my naruhina fanfic

by jaketheripper

again, back by popular demand and millions requests for me to keep going, my naruto couples fanfic series continues, this time from the other side of the scale NARUHINA!

Jeiku and his crazy shapeshifting sister ayano are back in this epic new story of love, action and hilarity, now sit the fuck down and enjoy this new story!

chapter 1

jeiku was sitting in a field of flowers, observing his recent succsess with his sister in his lap in the form of a rabbit, in the most comfortable swiveling chair he had ever been in, he just had to take it everywhere with him it was so comfortable.

all of a sudden, he heard a voice behind him, "um, jeiku?"

he turned arround in his swiveling chair and stroked his sister, "so, mr. uzamaki, we meet again."

naruto raised one of his eyebrows, "what's with the swiveling chair?"

jeiku waved his hand, "meh, it doesn't matter, just tell me why you're here."

naruto blushed, "oh, it's about what i asked earlier isn't it?"

naruto nodded and jeiku laughed, "its ok, i can help you with hinata, all i have to do is-"

but naruto interrupted, "i-i want to be the one to tell her."

jeiku looked questioningly at him, "alright, why?"

naruto looked embarassed, "well, last time we said anything to eachother was when she saved me from a painful death at the hands of madara uchiha, nothing was really said after that, but alot was said during that, i want to do something equaly cool as a proclemation of, of how i feel."

jake took his hands off of his sister's back and laced them togeather, the rabbit started to whine and he put one hand back on her back, stroking it while he massaged his chin with the other.

he looked at naruto, "we need a staged situation, meet me and ayano at the ramen shop tonight, we'll give you what you want, just make sure you dress fancy."

that night

naruto did show up in a tux, he walked in and sat down at the nearest table, after about 20 minutes of waiting, he was joined by what looked like an angel, hinata had put on this small white cocktail dress that fit her curves perfectly, she sat down and sent a piece of paper skidding across the table, "i got your note."

naruto opened the note, it said three simple words and an obviously forged signature with a map, "meet me here-naruto"

naruto blushed as he thought, "this was the staged situation? jeiku, what were you thinking?"

hinata giggled, "i really, really like you naruto."

naruto was about to say something when the glass windows shattered, people ran in terror as some creature covered in iron spikes charged in and snatched hinata from her seat, the impact on the shelled back of the creature knocked her out, "HINATA!" shouted naruto, the creature turned arround and naruto saw a metal skull where the face should have been, it laughed and jumped out the window and out into the air, the creature flew away into the night, naruto ran out into the street as he watched the thing carry her off, "HINATA!"

there was a chuckle from behind him and jeiku stood there, leaning against a wall, "i imagine you got the memo that the little get togeather WAS rigged, but it was not the end result, hinata is in a castle in the sound village, defeat the creature and it's henchmen by the weeks end and the girl will be yours, if not...i'm afraid it has other plans for her." as he said this, his eyebrows did a little jig.

naruto took a swipe at the ninja, but he was already gone.

a twist for our hero, can naruto defeat the creature known as whispering death? or will this end up bieng a tragedy story? find out next time in our next installation of the naruto couples series, BE THERE!