia

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Rated M for language, some violence, and Lemony Goodness

Ok basic summary is this is going to be a harem, Naruto going to be with Fem. Kyuubi, Naruko (his twin sister, don't like leave now), Kushina (his mom, again no like no stay), Anko, Mikoto, Kami-sama (This idea just came to me and nobody else is doing this with her so why not), Ayame, and possibly Ino (you readers tell me what you think about Ino) Also Sakura is not going to be in the harem I might like her but she's a complete Bitch and does not deserve either Sasuke or Naruto. Speaking of Sasuke, he is a good guy in this ff. And one last thing this is where everyone is about 21 now (besides the older people … duh) Naruto and Sasuke are 22, Almost everyone is in ANBU you see when it happens but to top it off Naruto and Sasuke are coming back from a long term mission.

***** Several Miles out from the Gates of Konaha

"Yo, Kitsune" half yelled an ANBU that was following the other.

"Yeah, Raven, what's up?" Said the ANBU identified as Kitsune as he slowed his pace so his partner could catch up to him and speak with him with ease.

"I was wondering … how do you think the village and everyone is going to look … I mean we have been gone for what 4 or 5 years now with only Tsunade knowing what fuckin' hell hole we were in," Said ANBU Raven, who was semi nervous at first but while remembering the mission they were on, seemed to get him very angry.

The first AMBU looked into the sky as if it held the answers looked at his partners blank mask which was supposed to seem as if he himself was the animal chosen and be willing to kill just like that animal, no mercy. Kitsune sighed as he again contemplated what Raven had asked.

"…You know … she will never understand us you're the better choice and she chooses me … give up, she doesn't deserve us." Raven said as he seemed to be reading the mood and chose to be calm and collect so Kitsune could understand he was serious.

Kitsune sighed again as if he already had heard this, which in fact he had just not from his partner he had told himself almost the same exact words only he tried to argue with himself. He looked at his partner for the past 8 years and heavily sighed, almost regretting what he was about to say. Almost. "… Ya I know, she won't but you know there isn't much of anyone else I can see myself with. Ya know she told me no girl would ever fall for a Guy like me even if I was stationed at a post full of horny girls and I was the only guy there." By the end of all this Kitsune was talking on the depressed side that he rarely showed anyone. He was looking at the ground then it hit him they had stopped to just talk, but he didn't really care he looked back at Raven and said the one thing that made the already WAY PISSED OFF ANBU even more pissed. "I believe her … but I also am giving up on her … I don't need to deal with it … Sasuke leave her alone."

'I fuckin hate her how can she treat him like this, he IS the only family I got left and she wants me to get closer to her albeit were not actual brothers but who cares I swear to god if she had said that and I was right there I would have snapped her goddamn neck, that fuckin whorebag (A/N ya that's my word no one and I mean no one uses it without given permission, also same with Awesomeness but I'm way more relaxed on that one because it's the way you put it that makes them mine … back to the story) if it weren't for him, she would be dead' thought the Raven ANBU. Said ANBU looked at his brother, and calmed himself down before asking if he was alright which was responded with a nod for the affirmative. "Your making a good choice and never listen to her there are probably lots of girls out there man … or guys if you role that way considering she was basically a dude"

Kitsune smiled before laughing afterwards he gave his brother the bird and said "Will you quit living in your fantasies of US cause it's never gonna happen" Both ANBU laughed until they could no more realizing that had taken quite a bit of time and both were exhausted from the fight, from starting to come back home to being jumped and attacked which ended very badly for the assailants, but neither AMBU came out unscratched, Kitsune had a pretty bad wound in his left shoulder, and Raven had some burns on his outer thigh area on his right leg. They had made it about 180 more miles before they ended up in this situation and both decided they would make camp for the night and be home tomorrow.

***** Several moments before 20 miles further away from Konaha

"So mom why come back now?" asked a 22 year old girl while walking with her mother and adopted aunt.

"Kushina should I finally explain or will you do it on your own?" asked a woman in her low to mid 40s looking almost apologetic to what was about to transpire.

