Naruto the Bloodied, the Forgotten, and the Loved

Chapter #5 A Busy Day

By: MetallicMilitia

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"Well Goodnight Girls" Naruto said as he disappeared and reappeared back to where he was before to notice that Gaara was starting to wake up. "Well now that, that is done I say we go home and get some shut eye don't you agree Kazakage?"

Gaara looked at him and nodded. "Ya," Was his one word answer.

*****Flashback Over

Naruto stood up from his spot and looked around it was probably around 0200. Naruto looked over towards Gaara and walked over to him and helped him stand up. "If you need me Gaara I'll be at my place for a few hours after that I'm jam packed with work and the rest of the crap that I need to do, so please don't need me today."

Gaara nodded and started back toward his room and he had a sense of lightness as he did. Naruto was on his way toward his room by rushing home. He was exhausted and he needed some sleep soon. As Naruto landed on his apartment door step he walked in and immediately remembered that he wasn't the only one in the house anymore. He walked towards his room and peeked inside Kushina and Naruko were both in his bed and sleeping peacefully. He sighed again. He walked over to his couch and sat down. He looked around at the very little he owns.

"I guess I need a new place haha." He told no one. He lies down and fell asleep almost as soon as he hit the first set of springs

***** Morning 0600

Naruto awoke and sat up and stretched. His shoulder popped and he turned slightly and his back cracked, as he stood up he twisted his neck and snapped too. He walked over into the Kitchen and looked in his cabinets, 'looks like we are eating waffles today, hope they like Blueberries.'

As Naruto was making breakfast Kushina had gotten up carefully so she didn't wake Naruko. She walked into the bathroom and took a quick shower and then got out, she walked into the kitchen area and smiled at Naruto, a smile that he returned.

"Can you please make some coffee?" Naruto asked. Kushina only nodded as she got the whiskey and coffee beans out. As she was doing her coffee the water was running meaning that Naruko was awake and showering. Naruto was almost finished with the waffles and the coffee would be done in a couple of minutes. Kushina while waiting for the coffee decided to set the table. After it was set she smiled at Naruko as she entered the room.

"Mmmm what's cooking?" Naruko asked

"Blueberry waffles, hope you like them." Naruto answered with a smile. Naruko sat down and Kushina poured two cups of coffee with the whiskey and the third without. Naruto served the breakfast to them and took his place at the table. "So what do you guys think should I get a new apartment?" He asked.

Kushina nodded almost immediately, "Ya something a little bigger would be a nice change and please let us decorate it at least a little bit. This place is depressing you have nothing at all of value here."

"I know that and unfortunately I don't need anything of value, but if you'd like too, knock yourself out with the decorating." Naruto responded.

Naruko looked at her brother as he slowly ate his food, but what caught her by surprise, was the fact that he was lightly smiling. Her grin grew as she saw it, it was so sincere. Kushina noticed it and she smiled, both her children were happy.

***** Story Switch to Sasuke

Sasuke stood from his bed and stretched, he heard his back crack several times. He sniffed the air and smelled omelets, his mom was cooking. God he had missed that when he was younger. You see Mikoto left the night of the Uchiha Massacre; Itachi couldn't kill his own mother so he displayed how he killed everyone and cast a genjustu and made her believe that Sasuke was killed too. He then told her that the only way that he would let her live was to come with him for a little while; he did not want her to be raped.

Sasuke walked into the Kitchen and smiled at his mom, he had missed her the most, she was always so kind, she always encouraged him to do better and that he would get it. When he trained people always thought it was because he was trying to impress his father, no it was because his mother, he wanted her happy, and proud in his abilities.

When his mom had come back they were both equally surprised to see one another. After they had been dismissed they had left and Sasuke had told her about everything that had happened with his life up to that point, but he had left out some of the ANBU details; which is why that she wanted to see ANBU Headquarters. They were just finishing up their breakfast when a messenger bird landed on the window sill. Sasuke let it in and read the note, "I will see you later Mom, the Hokage calls."

***** With Naruto

Naruto was doing some dishes with Naruko and he bumped into her and poked her side, she laughed a little, and he smiled when a peeking sound was heard. He looked up to the window and saw the bird, his face went emotionless as he opened up the window, and read the note. "Well shit I thought I had the day off. I have to go, the Hokage calls." This is when it slipped, before thinking Naruto did something that surprised everyone present. He leaned over and kissed Naruko on the side of her lips. Naruko blushed massively and Naruto seemingly unaffected walked over to the door and picked up his Katana and left.

