Disclaimer: Don't own Battle Force Five, blah, blah, blah, now for the story!

Agura's POV: She couldn't believe it. Her relationship with Vert was going perfectly. They had their first date the day after they saved the team. They had gone to Zeke's, but it was pretty classy when he bowed on his knee and gave her a rose before they drove to Zeke's. Plus, they shared a drink with two straws, and did a bunch of other cheesy, but romantic stuff. She sighed. And it would just get better than this. Already they were laughing at the others, who were doing double chores. Because she and Vert didn't have enough chores for all of them to do double, they made up a few, including the one where Spinner had to clean the roof. Yeah. Life was good.

Vert's POV: He was on cloud nine. He had an amazing girlfriend, an awesome team, (that currently was being punished), and of course, a taste of freedom and a life on the edge. What more could a guy want? He thought as he wrapped his arm around Agura's waist, and kissed her on the cheek, while watching a very pissed Stanford trying to wax all the vehicles, while the wax always managed to slip from his hands and hit him in the face. Yep. He was living a dream come true.

ME: Well, my first story is done!

Vert: So now what?

Me: Well I'll write more stories of course!

Stanford: Stories about me, I presume.

Me: Yeah, and at the same time, I'll be on the cheer squad, give up my tomboy attitude, and then transform into a flying pony. Right. In your dreams. Besides, I'll also be writing some stories about Power Rangers Samurai and Teen Titans.

Stanford: Please, they aren't special.

Mia: Excuse me? What'd you say about Power Rangers Samurai?

Stanford: Hey beautiful, no need to take offence, how about you and me go on a date to smooth it all over? (winks)

Jayden: I'd be careful if I were you. She's an amazing swordswomen.

Mia: (smiles and blushes) Thanks Jayden!

Raven: Did I hear something about Teen Titans NOT being important?

Mia: Yeah, red head here says Power Rangers Samurai and Teen Titans aren't as important as Battle Force Five.

Agura and Vert: For the record, we think that all of our shows are equal, it's just Mr. Stupid here who can't think.

Mia and Raven: We understand.

Stanford: Ooh, another hottie. How about you take off that cloak, and then we can have some fun.

Robin: I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Stanford: What's the worst that could happen? (Puts arm around Raven)

Raven: (scowls) Azarath Metreome Zinthos! (black energy flies)

Stanford: Aah! (black energy wraps a metal chair around him)

Robin: (looks at damage) Well, nice job Rae. Too bad Beast Boy isn't here, he'd have a blast.

Raven: Maybe next time.

Me: Till then, it's time to say goodbye.

All: Goodbye!