"I can do it but please help me when I need you to." Kushina started again after sighing, and also her eyes started to water while trying to figure out what to say. "Naruko … your not alone … I mean your not my only chil-" Kushina was interrupted with a huge gasp "uhh … yea that sounds bad"

So many thoughts ran through Naruko's mind when she couldn't resist but to start to smile thinking 'that they where going to see her …wait her what, brother sister what and why would mom just leave him/her' "Wait, wait, wait I'm confused mom why isn't he" she sort of asked sort of stated to get a nod from her aunt confirming it was male. "Why isn't he with us now then, why didn't we …" she couldn't finish due to her mom break down and start crying like crazy. To say Naruko was confused is an understatement, so she looked at her aunt in a way to ask her what was going on.

Mikoto looked at her best friend cry her eyes out then looked at her daughter's confused and worried face. "Kushina please pull yourself together it's been 22 years I know it's hard that's why I'm here." When she finished she sighed loudly and looked away from Naruko and answered her "Naruko you're a twin. Naruto was his name. He along with your father made the ultimate sacrifice, they both died when your father sealed the Nine Tailed Demon Fox into him right after you we're both born … that's why your mom hasn't gone to get him or even go back to Konaha(spelling)." Said a now very depressed Mikoto. She felt she needed to finish it and knew Kushina would never allow it so Mikoto placed a genjutsu on her and told Naruko the rest. "Now listen Naruko and no butting in, your mother and father did not marry because they loved each other hell they almost hated each other. (A/N I know that's not true but just bare with it, it's the only way to really make it work so please just coup with it) Naruko both your parents married because Minato needed to have a wife to be Hokage, and the council didn't stop there they had passed some gay rule that made him have children and he did his best to argue because he was a gentleman and knew that Kushina was still untouched and he didn't want that be broken because the goddamn council but he couldn't fight it and they had you and Naruto because of it and NEVER tell your mother I told you any of this … got it good." Mikoto rushed through it because she knew Kushina would figure it out if the genjutsu went any longer.

Naruko was now by her mom's side crying just as hard as her mother. It was all too much for the both of them and both passed out from all the emotional trauma. Mikoto heavily sighed and swore under her breathe and set up camp for the night and moved the unconscious women inside the tents.

***** Konaha's gates next morning

Instead of the fast pace both AMBU did the day before they just seemed to walk in an ok silence.

Up ahead Kiba and Ino were doing guard duty totally unaware of the AMBU approaching them.

"Hey Ino have you heard from Naruto or Sasuke at all, I mean like aren't they supposed to come home soon." Asked Kiba who obviously missed the two friends, who were both known to be the Hero's of Konaha more so Naruto, but to them it was equal.

"Kiba … I honestly have no idea, but I hope soon forehead has been such a bitch just because Sasuke isn't here I actually really feel bad for both of those two guys."

Kiba was confused as hell about what Ino just said, not that it didn't make sense it was that Ino, Sasuke's second biggest fangirl, didn't put the kun suffix at the end of his name, so he needed to know what was up. "Ino … just Sasuke no Sasuke-kun" Kiba said looking at her

Ino catching Kiba's drift said "Kiba that's an act Sakura doesn't have a high level of self-esteem so to help her I became her rival … I do NOT love Sasuke he's a good friend that's all."

"Wow, I'm touched Ino" came the first mysterious voice of the two.

"Nice to know you guys actually care about us two tho." Came the second voice.

Kiba and Ino immediately turned to notice the two bloodied ANBU both hurt and covered in blood, Ino's eyes widened at the sight here stood Naruto or Kitsune ANBU and Sasuke or Raven ANBU; dried blood covered their black uniform trench coats.

Naruto's trench coat was torn in places to reveal his standard gear underneath his coat standard ANBU colors black, blue, very little white and grey, all painted with the crimson color of the blood. Where as Sasuke's coat was opened from the front like a jacket but his gear was only blue and black except his white mask.

