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Chapter 2

William awoke to the sound of two men shouting one in a language unknown to him, he could not understand the words but knew the man's accent enough to know it was a Latino language. He grunted as he tried to sit up but to his dismay he discovered that his hands were bound behind his back,

'Well that would explain why I can't feel my arms.' He thought to himself as his surroundings came into focus, due to the rooms' sudden smell of alcohol. He glanced around to find himself in a small room a blanket and pillow underneath him.

"Well at least they have some decency to treat me like a human being!" He heard scuffling coming from outside. 'Let's see I've been knocked out, kidnapped and tied up what's the worst that could be out there?' A tall scruffy Latino man made his way into the room mumbling to himself.

"¿Por qué tengo que cuidar del niño estúpido?" *William froze, only able to helplessly stare into the man's cold black eyes. The man noticed the now awake William and bent down in front of him taking a handful of his hair in his hand. "¿Lo que tan especial acerca de usted?"*

"AH! Let go of me ya brute!" The man dragged William out of the room through what looked like a pharmacy and dropped him onto the ground. "What tha hell?" He glanced around to find himself still in the town where his father was supposed to hand over Ben Wade to the Marshals, except that there were no people around and only gun shots could be heard in the distance. 'What the hell happened….PA!' William tried to stand up only to succeed in making himself dizzy.

"Hey there brat, looks like someone isn't awake from his nap." Charlie Princes voiced emanated from behind a corner of the building.

"Ugh, wha-what did ya do to me?" William asked groggily staggering over toward anything that could keep him from falling.

"Nothing much just following the boss's orders, you," Charlie strutted over to William and grabbed him by his chin staring him straight in the face, "are our ticket to a clean get away and if you behave you might even get the glory of shining my shoes." William glared at Charlie with immense disgust and jabbed his right knee toward Charlie only to have his whole body give way underneath him.


"Whoa there tiger, looks like someone's got some spirit in them, ain't he boys!" The two men smirked. Charlie's smirk gave way to a blank stare. "Compos," The Latino man yanked Will up from the ground and over his shoulder. "Congratulations kid, you get two presents today, the first one is, you get to see that bastard father of yours one last time, then you get to become one of us. Man I can't believe how charitable we are." The trio walked calmly toward the rapid sound of gunshots.

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