3:10 to Yuma Fan fiction

Hello readers this is my very first Fan Fiction and after watching this movie I thought that the kid needed a more important role. I hope you enjoy.

Ever since Ben Wade had been held up by the fourteen year old boy known as William Evans at gun point he had begun to notice little details about the young man which reminded him of his earlier years, when he first started out in Dodge City. In the times he had spoken to the kid and been around him he had come to admire William and over time had come to like the adolescent. Ben knew that when Charlie and his boys found them they would shoot the kid with no second thoughts. So he came up with a little plan; once he had escaped from the group he would send a message to his boys and he hoped that it would arrive on time.

Ben rode down the mountain having escaped his captors and taking their horses; in front of him he spotted a middle aged prospector on his last years digging through the dirt in hopes of a fortune.

'Well, what a good stroke of luck' he thought.

His horse trotted over to the prospector who immediately pulled out a pistol and aimed the gun at Bens head.

"Don- Don't you come no further." The man said with a stroke of fear in his voice, his yellow teen showing through his extremely chapped lips. Ben raised his hands to his head.

"Now listen, I wouldn't be doing that if I were you."

"Why- why not?" the man asked lowering his gun a bit.

"Because my friend, I have a proposal for you." As Ben spoke a grin formed on the other man's face. The man holstered his gun and approached Ben.

"What kind of proposal."

The two men talked after words Ben rode away toward the tunnels through the mountain in search of a way to remove his cuffs and having been given a horse by Ben the man rode down the mountain toward Bisbee as fast as the horse could run; in his pocket a sketch by Ben himself and a letter to Charlie.

Bens newly acquired horses trotted behind his own as he passed through the mountain tunnel, voices emanated through in a whisper, followed by a distant sound of explosives. Once beyond the tunnel he came across a large group of Chinese train track setters, with a temporary encampment yards away from the explosives. Little clusters of tents lined the path; he made his way to a white tent. Inside he found an old woman with two children, unbeknownst to him the leader of the encampment had spotted Ben. In his attempt to have the cuffs removed he was fired upon and captured once again. A while later the group of four had made their way into the encampment as well only to come across Ben being tortured through electric shock by the camp leader Mr. Boles. In the attempt to reacquire Ben the doctor was gunned down when trying to escape Mr. Bole's posy, meanwhile with the prospector and Charlie Prince.

"So you expect me to believe that the boss told you to come here and give that to me?" Charlie spoke with an annoyed tone as he pointed his gun down at the man below having shot him in the leg.

"Ye-yes; the man in the black hat sa-said that I should give this to the ma-man with the blonde beard." The man stuttered as he spoke through the pain; holding up the letter and sketch.

Charlie strode over to the prospector and snatched the letter and sketch from his hand. As he read an evil grin appeared on his face. He turned to his group.

"Well boys it looks like our boss has a plan and I like it!" The prospector smiled at Charlie's words expecting to receive his promised payment only to have Charlie turn and shoot the man in the heart.

The group had made their way into town and Dan was holding Ben in a room at the local bar and hotel while William stood watch at the tracks and Butterfield retrieved the Marshals. The clock in town read 2:25 as William spotted Charlie's group riding at a fast pace into town. With his hand rested on his gun he stared as he counted their numbers; 4 in all. His eyes grew wide as he backed away; he had only taken two steps when an arm appeared to his right clamping a hand over his mouth and dragged him into the alley, knocking his gun from his hand.


He kicked and dug his feet into the ground trying desperately to break free of the persons hold but their strength was by far twice as strong as his. The man dragged him beyond the alley and into the back of the drug store where two men (an Apache Indian the other a Latin American) had just raided the building. The man tossed William toward the Latin American who rapped one arm around him rendering him unable to move and clamped his hand on Williams' mouth as well. He looked for his captor only to realize it was Charlie Prince himself, who had now entered the store and come out with a bottle of clear liquid and poured it on a white cloth. The man holding William removed his hand, he was about to yell for help when Charlie held the cloth to his face which to William smelled sweet. His vision began to blur and he was overcome by sleep and fell limp in his new captors' arms.

Dan had just been introduced to the Marshals when a voice yelled from outside the window.

"Outta the way!" It was a man's voice. The thunder of horses spread through the town as Charlie's group stampeded into it.