Sasuke was having a hard time standing due to his injuries and was leaning on Naruto for support when both of them took off their masks to reveal their faces. Sasuke basically stayed the same as ever his hair spiked to the back, but something had change when Naruto brought Sasuke back from the Valley of the End, he seemed happy and content, never again mentioning getting revenge. He was slightly smiling which gave him a twinkle in his black eyes. Naruto on the other hand became more handsome and dropped the act of the dead-last when he brought Sasuke back, he was wearing a slight smile just like Sasuke, with his blond hair that for some reason over the years grew red streaks in them, and people always wondered where they came from, some say it's the amount of people he's killed (A/N He's a hero so he doesn't kill civvies) others say it could be hereditary nobody really knows. One thing is for sure though, the years of battles caught up to Naruto who's face had hardened, the whisker marks still present but three new scars now visible one going vertically from his forehead to over his left eye to his cheek and ends at the end of the jaw bone just missing the left side of his mouth, the second going slightly diagonally but horizontal more so from the bridge of his nose under his right eye to mid ear but never touching his ear, and the last going horizontal on the right side of his neck just above the shoulder. His deep blue ocean eyes seemed like they saw hell and have half died, and are full of sorrow, loneliness, and above all pain. But he hides the eyes well and no one but his select few people see his eyes. Naruto wrights his last name in log and heads to the hokage's office.

20 minutes later the three girls show up one with Jet Black hair and black eyes the second girl with light blue eyes and blood red hair and the third's was covered by a hoodie but it was clear she had Blonde hair like the sun's rays, after the three answered Ino's and Kiba's questions the red head moved to the log and noticed the last entry she proceeded to turn around and ask in a sickly sweet way if it was some joke that the last name on the log was an Uzamaki. Ino explained that the last entry was the cities hero's and when Kushina heard the name that her two companions seemed to miss she darted with unseen speed towards the Hokage tower. 'If this is some imposter of my son I'm gonna rip their head off and shove it up the partners ass so far that it will be coming out his chest, … but … but what if it really is Naruto I wonder what he looks like, if he's married … I need to see.

***** Hokage Office

Naruto and Sasuke made their way up the stairs and the secretary nodded and let them in.

Tsunade was deep in her thoughts while doing paperwork, when she heard

"Baa-chan, where back"

Tsunade was about to kill the person when she remembered only one person had the balls to call he Baa-chan.

Tsunade looked up slowly with a huge ass grin and tears in her eyes, her 'adopted son was back' "Naruto is that you?" making Naruto smile at the thought of the relationship he had with her he felt that Tsunade was his adopted mom albeit he never would admit it he loved her like any son would love his mom.

About 15 minutes of explanation of how the mission went the door to the room crashed open, forcing Naruto and Sasuke to dodge and get into a defensive position but also protecting their Hokage, Tsunade knew that this assailant had bad luck Naruto alone had enough power to take three kages and still come out willing to fight a sennin level shinobi and Sasuke wasn't to far behind on the power scale, this person just basically walked into their death, well kicked into their own death. Not until she saw who it was, now it upset her. Standing there was Kushina Uzamaki in her full blown glory of rage. Naruto could help but notice her she was wearing jeans with a three quarter sleeve shirt on which showed her ample breasts which made Naruto guess low C cup but he wasn't complaining she looked hot with her red hair light blue eyes that seemed to burn with a passion for answers.

Kushina just busted down the doors to the office to notice the Hokage was Tsunade which pissed her off a tad bit more then noticed the four ANBU behind the Hokage and the two in front of her she paid no mind to the one on the left but just had to stare in shock at the boy … no man in front of her wearing slightly worn out ANBU gear without the mask which resided on his belt to the other side was a good looking sized katana holster and handle even though she couldn't see the blade she knew it had to be a good sword his blond hair with red streaks just seemed to flow with the wind his eyes a darker blue seemed to full of pain and for some reason it hurt her badly then noticed his birthmark and the scars the whisker birthmark was exactly like Naruko's and she knew that it couldn't be replicated. Kushina started to shake and had tears come to her eyes "Naruto is that really … you" she stuttered when she whispered. And she watched him give a sharp nod for the affirmative she fell to her knees and was now shaking to no end.

