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"Hya! Kya! HA!" Kim yelled while tackling the training dummies. They all toppled to the floor without bouncing back. The rest of the guys weren't even surpised anymore. They knew Kim and Jack were the best in the dojo. Everybody knew.

"And that's how you do it!" she said with a smirk.

"Very nice form Kim," Rudy complimented.

"Why thank you Rudy!" Kim smiled. "Your turn," she whispered in Jack's ear as she strutted to the bench.

Jack rolled his eyes while hopping onto the musty mats."Pssh, I got this!"

After picking up the dummies, Jack arranged them in a row and took his stance in the center. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then he jumped and extended his leg to kick every dummy's face as he spun in a circle. They all fell down with a domino-like thud. Everyone stood there with their jaws dropped. No one ever got used to his skills no matter how many times he's showed them off. Jack smirked and walked into the boy's locker room without saying a word.

The next day at school, Kim was over at her locker. After entering her combination and opening the metal door, several pieces of paper fluttered to the floor. What's this? She bent down and picked the crumpled papers up and opened them. The characters looked as if they were written hastily, not exactly sloppy, but they seemed rushed. One of them, written in smeared black ink, said:

"Go back to Tennessee, slut."

Kim's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. he picked up the next one and read it:

"Blonde dumbass, no one cares about you...especially not your dojo...especially not Jack. So just go away, or better yet – go kill yourself."


"You self-centered bratty bitch."

AND another:

"Stop hogging Jack, you ugly whore. He's mine."

Her body felt like it was suddenly slammed by a truck. Her insecure feelings began to leak out of her mind. Kim's eyes flooded with tears as she read every single word of each note.

Am I really like this? She thought to herself, Am I really a burden on everyone?

A burden to Jack?

She began to slowly accept these harsh words as tears began to prick at her eyes. She felt afraid. Truly afraid. Kim Crawford, the strong bossy tough girl, who is a black belt in martial arts, was afraid and insecure.

This wasn't like her. Kim Crawford was not the vulnerable, sensitive type of girl that squealed with every insult, well on the outside anyways. Inside, she was still a sensitive, self-conscious teenage girl stuck in puberty hell. When people insult her, she usually doesn't let it get to her. But she still longed for approval. She lived to make others happy and putting their wants and needs in front of her, no matter how conceited and selfish she seemed. So these messages meant she failed at making her loved ones happy. She was a failure.

She slid down her locker onto the ground with her face in her hands.

Suddenly she heard the voices of her friends from the rest of the dojo down the bustling hallway.

"I'm telling you," Milton said, "Rudy does not-"

"No one cares!" Jerry cut him off.

"Okay guys now shut up!" Eddie screamed, his voice sounding clearly annoyed.

"Let's just go fetch Kim. I think she's at her locker," Jack said.

Panicked that the boys will see her like this, Kim snatched up all the notes, stuffed them into her bag, then slammed her locker shut and ran to the girl's bathroom, where she spent the rest of the day sulking and crying.

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