***** Staying with Naruko

Naruko turned as she dropped the plate into the sink and rose her hand up and put it to where Naruto just kissed her. Her face was blushing majorly. Kushina decided to cut in now. "Ahh now I get it. Naruto doesn't want a family like a mother and siblings anymore but a family of his own."

Naruko looked at her confused, "What on Earth do you mean."

Kushina smiled, "As lovers' honey." Naruko's eyes widened at that, but then she smiled.

"I like the idea actually, what about you Mama?" Naruko asked, curious to know how her mom would go.

"I think that it will take a little while to get used to the idea of dating my son, but I think we could give it a try." Kushina said, "But let's first figure out his romantic interests and conquests before anything, let's do this while browsing around at houses this way we can also get the scoop." Naruko nodded her agreement.

***** (With Naruto and Sasuke)

Tsunade was patiently sitting in her seat waiting for her best two ANBU. Then Naruto and Sasuke entered the room. Sasuke being the first to say anything, "You need us Hokage-sama?"

Naruto stood patiently with Sasuke, when Tsunade sighed, 'I'm getting too old for any of this shit,' "Naruto … Sasuke as you know the Chunnin exams are coming soon, The Kages that have their nations participating, near escorts, for their walls to be shown around, The Kazakage happens to already know his way around our village to an extent, however, if he seems to be lost please help him. Continuing on, Sasuke you are to escort A-sama, Kumo would appreciate the gesture that one of the famous two is there to greet them into the village," Sasuke nodded his understand, "Naruto you are to escort Mei the Mizukage." Naruto nodded. "They should arrive sometime later today, however before 1800, if they are late you are to go out and to investigate the reason for their delay and aid them if needed. That is all you two, you will be paid B-rank pay for this, with a bonus considering it was meant to be your day off today. You are dismissed." With that Sasuke nodded to Naruto and disappeared probably headed back to see what's going on with his mom. Naruto decided that he would take it slow today. As he was walking out the door Gaara passed him with a smile. Tamari followed him winked. Naruto smiled brightly at the blonde.

"AHH SHIT! INO!" Naruto had just remembered that he had a date with Ino tonight but he had to be watching the gate at the same time. He ran all the way to her house. He took a breath to steady himself and knocked on the door. He stood their patiently. Inoichi answered the door. His left eyebrow rose an inch as he looked at Naruto and signaled him to come in. Naruto entered the house and looked at Inoichi, "Mr. Yaman-"

"Please just call me Inoichi. Mr. Namikaze." Inoichi said

"I will call you by your first name if you would kindly do the same." Naruto said with a smile. Inoichi laughed and patted Naruto on the back.

"What are you here for my boy?" Inoichi asked.

"Well, I was to court your daughter tonight," This made Inoichi turn his head to the side slightly, with an eyebrow raised.

"What do you mean, was, Ino has been super excited for this date all Inoichi asked not wanting to see his daughter get hurt.

"Well I was looking forward to the date also, Inoichi, however Tsunade-sama has me meeting a Kage at the gate and escorting them throughout the village, I was just informed of this. I thought about using a Kage-Bushin, but that just wouldn't be fair to either the Kage, nor would it be fair for Ino. I'd just like to reschedule a better date on another day." Naruto said nervously.

Inoichi sighed, "To be a Shinobi is such an incredible honor and curse. You should tell Ino yourself, but she will understand." Inoichi gave his wisdom. Naruto nodded then proceeded up the wooden stairs to tell Ino the news. When he go to the next floor he headed down the hall when he got a door that had a white wooden sign the read 'Ino' in a deep purple letters with a gold frame around it. Naruto knocked, and then stepped back for a second, until he hear a feminine voice call a 'come on in'.

With a tired breath he entered the room and look at the floor, "Ino listen, it's very important, I am sorry but due to a surprise mission that was given to me, even as much as I would like to decline to have this night with you, I cannot, it is for the Kages coming into town. I am."