Naruko just arrived to see her mom fall to her knees, she had no idea why her mom just took off like that but it had to be something important, 'MOM' Naruko screamed in her head she ran to her side to help her mother when she pointed to the person that caused all of this.

Naruto watched as a new girl arrive probably around his age was his guess then he saw the girl point at him and scream "I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU FOR HURTING MY MOM" said girl charged Naruto with a good speed but for Naruto it was to easy, considering he just came home from a war in the mist. Naruto pulled out his sword a black blade with reddish orange flames rolling up the blade to the tip the hand guard was an X shape and engraved into the one side of the Katana had a 9 tailed-fox surrounded by fire and on the other side the name of the Katana PASSED JUDGEMENT, Naruto wanting answers made sure not to kill, slightly stepping to the left he pushed the katana towards his opponent with deadly precision that could only be mastered with years of practice he pushed it in between her knees and he roundhouse kicked, so while turning the blade would force her to be immobile and then the thunderous kick right to her jaw sending the girl through a wall, and in the blink of an eye he was above her sword positioned down towards her neck. For everyone in the room besides Sasuke and Tsunade it was but a blur. And after Sasuke made sure Naruto was done he stepped forward his katana drawn and he pointed it at Kushina and stated "Stand Down" Tsunade stood seeing it all over walked to Naruto and put a hand on his shoulder to say it was over then the same with Sasuke. She walked to Kushina glaring daggers into her then said "Kushina, why the fuck did you abandon your son in this goddamn village?" she practically was yelling while talking while she pointed to Naruto who had figured out what she meant. And walked over too his mother and kneeled down in front of her and sighed and closed his eyes. He had figured it out now 'so this woman is my supposed birth mother and looking at that girl's whisker marks she's my sister. FUCK' where Naruto's thoughts when he opened his eyes he helped up Kushina so she was standing.

Naruko who just returned to the land of the conscious got up and ran to an stunned ANBU and grabbed his katana and attacked her mothers attack she charged at a well put speed then she felt nothing she had closed her eyes when she was about to hit her target, thinking the guy would scream which never came she thought she had missed so she open her eyes to see the guy with a katana pierced through his back and out his chest. She wasn't expecting the next part "NARUKO NO THAT'S YOUR OLDER TWIN BROTHER" it was Kushina with fear stricken eyes seeing the blade through him. Both where then thrown off guard when Naruto started laughing. He then turned around and looked right into Naruko's Blue eyes with an evil smile he grabbed the blade and took it out of him. He dropped it to the ground and hugged his sister who started crying and he said "This is nothing." He finished by pulling away from her. When all of the people heard an 'eep' coming from the window all turned to see a Naruto clone with a kunai to the new woman's back. Naruto turned and sat down in one of the chairs. He then looked over his shoulder and "Explain to me NOW why you came here now 22 fuckin years later to do whatever when I fuckin needed you before kaa-san" he said with venom on the name making the three new woman in the room cringe.

***** Naruto's apartment 5 hours later (I'm jumping because all that happened was Kushina explained what happened which we already know and Sasuke had already knew it was his mom that was the third woman in the room.

Naruto had been told why and had accepted what she said but told her that he will never see his sister nor his mother as either. For Naruto he could never have the family like this and Kushina was asked to stay with the Hokage to explain why Naruto had said that and what it was like for him through his childhood, Naruko was asked to go with Naruto to get a first hand look at who her brother was.

