The sun began to rise over the buildings of Megakat City as kats began to leave their homes and cars made their way on to the street to start a normal day, however, in Megakat City Hospital, life for two kats was never going to be the same. Chance Furlong could feel warmth spread through his chest as he heard the wail of the kitten. He glanced over at his wife who smiled tiredly at him. A nurse placed a paw on his shoulder.

"Mr. Furlong, you may want to go into the waiting room...we've got quite the crowd out there." she advised and Chance nodded, making his way down the halls. He stopped before opening the doors, seeing his and Mina's family waiting anxiously for the news. They talked to one another, trying to relieve the tension that to him seemed to radiate through the small room It was clear to see that they were awaiting him to give them news that would send them into a joyous chorus of congratulations or somber condolences. Chance's gaze turned to a small brown kat who sat in one of the plastic seats across from the doors. His head was bowed as he fiddled nervously with his paws. A black she-kat walked up, coffee in her hands.

It made him realize that Jake and Trish had been at the hospital the entire time. He recalled Jake's panicked voice over the phone to let him know that they had taken Mina to the hospital.

Jake took the coffee and wrapped his paw around Trish's playing idly with her engagement ring. It had been a tough road for Jake and Trish. For a while Chance wasn't sure they would make it, but as usual, Jake surprised him with the news that they were getting married. In fact, their wedding date was quickly approaching. Thinking that he had let them all wait enough, Chance pushed through the doors, smiling at all the nervous faces.

"It's a she-kat." he announced, "Min and the baby are fine." Just like that the room around him exploded into happy cheers as relatives ran up to the new father. He received some kisses on the cheek, tons of hugs. He even found a congratulatory cigar pushed in his pocket when he managed to escape. He chuckled shaking his head slightly as his fingers met it.

He came to a room and sighed a smile coming across his face as he slowly pushed the door open and saw Mina lying in the bed, their daughter wrapped in a blanket in her arms. Chance approached the bed, lowering himself into the nearby chair. "Hey Beautiful." he whispered and Mina smiled slightly shaking her head. She knew she looked anything but beautiful her now short hair was sweaty and she was sure she had dark circles under her eyes. She opened her mouth to protest when Chance reached over and kissed her.

"You are the most beautiful, smart, and amazing she-kat in the whole world and that's why I love you." He told her and Mina smiled, her cheeks turning a spectacular shade of red, "And our daughter is the prettiest kitten I have ever seen."

"Alright," Mina smirked, her face still red, "I'll give you those brownie points, Tough Guy." Chance laughed quietly as he moved some some fur from his daughters eyes.

"She seems so fragile..."

"Yeah...I almost don't want to go home...I'm scared I'll break her." she admitted and Chance nodded.

"What are we going to name her?" he questioned and Mina leaned back against the pillows staring into the kitten's face. A small smile began to curve the corners of her mouth as she looked at Chance, her green eyes sparkling.

"Amora." she answered. Chance looked thoughtfully at the kitten her arms. He found himself nodding as he repeated the name.

"I like it...our little Amora..."