Dan walked over to the window, he searched for the man who had screamed the warning. He spotted Charlie making his way toward their hide out in the hotel. Charlie turned his horse in a circle glancing at every building until he came face to face with the hotel where the bar tender motioned to him that the group was hiding out on the second level. Charlie smiled and stared straight at Dan.

"Boss, boss you there?" Charlie asked. His horse getting restless it took two steps back.

Ben stared at Dan from the bed.

"What do you want me to say?" He asked Dan.

Dan hid behind the wall and said, "That you'll write him every day from Yuma." Ben smiled as he rose from the bed, walked over to the window and sat on the ledge.

"Hey Charlie, why don't you take the boys over to that Saloon for a drink?" He spoke with and joyful voice. Charlie gave Ben a questioned look then nodded.

"You ok?" Charlie asked with a worried tone.

"Oh I'm just fine, just sittin' here with my four new friends." He smirked at his hint, a similar expression on Charlie's face.

"Hey." Dan interrupted, pointing his gun at Bens face. Charlie tossed Bens hat up to him.

"Thank you Charlie, boys." He removed himself from the window as his boys acknowledged him.

Charlie waited less than one minute before putting his plan into action.

"Listen up!" He took out his gun and fired shots into the air "Listen up," The whole town stared at the outlaw. "That's Ben Wade they have up there Ben Wade, now the rail road intends to put him on the 3:10 to Yuma, and hang him."

From inside the hotel the tension and worry began to rise.

"We will give you 200 cash dollars, to anyone, who shoots anyone of his captors. 200 cash dollars guaranteed!" The town filled with agitation and excitement at the new proposal, every able bodied person grabbed a gun and loaded it their eyes set on the cash prize.

"They gotta have like 30 or 40 more guns out there now" One of the marshals' deputies in the bar spoke with a worried tone. The Marshal glanced out the window the same thoughts in his mind.

"To hell with this." The Marshal holsters his gun, and takes his leave of the situation.

As the marshal was about to make his way out of the room Dan asked with a frightened tone. "Where's my boy?" Ben smiled at the question for which he knew the answer, he got up from the bed and sauntered to the window. One of the townspeople aimed at him only to be fired at by Charlie.

"Charlie?" He asked staring at his second in command.

"Yeah boss?"

"Did you get my letter?"

Charlie smirked as he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out the piece of paper. "Yes sir, I got the message," He turned his head slightly back, "Boy's " At this time Dan, Mr. Butterfield and the Marshal made their way over toward the window to inspect the situation. "Bring out our guest."

From behind the drug store the Apache Indian strolled out, at his heals was the Latin American. Dan's eyes grew wide at the package rested over the man's right shoulder; William. The two walked over to Charlie and the man carrying William lifted the boy onto Charlie's horse. Charlie settled the kid onto the front and spoke. "We found this here boy waitin for us to alert you folks if we was comin; now sleepin beauty here has a very special new role. " Charlie eyes gleamed. "He's gonna be one of us!" The group screamed and hollered with joy as they fired their guns in celebration.

Dan just stared in disbelief at the sight in front of him. His son was now a hostage of Ben Wade's gang who were not known for their mercy, little did he know that the words that Charlie had spoken were true. In his letter Ben had told Charlie that the kid was to become his adopted son and would join their gang and he had explained that the kid reminded him of himself so he was to take the kid and if necessary use him as a hostage but not to hurt the kid- too badly.

"It's your move now Dan." Ben commented with a joyful and calm voice.

"You bastard, you tell them to let my boy go now." Dan screamed his gun shaking as he pointed it at the outlaw.

"I can't do that Dan if I tell them to let him go they'll kill him just like they are gonna do to you." Ben leaned out of the window farther. "Charlie."

"Yeah boss."

"I want you to have one of the boys take the kid and hide him somewhere, someplace where these people won't find him." That's what Dan and the rest of the town heard but Charlie understood the meaning of his words. (Take the kid somewhere safe and protect him, if something happens and I don't make it he's your only way out. And if we do get away I want to raise him as my own.)

"Yes sir, Compos! You take the brat, back where we had him." Compos slid the boy off of the horse onto his back and stomped back toward the drug store where into a secret room.

"Now what, do you value your boys life more than your money Dan?" Dan froze an impossible choice in his mind. Would he betray his country and let Ben Wade go to eventually regret it for the rest of his life or would he lose his son?