Naruto turned the knob to his apartment and entered followed by Naruko neither said a single word on the way over to Narutos. He looked at her and with a long breathe he looked at her and said "I just got done with a long term mission I'm taking a shower" She nodded signaling she understood. Naruto turned and took of the top part of his uniform. Hearing the small gasp he frowned and went to the bathroom and showered

Naruko had just seen something she never wanted to see she heard that Naruto was never accepted by the civilian side of Konaha and was sometimes even beaten, but what she just saw she couldn't believe. He came out again only without a top and looked at her and said something that she cried immediately over. He told her it was his 5th birthday present. What Naruko saw was several large scars all over his back but there where several that stood out, from one shoulder blade to the other written in large letters was DEMON he then told her that after it was written in his back with a very dull kunai several times so it would stay he was strapped to a metal bed frame that was hooked up to some electric circuit and was hit with 200 volts dozens of times. He stopped when he knew she couldn't take it anymore and simply said "I got over it, and so should you." The first time that whole time he smiled and hugged the girl and front of him and said what he had before that he is 22 now and doesn't need a family like this and he refuses to seem them as such. He kissed her forehead lead her to his room and raped her … no he did not rape her that's fucked up no what he did was told her she would be sleeping on his bed and he would get the floor.

***** On a near by house

'Fuck … I knew it was bad but not that bad' was the thought of Anko as she watched one of the only things to get her truly feel love and desire. Anko blushed and slightly giggled when she felt the tap on her right shoulder. She turned and was not surprised to see her boyfriend for several months. Naruto looked at her a little pissed

"Babe, I thought we went over this spying on me is sorta creepy. Stated the blonde, Naruto remember that they hooked up when she was their back up a few months back he never told Sasuke for the simple reason of that he didn't want to yet. Anko pouted, and Naruto softly laughed when she pulled him down and into a fierce kiss. Tongues battling for dominance, they stopped with Naruto being the winner for dominance, she looked at him slightly winded, smiled and said "I guess I'm ready Naru-kun"

Warning Lemony Goodness Alert 18 older please … or not I don't really give a shit

The next thing Anko knew was she was laying on her bed still fully clothed kissing her lover. She moaned into his kiss with eyes half lidded. This was her first time going all the way and she was nervous as hell but she was pretty sure this was his first time also because she knew barely any girl would ever want to even kiss him no less this. She moaned more when his tongue pinned hers down for the second time was his win. She felt his hand trace her stomach and she loved the feeling of being safe in his arms and the pure unadulterated love he was giving off. She felt it in everything he did with her as simple as a hug to now it drove her to want more and more. She moved his hands for just a second while she took of her tops until she was in her push up bra which she slowly took off to tease him then used it to wrap around him and bring him into another kiss while he took action and felt her tits up they fit almost perfectly in his hands and he gave them a slight squeeze and she purred her moan into his mouth before breaking the kiss and tilting her head back after he pulled them a little she moan out his name it drove him nuts the way she called him and fueled his drive even more he started sucking on her right breast while he licked her nipple making her shudder but moan loud and long then doing the same with the other breast she somehow slipped out of her pants and was now in her soaking wet thong which he looked at and grinned while he took everything but his camo boxers off noticing the bulge in them she blush like she just finished watching her first sex scene in a movie. He leaned down and took her thong in his mouth and took them off and somehow got them around his neck with her bra 'spoils of war Anko their mine now' he thought with a huge ass grin he felt her ass up when he plunged his tongue in her sweet vag. "ahhh Naruto Kami-sama ahhh" she screamed as he worked her, several moments later he found it her G-spot and went to town "h-h-h-h-holy FUCK AHHHHHH KAMI I BET YOUR FUCKIN JEALOUS NOW AHHHHHHH NARUTO IM CUMMING" she screamed at her highest as she was taken over by the biggest orgasm she ever had she opened her eyes to see she was pushing him up to her by his hair "Damn Naruto stop this bullshit and FUCK me like your slut that I am" she said holding him still he was about to go for it when his gentlemen side said "are you sure Anko-chan I love you and don't want this to f up our relationship" Anko having none of it said while grinding into him "Naruto you're a sex god I'm going to need to share you but I'm happy I get to be your fist girl … now, FUCK ME!" and as she wanted he pushed into her and even went threw her hymen and stop to let her feel better he was a 10in dick after all, after a few moments he started ramming into her missionary style. She came 4 more time before he asked 'where' she screamed "IN ME NOW I NEED THIS AHHHHHH" as her 5th orgasm hit, her folds clamped shut and started milking him giving it a moment he started the pace again but not 10 seconds after he grunted very loudly and released his huge load into her sending her into her final orgasm of the night by the feel of his cum overflowing from her and seeping out and on to her bed where she fell on the bed and he sat up.