He was stopped by a finger placed on his lips that belonged to the hand of one Ino Yamanaka. "Sweetie, it will be ok, it's our job for these kinds of things, I completely understand. We should probably postpone our date until after the Chunnin Exams though, wouldn't you agree." Although Ino did not like that he had to cancel especially on the day they were going to go out, but she understood it was there thing for this to happen.

Naruto frowned a bit, moved Ino's hand and kissed it; he then pulled her closer and kissed her forehead. "The next date, that we will go on will the best ever, I promise that to you my flower princess."

Ino smiled and closed her eyes as she wrapped her arms around the man that she loved. She made her feel safe and secure, like everything belonged, also she was a little chilly before but now she was warm, didn't exactly hurt that he was very warm. Then she looked up and their eyes meet, he leaned down and she stood up on her tip toes and the kissed a smooth kiss lips only touching and, when Ino's mother walked in. Neither of the two broke the kiss that fast, when they did Ino looked at her mom and smiled.

Naruto nodded his head towards the older Yamanaka present. "I have to be on my way, I love you Ino-chan. I hope you have a wonderful day girls." With that Naruto left the room and was headed out.

Mrs. Yamanaka looked at Ino and she smiled brightly, she sat on Ino's bed and looked at her for her to explain and so she did.

***** (With Naruto)

It was around Noon when Naruto looked over to see Kushina and Naruko talking to Yugao. "You ladies seem to be in a pleasant mood." Naruto said as he walked up to the group. Yugao took the time to look at Naruto. Naruto was in everything he should as an ANBU, but his mask was missing, he must have cleaned off his uniform because the blood was now gone, but all the tears and holes were all still there. His face was slightly smiling at them and her belly fluttered. She had talked with Anko and she had basically told her to go for it.

"Hey Naruto-kun" Naruko answered with a wave and a beautiful smile.

To play with her Naruto flirted with her, "Hey babe, sorry about tonight, but I will be posted on a mission, I will have to catch up with you guys later, I promise that one day soon we will have a full day just to ourselves." Naruto said with a wink.

Naruko smiled and blushed brightly, Kushina chuckled, her son had her sense of humor too, Yugao laughed, and Naruto was the only male to ever do that to the purple haired woman. Even when he was younger and he did those pranks, she took a minute to laugh her ass off. Which probably lead to his escape several times but she couldn't really have cared all that much at the time.

Naruto and the three women went into the closest food place and had some lunch before, Naruto had to take off. Naruto landed on the Front Gates Guard Post and sat down with his legs crossed and Sasuke landed next to him. The two waited while playing cards. Sasuke was the first one to go when his Kage had arrived. Naruto hoped that Mei would arrive soon.

As Naruto continued to wait, but he decided to talk to whomever it was that was in the guard station. Naruto plopped down in front of the station and got a small rise out of Tenten and Kiba. "Hey guys how are you doing?" Tenten looked up and had stars in her eyes when she saw Naruto. Kiba smiled and waved.

"Naruto what are you doing here man?" Question Kiba as Naruto dodged Tenten who was trying to get a glimpse of Naruto's sword.

"Well I am waiting for the Mizukage, Mei, I believe her name is." Tenten 'humped' when she couldn't get the blade, Kiba nodded used to seeing something like this with Naruto. Naruto chuckled at seeing Tenten's face. "I wonder what the Mizukage looks like" Kiba thought out loud.

"Well you could just look at her yourself now." Came the voice of a woman that had responsibility and her demeanor, proved that she was strong and wouldn't take any type of crap that anyone would try to give her.

Naruto bowed respectfully, "Mizukage-sama, my name is Naruto Namikaze, and I was asked to show you and your escorts around the village. Now I'd like you to try and relax as much as you can while we take this time to see the village, your job must grow tiring, and a break would be a relief would it not?" Naruto asked trying to be as nice and respectful as possible.

Mei walked over to Naruto and smiled. "My name is Mei, please just call me Mei, I'd greatly appreciate that, Naruto you are fox of the legendary two, you have my permission to escort me around and show me this lovely village." Mei said with an equal amount of respect. She showed him respect because she knew the truth of the Legendary Two.

Rumors where that they didn't belong to any one nation, also they seek out justice and pulled of amazing feats. The truth: they did belong to Konoha, but their loyalty only went so far deep. They do take on their own missions and pull off almost impossible feats. "I am in your Care."

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