Yo Newbs that didn't want to read that awesomeness it's over you can come out now … pansies

"Hey Anko, I love you and wish I could stay but … fuck new sibli"

He couldn't finish when Anko sat up and kissed him and said

"I wasn't kidding about sharing you Naru-kun, I love you too and I understand but please tell me the girls that you consider before hand so long as I know who you want."

Naruto smiled his real smile which warmed her heart, before she rested her head on his shoulder and said "I love you Naruto and I always will Kami-sama herself can't rip me away from you." Naruto started to have tears come to his eyes, but he held them in he never cried, but then again he never felt this much love, and to top it off she knew about the Kyuubi.


Kami watched the full think threw her godly powers and smiled to her self. "Anko, you won't have to worry about me ripping you away but I WILL be one of his mates. She then proceeded to finger herself pretending that it was Naruto.

*****Back with Naruto

"Hey kit we need to talk while you head back to your place." Said the almighty beast from within him.

"Sure Fox go ahead and why do sound almost depressed like." Asked Naruto who laid the now sleeping form of Anko in her bed, then covered her and kissed her goodnight and left headed home.

" … Kit I'm sorry … sorry for everything, from hurting you to the villagers hurting you to tormenting you almost everyday … Kit there are things you need to know … I'm a woman and I'm extremely sorry …Kit" it was obvious that the biggest strongest tailed beasts was crying her eyes out when she finished. Naruto felt her aura and knew she wasn't lying, which made him feel better.

Naruto frowned when he heard her crying it always hurt him to see someone cry that's why he comforted everyone so that they wouldn't cry in front of him, so Naruto rushed home and dispelled the clone that was sleeping on the floor and he went and sat on the floor so his back faced the bed and entered his mind dimension.

***** Naruto's Mind Dimension (NMD)

Naruto frowned as he could now here the sobs as he rushed towards the gate and entered not caring for his safety anymore. He approached a woman that had a dark red kimono on which had a fox emblem in bright red this time. Her blood red hair was wild like and fell covering her face. She was crying so hard that her cheeks where red and puffy. She was thin but had the necessary weight took look drop dead gorgeous, her D cup breasts were shaking from her sobbing and where threatening to pop out of the kimono and her clean clear long legs seemed to be just the right size she was only a few inches shorter then Naruto now. She was kneeling on the ground as Naruto approached. He wrapped his arms around her from behind and hugged her. Naruto whispered things like its ok and that she didn't have the option of choosing the carrier so it would never be her fault which made her slowly stop crying.

Here she is the queen of hell here self crying like a three year old that just lost here favorite toy. She know exactly why she was crying it had taken her 22 years to come to figure it out she loved him and she felt very bad that she had done terrible things to him. She paused when she felt an arm snake around her she was about to kill what ever it was for even thinking of touching her but then she heard Naruto, which caused her to cry harder and with more regret. The guy she knew had every right to hate her and he still comforts her when she is down and crying. After slowing her crying she turned in his hold and snuggled into his chest for added warmth. "Will you ever forgive me Naruto-kun?" '… Did I just call him Naruto-kun … o shit' Kyuubi thought to herself after she asked Naruto the question.

Naruto hugged her closer and paid no mind to being called kun he got a lot actually people used it instead of sama which he refused people calling him. Knowing she still wanted an answer he lightly chuckled and pulled back from the hug to answer earning him a frightened, but some how an adorable questioning look on her face. Kyuu-chan I already forgave you about two years ago. Hey Kyuu I'm tired I will see you tomorrow goodnight." Naruto said as he left the NMD

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